March 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #21

48 hours in and no issues. Normal wave of hunger at dinner time but faded.

Was planning on fasting until tomorrow night (72 hours) but have a vendor lunch tomorrow at noon and can’t not eat as there will also be colleagues from the plant I don’t very well so going to eat. That will give me 60+ hours since I really should have a light snack of deli meat and cheese before my meeting.

Don’t want any disaster pants!!! :scream:

BG: 78
BK: 2.5
GKI: 1.73
Boz: 31.2

(Brennan) #22

~48 hours in I’m so happy fasting now! :grin: This just seems almost effortless. I guess I am truely fat adapted!
2nd week in a row of 3 day fasting. Every now and then I think it would be nice to have this or that and I do look forward to breaking my fast. But for the most part I’m not getting anything for hunger or headaches. I do get a little chill every now and then but that’s all.
Anyway best wishes to everyone whether fasting or feasting today kcko!

(Jane) #23

People who have never fasted can’t fathom going 2-3 days w/o eating. They think the hunger just keeps getting stronger the longer you don’t eat and it just doesn’t wirk that way.

I do miss eating though, but it gives me something to look forward to when I break my fast. I love to surf the food porn thread while fasting!!! :laughing:

(back and doublin' down) #24

Me Too!! It seems almost a form of masochism. Then again, there’s those that would think that about fasting.

I started a cooking project that will take until tomorrow night, so may stretch through the day tomorrow into a kind of spontaneous 24 hr fast. Just feeling too full and uncomfortable.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #25

That is how I feel on a 3 day fast. Day two usually is okay and I just plod along. People do think we get hungrier as the fast goes on. My wife doesn’t fast yet and she asks me sometimes about it. But she is doing time restricted feeding this week as she goes full keto.

(Jane) #26


(Jane) #27

60 hours in and will break some time mid morning with a small snack before my business lunch. No issues except slept very lightly last night and woke up often. Not tired so I guess ok.

Hubby did a 36-hr with me back home and it is getting easier for him. His fasting muscle is getting stronger !

Last blood readings for this fast:

BG: 73
BK: 2.7
GKI: 1.5
Boz: 27

Should have gotten some autophagy going if the research is even close to being right.

(Mame) #28

i have been fat-adapted for months but effortless is not a word I get to use with fasting most times. However I am confident that as I get more and more metabolically healthy it will be easier.

Anyway, I am cheering everyone on and delighted to report that I am looking forward to fasting this month which is a great sign for me.

look at your rockin numbers! :star_struck:

(Brennan) #29

This thread is incredibly quiet these days. I’ll be starting my weekly 72 (Tuesday-Thursday) fast this evening.
Anybody else got anything going on?

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

I’m doing lots of OMAD. Will do the Zonfast 3rd Thursday as per usual .

Weather is pretty good so I think some maybe out enjoying it.

(back and doublin' down) #31

I got out and about over the weekend, did my monthly shopping. Ate, but not enjoying it. Doing TMAD until the Zornfast, giving my body some time to recuperate following the Clark Protocol. It was intense, and I could feel my body rebelling. Had some appetite ups and downs the past week, finally leveling off.

(Susan) #32

I am doing my TMAD, 20:4 until the Zornfast as well. I am also doing Dairy free this month --to see if that helps at all, it is hard… haha.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #33

Sup guys? I’ll be posting the March ZornFast soon so that you can start to prepare. I’ll try to remember to post the link in here so you guys can find it. For those of you who do not know, is Zorn fast, named by someone who followed me, has been running now for four years. I think that’s kind of cool. It’s always the third Thursday of the month through the following Sunday. I’m out in Colorado for 3 weeks, here for the Low Carb Denver conference. I live in Minnesota.

Do any of you belong to The Fasting Method Facebook group? ( formerly intensive Dietary Management, IDM) If not you absolutely should. It’s a great place to get information. That’s Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos’ program.
( @meganjramos ) If you don’t do facebook, check out their website. If you join their membership they also have a forum. It uses the same software as this forum does!

(Brennan) #34

Good morning everybody! A little over 10 hours in on my 3rd weekly 72. Sipping on some salted coffee and feeling fine!

(Mame) #35

I am not fasting much this month but I always check into this thread so that I can admire and cheer others on!

I am planning a fast next week but I am one of those who fast best on workdays… so my plan is to have meal-less Monday on 3/16 and then see how it goes. Maybe 36h, maybe 2 days or 3 days or anything in between.

I am musing over my plans for April as well which will probably be a form of OMAD but I am not sure if it will be 23/1 every day or switch between 16 and 30 hour days. Plenty of time to decide, March is “only” a third over.

kcfo xox

(Susan) #36

I am not fasting this month except my daily TMAD 20:4 IF but I will be doing 72+ hours for the Zornfast still, as I love being a part of that. Thanks, @Brenda =).

(Brennan) #37

Well fine then I shall fast alone!
I mean somebody around here should lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Just hit the 24 hour mark and headed to bed soon. Had an amazing day, sooooo much energy. Put in a full 8 hours at work, then I did my taxes and then I went to the maker space at the library to learn how to use the laser cutter!
Wishing everyone the best (fasting or no :wink:) kcko! See y’all tomorrow

(Susan) #38

That is awesome, Brennan, congrats on your fasting so far and all the best with attaining your goal this round =).

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #39

Starting in 9 days!
An extended fast of 3.5 days for peak autophagy, a complete rebuild of the immune system, and top HGH (human growth hormone) release


37 hours into a 48 hour fast. Feel great but awake way too early and could not fall back asleep. This is my 10th 48 hour fast since starting my keto journey last August and I was saying to my wife I think the most important part of doing these is to continuously prove to myself that I am in control of food for the first time in my life. I do OMAD seven days a week anyway and really never hungry although I definitely look forward to my meals. Time to push for a 72 hour fast and see how that feels.