Made ghee today. Which may or may not have worked

(mags) #22

Can I just ask what’s the benefit of ghee over butter?

(Diane) #23

It removes the milk solids (is lactose and protein free), is more shelf stable (doesn’t need refrigeration to keep it from spoiling) and has a higher smoke point. Plus it tastes slightly more nutty than clarified butter.

(Running from stupidity) #24

Lots more if you cook it longer. Of course, if you cook it TOO long…

(Diane) #25

Edit: some people who are sensitive to dairy products can still tolerate ghee.

(mags) #26

Thanks I shall have to try it. I have frequently got distracted and nuked butter in the microwave and it’s turned into a runny disaster. Would this be similar?

(Running from stupidity) #27

I’ve got pretty bad ADHD, but I’ve made ghee plenty of times before and it’s been just fine. This is the first time I’ve let it go this far, and I fully expect it to be fine. So yeah, you should be OK, just be careful after a while. Or use Allie’s method :slight_smile:

(Anjum) #28

Same for me. Ghee is shelf stable. I take a jar out to use and it stays on the counter until I am ready for another jar.

(Raj Seth) #29

Ghee doesn’t harden as much as refrigerated butter - so I find it easier to use

(Anjum) #30

Also waaay yummier. Without fail my son will wander into kitchen to find out what deliciousness is cooking when I make ghee. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Running from stupidity) #31

Yep, it smells awesome.

(Jane) #32

Going to make my second ever batch of ghee today as the first batch is almost gone. I love the slightly browned butter flavor it has that you don’t get in commercial ghee (which I will never buy again).

I leave my butter out on the counter in a covered dish and my ghee stays on the counter next to the stove. Hadn’t had either one spoil yet.

(Running from stupidity) #33

Did better today…