Looking for a good Cauli-mash recipe

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Hey keto freaks,
I am sure I am over thinking this, but I am looking for a fail-proof cauli-mash recipe. In the past mine have turned out watery (I am assuming I need to drain it more?) or I under cook it and it is chunky and isn’t great. Anyone have a recipe they swear by?

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I stopped boiling and steaming my cauliflower for mash.

Roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper. 400F 35-50mins. (how roasty is up too you)

Roasted cauliflower into blender, approx 2oz cream cheese, some butter, some garlic powder and half and half (I am cheap so we do half and half vs whipping cream), blend add half and half as needed for consistency desired.

(Jacquie) #3

I posted this recipe on another thread. It’s my favourite cauliflower mashed potatoes recipe. It’s simple and dairy free. :slight_smile:

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I like this one. (Hope the link works–I am still figuring out the forums).

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I was just posting about how I have never made my own Cauliflour mash lol! These look tooooo good! Cannot waitto try the Garlic Recipe

(AnnaLeeThal) #6

The roasting really is the way to go.

(Kieny Poppen) #7

I love cauliflower mash with lots of butter, cheese and nutmeg!

(carl) #8

I agree. I’ve done this a couple times now. Roast it in a pan in the oven with a little olive oil and salt. Be sure and stir a couple times. That fond will add SO much flavor.

(carl) #9

My mash recipe is here:

Essentially the key is roasting. I let it cool, put through food processor, add cream and seasonings, and there ya go. I think smoked gouda would be an AWESOME ingredient!

(Carol E. ) #10

That is my favorite recipe :yum:. Smoked Gouda + smoked sea salt = yum!


If you need to revive a cauli faux potato mash that came out too watery, don’t worry. In a saucepan, over medium heat, stir and let the mash dry up (thicken) to the consistency you want. It’s a super easy fix…no need to panic.

(Cathy Schroder) #12

These recipes all sound delicious if you ignore the fact that they contain cauliflower. I have managed to train myself to like Brussel sprouts but cauliflower seems a step too far. Is there anyone here that is a reformed cauliflower hater, and if so what do you recommend?

(Cindy) #13

This one is my favorite. The sharp cheddar cuts the cauliflower taste and adds wonderful flavor. Haven’t made it in a while, but I’ll definitely switch to roasting the cauliflower next time.

(@CubanBarbie) #14

I like using sour cream in my mash instead of heavy cream. It’s thicker and really gives it a kick. Oh! And definitely garlic (roasted with the cauli or in powder) and CHIVES!

(Guardian of the bacon) #15

Buy yourself a bag or 2 of frozen cauliflower and give the mash a go. It’s pretty cheap and you will be surprised. Use a stronger flavored cheese, sour cream, perhaps a bit of cream cheese, some garlic, some bacon and or bacon nectar, you won’t even know cauliflower was the base ingredient.

(carl) #16

I made my personal best tonight. Roasted 2 heads of chopped cauli in a 450F oven, in a cast iron pan with olive oil, salt, pepper, and 6 cloves of fresh garlic. Puréed in a food proc with 1/3 stick butter, 1/2 cup heavy cream, 1 tbsp onion powder, and 8 oz of smoked gouda. THE. BEST. EVER!


I use frozen cauliflower. Microwave steam in the bag, drain completely and add it to a blender with about a 1/4c of cottage cheese and butter.

(michl) #18

Looks great, but I have a dairy free husband. What would you sub in?


Hmmm. I have no idea. I started out using cream cheese like everyone else, and switched to cottage cheese after using it in a shake once. I know I’ve used avocado to thicken up shakes before. Perhaps that could be a good sub. I’d make sure to add seasoning, garlic and or onion powder.

(Carol E. ) #20

My suggestions are to use flavorful ingredients like ghee, roasted garlic, smoke sea salt.

Also, check out this recipe. It uses mayonnaise!