Thanksgiving - Fast In / Fast Out


(Carl Keller) #7

I will eat lots of turkey so there’s not much room for the carby stuff. I hope to stay around 50 carbs that day but if I go over and get booted out of the Keto club, I can bribe my way back in with a next day fast.

(Jane) #8

I don’t usually fast when I am home but hubbie and I doing a 36-hr fast starting Tuesday after dinner and breaking it Thanksgiving morning. Thanksgiving will be mostly keto.

(Robert C) #9

Sunday November 18 Fast
Monday November 19 Fast
Tuesday November 20 Fast
Wednesday November 21 Fast
Thursday November 22 Feast (keto where possible but make relatives happy if they made something special - also eat whatever looks really good)
Friday November 23 Fast
Saturday November 24 Fast
Sunday November 25 Fast
Then back to keto/IF

(Karen) #10

Planning on eating all the things that are available that are keto. Which might be only the turkey.:crazy_face: And I’ll set out some hors De oeuvres that are keto. We never have any family drama. Just lots of socializing and family time that’s my favorite part about this holiday.

(Mike W.) #11

Will likely fast Thursday (celebrating Friday) but I’m planning to STUFF myself…twice. Smoked turkey, gizzard gravy, Keto green bean casserole, mashed cauliflower, sausage “stuffing”, Keto cheesecake with caramel sauce, a keto pumpkin pie, and maybe some Keto Caramel “puffs”. Thanksgiving on Keto? You’re damn right you can still enjoy it.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

It is cool that your daughter and wife have gone keto too. The other daughter will just have to observe the great changes the three of you will go through. aMaybe next year no potato?

(Tammy L McIntire) #13

So when you say fast- is that a complete fast? Or liquids only? Or is it IF?

(Robert C) #14

Water and salt only.

(Wendy) #15

I just bought the turkey. No extended family this year so just three of us for dinner. My hubby wants a pumpkin pie and my son apple. Green bean casserole. I think that’s it. Will feast and have to work Black Friday early so will fast at least until I get home. Unless I feel really hungry. I’ll bring a little leftover turkey for lunch just in case.

(Candy Lind) #16

I’m aiming for my hubby’s first keto Thanksgiving to have all his favorites as much as possible. Going to make cauli-mash, green bean casserole (that’s the biggie for him!), “cornbread” dressing, pumpkin & regular cheesecake. We will definitely feast, and hope my best friend & hubby see that we are not at all deprived on this WOE.

(Troy) #17

We are not deprived😄
Hoping all goes well!
By actions via in person WOE

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #18

Amen, Praise the Lord.

(Wendy) #19

I like the idea of cauliflower mash. What do you do to make it?

(Running from stupidity) #20

This is ours we’re using currently (and I don’t think we’ll be changing from here).

Cauliflower in the microwave for 15 minutes (OK, so I’m not sure, but until it softens) then everything else in the container and mash/puree.

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

These threads are worth a re visit if you want cauliflower suggestions and one is the full menu from the 2016 Thanksgiving podcast. Full of good ideas for other dishes as well.

(Troy) #22

Just another approach :smile:

Those that follow and or enjoy
Thomas DeLauer over on YT…I do

Below you will find his posted planned schedule attack


“I plan to eat Thanksgiving [Dinner around 3:30pm on Thursday , so here is what my schedule is going to look like to ensure that I end up with the least “impact” from some tasty food with my family.

Wednesday at 6:00pm -

have my last meal: 5oz Chicken Breast with 1oz Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, 3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and Water, 10-12 Stalks of Asparagus with 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil and Himalayan Salt.

Wednesday at 8:00pm -

Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with Juice of 1 Lime and 12oz Water along with my 500mg Magnesium

Thursday AM Upon Waking: 8oz Cold Brew Coffee (nitro preferred). 12oz Water with 1/2 Tsp High Quality Salt

60 Minutes Later: Moderate Full Body Workout to activate metabolic processes (about 30-45 mins)

Throughout the Morning and Early Afternoon -

Matcha Green Tea or Other Green Teas with No Sweetener (this is to control cravings later)

90 Minutes Prior to eating Thanksgiving Dinner:

1 Scoop Pea Protein with Almond Milk or 3oz Lean Meat. (If you’re not in Keto, you could have a corn tortilla or a couple rice cakes too). Would’t be a bad idea to have some bone-broth here too if you wish.

Then ENJOY THANKSGIVING but eat the PROTEIN FIRST so that you can control the insulin spike a bit more.

I then recommend stopping any munching after Dinner and just resume Friday as a NORMAL, healthy day. Don’t try to “work off the calories” or anything. If you followed this process, you’re going to be in great shape! “

(Troy) #23

How Not To Be a #Fasting #Keto #LowCarb Jerk on Thanksgiving😌

Just another tidbit

(Robert C) #24

Finished a 4-day fast and now just finished a great traditional Thanksgiving meal. Starting a 3-day fast so hopefully about 3 or 4 pounds down for the week. If so, opposite of many previous Thanksgivings where there was invariably a gain.

(Troy) #25

Did about a 30 hour fast right in to Thanksgiving feast
Prime rib, pork loin , salmon , deli cold cuts, ceviche and lots of whipped butter.
My splurge , some cheese ( I’m basically dairy free ):joy:
Some hidden carbs here and there
No sweets
I’m guesstimating 5000 calories :flushed:

I feel great!:smile:
Carbage days, I would be in comatose mode right now

Night cap, 3 cups of black coffee

Love this WOE!!

Side note

Once I said, this is the most I ate in a long time

Family member made the table HUGE announcement “ yeah, he’s like a camel , he will not eat for days NOW”

Intended as a smart remark
I enjoyed the compliment actually

I’m fat adapted
Could care less what others say

(Jane) #26

Love that!