KetoAide homemade


(Kelly Denton) #141

I am SOOOO grateful for this forum! I am about 1 month into my keto journey and this past week I’ve been feeling sluggish, foggy brained and heavy lidded. All signs of dehydration yet I religiously drink lots of water throughout the day. Came on here to do some searching and the KetoAde to the rescue along with all the replies about potassium and magnesium supplementation. Today I added this in and I’m feeling 1000X better! Like @phoneboy mentioned, maybe it’s placebo effect or maybe it’s instant, but I’m whatever it is, I dig it! Keto on everyone!

(mary6aros) #142

MEGA NSV: One of my nine-year-olds just asked me to make ketoaide for the house!!
How I’ve been making theirs: one gallon of Kool aid made with stevia, 4 quarter-tsps lite salt, 1/2 tbs magnesium sulfate ( all I have in the house.) They’ve been eating this WOE with us( loosely, though) so I began making this for them. I’ve noticed dark circles around the eyes which I attribute to lack of vitamins, and I’m hoping an extra multi vitamin will help.

(Nicole Sawchuk) #143

I’m finally taking your advice to add this despite my hesitation to supplement with Calcium (I think I read some where on Dr Fung’s blog not to). But after a year of experimenting with salt, eating potassium, I am not getting relief.

Where can you buy this in Canada that’s not amazon?

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #144

No clue. I am in Minnesota, USA.

(TJ Borden) #145

That’s basically Canada, at least the same accent :smile:

(Matt) #146

Hello everyone!! Newbie here with a math question (FYI I am absolutely terrible at math!!) I am thinking of making this by the gallon to store in my fridge. Would anyone be able to supply the amounts needed to make this? I have the ingredients and would appreciate the help.

(Raj Seth) #147

for 1 gallon
1 tsp Morton’s lite salt
2 TBSP mag citrate

that is close enough!

(Matt) #148

Thank you.

(Jay AM) #149

I make mine with kool aid and stevia too! Out of all the flavors, my fave are orange and lemonade. Salty lemonade is delicious for some reason.


I use chelated magnesium supplements as they don’t cause gastrointestinal issues like other forms of magnesium can.

(Tara) #151

I just tried this KetoAide recipe and I added one drop of lemon flavored Mio. It was really good! I think this KetoAide is going to help with me make it through extended fasting.

How much KetoAide does everyone drink during extended fasts?


Thanks for this everyone, I’m going to try making some of this soon. I’ve been looking for something to cure occasional hunger pangs without any actual calories, sounds like this might be worth a try.

(Melanie) #153

I am so glad that I found this recipe. I have been eating Keto since March 30 and have been feeling a little foggy, a little tired, a little off.

I have been having one of these once in the morning and once in the evening and it is really helping. My pharmacist LOL…on my bottle it says Saline Laxative and I bought 3 bottles.

Thanks again!!

(ash) #154

Any ideas on how to make it a bit more flavor lol? The taste is a bit off putting

(Dawn) #155

I just found this recipe. Wish I had it when I first started fasting. I take a multi vitamin that has both calcium and potassium when I am eating. But when I am fasting, I like to take a break from the vitamins because they also have a probiotic effect, which I don’t like during a fast. I wanted to add a ketoaid, but I didn’t know how to make it. This is a miracle. I felt so much better once I started taking it. I never realized that I even needed it. I follow Brenda’s recipe but I also add a few drops of MIO until i like the taste. I match my MIO flavor with the flavor of the Magnesium so that it has a nice strong taste. I drink it all day during a fast and it keeps me full. The slight sweetness satisfies me too. My MIO also has electrolytes, so to make sure that I do not over do it, I only drink 1- 24oz bottle per day, but I sip it slowly throughout the day. I am not sure how the MIO may be affecting the overall macronutrients. Has anyone had any issues with MIO knocking them out of ketosis?

(Tara) #156

(Tara) #157

I do the same thing! My favorite is the lemon.
This KetoAide is a game changer when trying to fast. I’m still not the best at fasting so this really helps. My husband and kids also enjoy KetoAide so I might make a gallon at a time and keep it in the fridge for everyone.

(Dawn) #158

Do you worry about the MIO kicking you out of Ketosis? IMO, this is the best stuff ever. This ketoaid is LIFE to me. It has helped me maintain compliance with my fasting.

(Tara) #159

I don’t check my ketones, so I can’t say for sure that “I’m getting kicked out” of ketosis. I’m on a budget and I can’t justify buying a ketone meter. I try to judge everything on how my body feels and if something causes an increase in cravings, then I know that food or ingredient is trouble for me.
For me personally, mio is fine, and I only add a very small amount of it to my ketoaide.
I do have a feeling that some of the true fasting knowledgeable folks might tell you that its not a true fast if you use something like mio.
But coming back full circle now… I think its up to how you feel personally. If it helps you get through, then do it.

(Dan Dan) #160

@Goal179 @tararene2005

Its sweetened with Sucralose so it should be ok :smiley:

If you have a 99 cent store they get it in every few months :star_struck: