KetoAide homemade


(Norma Laming) #104

I use these:

The site is UK but the product seems to be made in the US

(JGL) #108

I went looking for the same thing. I have made about 4 oz of concentrate with lemon juice as flavoring that I have been carrying around in 1 oz bottles to dilute with fresh water as necessary so that I have the ability to turn water into wine…I mean ketoade…on the fly!

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the stability of a mixed concentrate? There was a lot of fizzing when I mixed the raw ingredients, but I will be honest, I am stronger in my biology than my chemistry. I haven’t noticed a difference in the taste of the concentrate, or the color or smell, but I am curious about if mixing and storage of undiluted ingredients of @brenda 's recipe causes a chemical reaction that makes it less bioavailable as an electrolyte. I will do some more research on this but I am mooooooore than happy to defer to any chemists in the room! Meanwhile, I have already hooked my neighbor on ketoade when she was complaining of a headache earlier and it miraculously (science) abated her symptoms. I think that means that I have officially performed my first keto-assisted medical intervention? lol

(Melanie Armistead) #109

I use a magnesium powder supplement mixed with salt, so I assume it’s pretty stable. I was going to look for the liquid next time though as I hate the fruity flavours that manufacturers insist on mixing into powdered supplements (and I’m sure the sweetener isn’t doing me any favours either).

(JGL) #110

That’s great to hear, it only stands to assess if they stay stable in liquid! I have noticed on day 2 of concentrate in the fridge the sodium crystals are really well dissolved!

(Candy Lind) #111

@Brenda, my Mg bottles say “discard within 24 hours of opening.” Do you disregard that? Do you only use this when fasting to use it up quickly?

(Candy Lind) #112

I must have some mighty powerful Magnesium Citrate here! To get only 75g, I could only use 1/8 tsp. Mine has 1.745 g per ounce (2 tbsp). .5T would be over 1300mg. Could your bottle and mine really have that much difference in them? Or is there a typo somewhere? If yours has as much Mg as mine, I’ll use .5T, no worries. After all, you’ve been using it constantly for an awfully long time! Just wondering …

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WHOOPS! Just read the whole thread and my questions are answered.

NOTE TO SELF: “Read ALL the posts, especially on old threads. Someone else probably already made your boo-boo.” :crazy_face:

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FWIW, when I make ketoaide, I just pour some into a bottle without measuring and it’s definitely more than a Tbsp. For the salt, I just kind of dump some in there too. :smiley: I’ve never had a disaster pants situation but YMMV!

(TJ Borden) #115

I think we’ve all been guilty of that

(Fasting Educator) #116

I don’t worry. I keep opened bottles in the fridge.

Ive kept the same bottle one extended fast to the next. It still relaxes me and so I believe the magnesium is adequately bioavailable.


I just saw the 24-hr warning too and freaked out! Will try the fridge for my next bottle. I have only used the grape flavor, how is the lemon-lime? Is it sour or just a mild citrus taste?

(Adam Kirby) #118

Is liquid magnesium better than taking pills? I’ve wondered for a while if magnesium pills are ineffective for absorbing it.


I tried this, but I can’t seem to drink salty water no matter what I do. Strange how broth or sugary+salty drinks work, but this doesn’t for me.

(Troy) #120

Went CVS , almost bought them ingredient for this ketoaid.
My issse or concern I guess

Just seeing the work laxatives freaks me out😳
I already went through IBS about 2 years ago. Horrible pre Keto Times.

So w the laxative issue, are all you experiencing the effect?
Just a to each their own?
Gradually just start of small dosages?

Other ketoaide options :thinking:


(Mike W.) #121

Found this at a local pharmacy.


I just ordered “The Salt Fix” audiobook as a birthday present to myself! Cannot wait to hear the whole story. :upside_down_face:

(Fasting Educator) #123

Mild citrus taste

(Fasting Educator) #124

Magnesium comes in many forms. Magnesium citrate is one of the most easily absorbable. There’s also magnesium malate and magnesium chelate. the one I’m going to switch to as magnesium glycinate which is the best one of all.

(Fasting Educator) #125

I literally use only a half a tbsp in 24 oz of water. When magnesium citrate is used as a laxative the instructions are to drink the entire bottle at once.

The difference in the amount is enormous. You take a look at it and I don’t think you’ll be concerned anymore.


and I drink only two to four bottles of KetoAide per day :slight_smile:

(Troy) #126

:blush: thank you
Added to my next shopping list now