KetoAide homemade


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Thanks :grinning:

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I scanned through the replies on this post and I don’t see anywhere where anyone has made a concentrate.
What I’ve done with this recipe was calculate how many “Servings” one bottle of Magnesium Citrate should provide and then calculated the equivalent amount of Lite Salt. I combined the salt and Magnesium into one bottle (difficult because it was a lot of salt and it is slightly effervescent). Most of the salt dissolved but it requires a shake every time I take a serving. Since I’m not a fan of salty water I mix a serving with shot (1-2 oz) water and then chase the electrolytes with plain water.

(Maureen Bode) #103

In Australia I can’t buy potassium supplements and I noticed that Thomas Delauer (from uses a smidgen of cream of tartar in his water for a potassium supplement.

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I use these:

The site is UK but the product seems to be made in the US

(Melanie Armistead) #105

I’ve found lite salt in Coles and Woolworths but the Health food store had never heard of it

(Maureen Bode) #106

I was a bit worried about the Anti-caking Agent (554) in Diet Rite Lite Salt. I managed to buy some Potassium Citrate capsules (Now brand) on eBay.


I use cream of tartar for potassium. It’s easily available, and no fillers, or anticaking chemical crap agents. I usually use 1/4-1/2 tsp in a cup of water with a 1/2 tsp of redmond real salt, and when not fasting the juice from a lemon.

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I went looking for the same thing. I have made about 4 oz of concentrate with lemon juice as flavoring that I have been carrying around in 1 oz bottles to dilute with fresh water as necessary so that I have the ability to turn water into wine…I mean ketoade…on the fly!

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the stability of a mixed concentrate? There was a lot of fizzing when I mixed the raw ingredients, but I will be honest, I am stronger in my biology than my chemistry. I haven’t noticed a difference in the taste of the concentrate, or the color or smell, but I am curious about if mixing and storage of undiluted ingredients of @brenda 's recipe causes a chemical reaction that makes it less bioavailable as an electrolyte. I will do some more research on this but I am mooooooore than happy to defer to any chemists in the room! Meanwhile, I have already hooked my neighbor on ketoade when she was complaining of a headache earlier and it miraculously (science) abated her symptoms. I think that means that I have officially performed my first keto-assisted medical intervention? lol

(Melanie Armistead) #109

I use a magnesium powder supplement mixed with lite salt, so I assume it’s pretty stable. I was going to look for the liquid next time though as I hate the fruity flavours that manufacturers insist on mixing into powdered supplements (and I’m sure the sweetener isn’t doing me any favours either).

(JGL) #110

That’s great to hear, it only stands to assess if they stay stable in liquid! I have noticed on day 2 of concentrate in the fridge the sodium crystals are really well dissolved!

(Candy Lind) #111

@Brenda, my Mg bottles say “discard within 24 hours of opening.” Do you disregard that? Do you only use this when fasting to use it up quickly?

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I must have some mighty powerful Magnesium Citrate here! To get only 75g, I could only use 1/8 tsp. Mine has 1.745 g per ounce (2 tbsp). .5T would be over 1300mg. Could your bottle and mine really have that much difference in them? Or is there a typo somewhere? If yours has as much Mg as mine, I’ll use .5T, no worries. After all, you’ve been using it constantly for an awfully long time! Just wondering …

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WHOOPS! Just read the whole thread and my questions are answered.

NOTE TO SELF: “Read ALL the posts, especially on old threads. Someone else probably already made your boo-boo.” :crazy_face:

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FWIW, when I make ketoaide, I just pour some into a bottle without measuring and it’s definitely more than a Tbsp. For the potassium and salt, I just kind of dump some in there too. :smiley: I’ve never had a disaster pants situation but YMMV!

(TJ Borden) #115

I think we’ve all been guilty of that

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #116

I don’t worry. I keep opened bottles in the fridge.

Ive kept the same bottle one extended fast to the next. It still relaxes me and so I believe the magnesium is adequately bioavailable.


I just saw the 24-hr warning too and freaked out! Will try the fridge for my next bottle. I have only used the grape flavor, how is the lemon-lime? Is it sour or just a mild citrus taste?

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Is liquid magnesium better than taking pills? I’ve wondered for a while if magnesium pills are ineffective for absorbing it.


I tried this, but I can’t seem to drink salty water no matter what I do. Strange how broth or sugary+salty drinks work, but this doesn’t for me.

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Went CVS , almost bought them ingredient for this ketoaid.
My issse or concern I guess

Just seeing the work laxatives freaks me out😳
I already went through IBS about 2 years ago. Horrible pre Keto Times.

So w the laxative issue, are all you experiencing the effect?
Just a to each their own?
Gradually just start of small dosages?

Other ketoaide options :thinking: