KetoAide homemade


(Kellyn ) #63

Will Berocca vitamins throw someone out of autophagy?

(Fasting Educator) #64

I take vitamins. Depends on what is in them. Are there carbohydrates? Fats? Protein? If not, they will have no negative effect :slight_smile:

(Corry) #65

These mg measurements aren’t right. If you do half a table spoon of the cvs magnesium citrate it’s 436.25 mg of magnesium to get it down to the 75mg you say here it has to be just over a 1/4 TEAspoon. Idk if any one else has since the math but if you looking to get the right recipe it’s a 1/4 teaspoon you need to add not 1/2 a tablespoon.

(Kellyn ) #66

5 Calories, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 fat

(Doug) #67

Mixed up my first batch of Brenda’s Ketoade yesterday. Liked it, and really felt good afterwards. Didn’t think I was deficient, anywhere, but no harm in seeing what happened. In fact, felt so good in the evening that I wondered if sleeping was going to be a problem. It wasn’t.

I wonder about the “placebo effect.” It was the 3rd day of a fast, and while fasting has been getting easier, there is still a sense of deprivation - it’s not the same as when eating/feasting, definitely. The Ketoade has slight sweetness from the flavoring in the magnesium citrate, and I wonder if mentally it was like, “Oh, a treat!” or “Ah, eating again…”

I know, of course, that there are no calories there. It seems somewhat like going down a hazy rabbit-hole, thoughts about thinking, the mind considering itself. Oh, well, no use beating oneself up over the vagaries of human experience, especially when things are going in the right direction.

Mighty grateful to Brenda, and glad to have Ketoade in my arsenal.

(Sophie) #68

I started adding 1/2 Tbs of ACV to the mix to curb my hunger on fasts and I think it helps.

(Doug) #69

:smile: @JustPeachy

Sophie, I had a good-sized list when I went to the store yesterday. Got every single item, then a couple hours later realized that I’d forgotten to put apple cider vinegar on the list. It’s now the first item on my new list.

(Fasting Educator) #70

My measurements are according to the magnesium mg on my bottle

(Corry) #71

I’m just saying i picked up they same brand of magnesium and that was what was on the ingredients list.

(Fasting Educator) #72

Could have changed. I’ll look.

(Corry) #73

Thanks! I just wanted to give you a heads up sorry if i came across as abrasive that wasn’t my intent

(Fasting Educator) #74

Not at all! Text sucks. Lol

(Fasting Educator) #75

I’m at a grocery. Here’s another brand.


(Doug) #76

My brand is the same strength for magnesium citrate as the above bottle is, as is the one @CocoaBear referenced, so it’s a stout source of it.

1745 milligrams per fluid ounce, so 291 mg per teaspoon or per 5 milliliters.

(Fasting Educator) #77

Magnesium CITRATE: 1.745 mg per fluid ounce.

MAGNESIUM: 290 mg per fluid ounce.

Two different substances.

I am interested in the amount of magnesium alone I receive.


(Doug) #78

Good point, @Brenda. 11.5% elemental magnesium in magnesium citrate is what I’m seeing, so that would work out to 200 mg of elemental magnesium by my figures. I think the difference (200 mg versus 290 mg) is due to some ambiguity in what “magnesium citrate” will be - there is more than one compound that may be so designated.

(Fasting Educator) #79

Easy to mistake, good I am able to point out the difference for you @CocoaBear We want the total magnesium we are supplementing, not magnesium citrate, which is a compound.

LOL :wink:

(William Jeffrey Hunter) #80

Thanks for this - it’s awesome!

The usage instructions for the magnesium citrate says to discard after 24 hours. Do you guys do that?
The label says do not store in the fridge as well.

What do you guys do? Is it safe to use for an extended period of time?
I am making a couple of bottles a day and it will take a while to use a single bottle.


(Jodi) #81

I have used mine that has been in the fridge a couple weeks and everything is fine. :blush:

(William Jeffrey Hunter) #82

Thanks @Jodi!