KetoAide homemade


(Fasting Educator) #43

The NUUN energy tablet doesn’t have nutrition information on the label?

(Ren) #44

I have been making your ketorade recipe for the last week and a half. This is a great break to water and helps me keep my electrolytes up. I was suffering from some muscle cramps and I knew it was because my electrolytes were low and I started supplementing, but this stuff really helped. I drink 1 in the morning on the way to work and 1 in the evening.

The nice thing is my step son who is a lifeguard and plays lacrosse would drink 1-2 gatorades a day. I made this and had him try it, and he likes it better than gatorade. Now this helps him get his electrolytes up and he doesn’t get the loads of sugar that are in the gatorade!

(Karl L) #45

It just lists dextrose among ‘other ingredients’ but no amount

(brenn holiday) #46

I added the whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate to my KetoAide. It did not end well. I guess I should read recipes more carefully.

(johnp71) #47

So I’ve been drinking this since January and I find myself craving it when I don’t have it! My usual recipe is 1/2 tsp of lite salt and 1 tbsp of magnesium citrate per 24 Oz bottle. I get all the regular flavors of Mio and I’m good to go. I drink 4-5 bottles per day. Went on vacation and didn’t always have my bottles with me, and after a couple of days I noticed I was starting to get leg cramps and headaches again. Once I got home I went back to my routine and my symptoms cleared up in one day.

I also made this for a couple of friends and they’ve started making it too. Super cheap, easy, and effective!!

(Fasting Educator) #48

So glad it works so well for you. Yeah, I drink a few everyday. I feel much better when I do.

(Sophie) #49

I also wanted to thank you for this recipe. I’ve been making 48oz everyday and drinking almost all of it. It really does make me feel better. I don’t add anything to it but I couldn’t stomach the lemon flavor. If you ever had a certain proceedure back in the day where you had to drink 5 bottles of that nasty shit in one day you’d be ruined too. :confounded:

(Fasting Educator) #50

I still drink it daily, and am never without it during my heavy lift routine, swimming laps, fasting, or hot weather.
I came up with this mixture so long ago I don’t remember when. 2 years? It helps me too. Glad it makes your days better too :heart:

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This is my new favorite post on the forum.

(What The Fast?!) #52

@Brenda I do 24 oz of water, 1/4 tsp salt, and add as many tablespoons Magnesium Citrate as number of days it has been since my last BM… I had many tablespoons today. I bought this bottle at like 11am today…

(johnp71) #53

Get that same stuff at Walmart for 1/3 the price! I go through several bottles per week, so yeah I try to keep costs down.

(Fasting Educator) #54

Wow. Good luck. More than a few teaspoons every 5 hours gives me very loose stools.

(What The Fast?!) #55

Hello from the TMI department. Daily mag supplements, keto-aide, salt, and aloe lax finally took their effect this morning and even with all that, it was still quite a painful experience. Colonic scheduled for this evening, 48 hours into my fast.

(Fasting Educator) #56

Are you taking fiber supplements by any chance? If you are, I was going to recommend NOT to.

(What The Fast?!) #57

Nope. I eat salad and fibrous vegetables, though I’m trying to cut down because vegetables make me bloated almost immediately.

(Bacon for the Win) #58

it’s amazing how even a small salad leaves me gassy now. More for the TMI files.

(What The Fast?!) #59

INTERESTING!! Tell me more about this.

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #60

Fiiiiiiiiiinally tried this. :+1:

Definitely going to add a couple of these to my daily intake.


Starting the KetoAide today with my planned 5 day fast. On a previous 19 day fast, I had some heart palpitations and higher blood pressure even though I did dose with salt on the tongue, but perhaps not enough. I’ve also started the recommended Calcium tabs since reading this post a month or so ago and haven’t had leg cramps (when I take it). I seem to have trouble remembering to drink water when I’m not fasting so I’m guessing this will be my go to DAILY drink! Thanks for the recipe Brenda.

(Kellyn ) #62

I love Berocca vitamins! I am addicted to the orange flavor.