KetoAide homemade


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Hi :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying to make your KetoAide in a non-English speaking country… :crazy_face:

So I’m translating the scientific names (eg Magnesium citrate)

I’m trying to work out what the ratio of Sodium Chloride to Potassium is in Morton’s Lite Salt so I can buy a comparable one here.

I assume “Lite Salt” and “No Salt” have different contents and would need to be used differently?

I’m finding the labels on the salt products here really confusing. Given that there’s so few ingredients, you’d think they’d give you a really easy to undestand overview of the contents… But nooo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if you have some basic info for people trying to re-create KetoAide in a non-English speaking setting without US products, that would be cool :heart_eyes:

For now I’m using a ready-mixed fasting electrolyte powder which is pretty expensive.

It’s contents per 10 mL/ 8.2 g (which is what you are meant to consume per day according to the package) are:

Magnesium 360 mg (RDA 96%)
Potassium 600 mg (RDA 30%)
Calcium 260 mg (RDA 33%)
Zinc 5 mg (RDA 50%)
Vitamin D3 20 micrograms (RDA 400%)

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The most important ingredients in the Ketoaide are sodium and magnesium. You can get plenty of potassium on your nonfasting days by eating avocados and meat.
Magnesium citrate can be purchased in powdered form. Sometimes in capsules. When traveling by plane, I have brought the capsules to mix my drink.
Ketoaide simply contains
Sodium 290 mg
Magnesium 75 mg
Potassium 350 mg
Per 24 ounce bottle I use.

The products I use to obtain these salts are for convenience and are budget friendly, which is why I chose them. I could understand how they could not be found outside the USA. LiteSalt and NuSalt are products that are on the market for people trying to reduce their sodium, of all things. They just happen to contain potassium. The liquid magnesium citrate is sold at the pharmacy as a laxative(you are meant to consume the entire bottle for the laxative effect), my entire bottle of Ketoaide mixture calls for 1.5 tablespoons.
You could easily create your own electrolyte mix by measuring out salt and adding a flavor such as a few teaspoons of fresh lime juice (I make this mixture as well). Then just take magnesium in pill form if you cannot find the powder or liquid to mix into your electrolyte drink.
Potassium is not sold in pill form because of the danger of overdosing and causing heart issues.

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Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Quick question, can you sub magnesium citrate in pill form for the magnesium citrate in the bottles? I’m trying really hard to drink it daily but the liquid magnesium is making me almost to the point of puking :frowning:


I started making a slightly modified version of this: a 96oz pitcher with 1 Teaspoon Lite Salt, 1/2 Teaspoon Stevia, and 1 Tablespoon liquid magnesium citrate. Lets me go a week or so without having to measure and make fresh batches, and can pour a cold glass from the fridge anytime.


Just curious if you added ACV to your Ketoaide and how that’s been working for you? Thanks!


Are you still having success adding ACV to your Ketoaide? Thinking of trying it on my current fast.

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I still use between 1/2Tbs and 1tsp in 48oz of water. Give it a shot. It adds a nice flavor.

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Once in a while I pour some ACV into a cup and drink it with water. Never have felt like I “needed” it nor have I felt any effects. It’s all really haphazard…

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So I figured out more or less what I can do to reach those ratios: (I don’t have access to liquid magnesiom citrate or litesalt)


Going to try it out. I’ll prepare some for tomorrow, I am just starting on my 5 day fast.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Quick question. My CVS bottle of Magnesium Citrate says to discard bottle 24 hours after opening and to store between 48 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. What are you guys doing with your opened bottles? Even at $1 per bottle it seems a waste to get only two days worth of use out of it.

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Never heard of such a short time, Jo. I use opened bottles for months and have never had any bad effects, never seen anything growing in it, etc.


It can grow mold but I’ve never had a problem. At least not if it’s used within a few weeks. You could try Calm powdered magnesium if it’s a concern, I prefer it to the liquid stuff personally.

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@OldDoug and @Rian Thanks for your quick answers. I’ll keep an eye on it , and when the bottle is finished I will switch to the powdered stuff to see how I like it.

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I keep mine in the fridge, lasts for weeks as OldDoug said. I have the mag citrate powder but I really do prefer the bottled, so much easier to just take a big gulp when needed. The powder is good if I am making a water bottle to take to the fitness center with me. I have found it tastes better if I add some of my homegrown mint.

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How do you add this?

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I have a huge patch of mint in a corner of the yard. I just cut some fresh mint, crush the leaves a bit, and put them in the water with the supplements. Gives it a nicer taste IMHO.

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You inspired me, I just went and bought a spearmint and a peppermint plant! I think the spearmint will add a little natural sweetness.

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I bet that also comes in handy for sugar free mojitos.

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Sure does and I am also a fan of sugar free Mules as well.