Keto products question

(Chris Meirose) #1

On the 2KD Podcast they mention a couple of products - one of which I believe is a salt solution for use with keto. What are those products?

Further, I think it would be really helpful to newbies like me to have a pinned post with some of the trust/reliable products listed. Both foods and tools and maybe links to some starter recipes. Yes, I know there’s a million posts covering some of this, but I’m talking a one-stop shop of “use this and do that and buy this” that’ll carry you for a month or two while you figure this all out. Something to really lower the bar. @richard @carl thoughts? Maybe it exists and I haven’t found it?

I love the podcast, love this site, and look forward to moving forward with keto. Realizing today, after only 24 hours in, just how little I know on the practical application side of things. I’ve read a fair bit of Lyle McDonald’s Ketogenic Diet book which I picked up about 15 years ago, and slowly I’ve begun to move in this direction. It’s time for life change for me.

(Chris Meirose) #2

Even the simple things - eat these bars, buy this olive oil - whatever it can be to simplify for people. Link it to Amazon and let the 2 Keto Dudes get a bit of grift on it if they can.

(Chris Meirose) #3

One thing I’ve found useful is the Keto Connect couple’s videos on YouTube -

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I see you’re new here. Welcome! The 2 Keto Dudes provide sufficient references at their website.

Be sure to review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for many common questions.

Have you tried the search function here? There’s no lack of these posts.

I’ve never heard the 2 Keto Dudes recommend “eat these bars.”

(Janelle) #5

I guess there are a couple of schools of thought here. I am doing LCHF or “Page 4” keto as prescribed by my doctor. This plan is pretty simple and involves 20 whole (not net) carbs per day and then real food. Honestly, very few commercial products would even fit the 20 whole carbs with whole foods theme. A lot of the commercial products also use funny math for their carb calculations.

Caveat emptor.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #6

We do have an FAQ here, and like @Screenack says, there are lots of other resources on their website.

It’s not really up to Carl and Richard to write a complete Keto Guide to make it easy for everyone else, you really do need to start learning to understand this WOE and all that it entails.

This is Ketoaide, and you can find it by searching the forums…

(Kristin) #7

Do lots of reading, be careful of the sources of the information, and check the ingredients lists of the foods you buy. That’s why a lot of us do a lot of cooking at home. That’s the way to have control of what you are eating.

(Chris Meirose) #8

I’ve done a lot of reading. I’m not particularly worried about me personally. But as I’ve done that reading I’ve seen a need for a centralized IKEA level of instruction of do this for 30-60 days and you’ll be off to a good start kind of thing. Take the guess work out and lower the bar for the tire kicker kind of person. That’s where Atkins was successful. You could walk into a store and buy a set of products and know it fit. Same with Weight Watchers. I’m not recommending either of those system, but pointing to them as simple start up systems. I know all the info is out there, but centralize, streamline, help others to get into keto and experience the impact it can have kind of idea.

(Chris Meirose) #9

Having listened to 20 or so 2KD podcasts, I haven’t heard them do it either. But I do appreciate when they mention things like the bread/bagels etc. as that points me in a direction to explore. Always looking for good ideas and options.

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That’s what keep carbs at 20 or below, protein moderate & fat satiety is all about. Try that & tweak when/where necessary - doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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I think the problem with a list like you are suggesting is that it implies that you need to buy something or use special keto recipes.

You don’t.

You can and it might be really great for you. But if I were running the forum I’d be pretty cautious about doing anything that looked like an endorsement. It might make it easier for some people, I can see that. It would make me more suspicious of anything I read here though.

(Janelle) #14

I’ll agree and it would definitely seem like an endorsement of sorts.

I won’t lie - I was traveling this past week and I do wish there was a magic bar or other product one can use when all there is in an airport is sandwiches and pastries. This is usually when avid fasters recommend just skipping meals but, yeah - easier said than done sometimes.

(chris luis) #15

I travel a lot. I find just bringing a ziplock bag with my favorite nuts help in a pinch. For me its macadamia, pecans, and Spanish peanuts. It gets me through the little hunger that pops up now and then.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #16

I’d argue that’s why these systems failed, at least the “buy crap, win at weight loss” paradigm. My n=1 was to find initial success, but in the end, failure, because I didn’t know what to do when I got bored of bars and shakes. 19 months in LCHF, and I’m just getting started, without buy “keto” branded frankenfoods.

Buy whole groceries, avoid the prefab junk to the greatest extent possible. Food distributors exist to make a profit at my expense, both financial and health-wise. If you believe consumerism is your path to health and wholeness, I’ve got this remarkably sexy bridge over the East River I’d like you to consider.

Know, love, your stove and kitchen appliances. Using your kitchen is simple, sustainable and satisfying on every front.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #17

I agree it’s not on them, and yet, in their largess, they have!

This forum software goes out of its way to ensure members don’t post common questions, and yet, we see so many duplicate questions.

(Janelle) #18

Yep - I did - and Duke’s sausages, which I love. The total trip time was about 18 hours though. It’s just a small complaint to all those who say, “just eat meat” or “just fast”. It’s not always that simple. It’s actually kind of uncomfortable.

On the 9 hour flight - “Would you like this overcooked pasta dish with chicken or Mediterranean couscous?” (Which is pasta by the way that made the plane smell like feet.). “Oh, and here’s the snack box with some pizza roll thing and a muffin.” “Would you like pretzels or Bischoff cookies?”

(chris luis) #19

Okay, so I wasn’t thinking of a 9 hour flight and that brings a different challenge. I can see how a handful of nuts would not work. How often do you travel on trips like this?

My workday is spent completely in airplanes or airports. Thankfully at airport restaurants, like anywhere else, there are keto friendly options.

If you do this type of travel enough, like I do, you could invest in a computer bag has a cooler section. I was packing my own food prior to starting keto, but feel it is really helpful to be able to pack your own food when doing keto. I just put a large frozen bottle of water in at the beginning of the day and it holds food for the day. You might need to fill a bag with is once through TSA of some other way to keep it cool.

My go to food to keep on hand is sliced turkey breast rolled with cheese and bacon.

Here is an example. This would be good for folks in the office environment that don’t want to carry a lunchbox around as well.

It’s a little investment, so it really depends on how often you travel, but for your 9 hour flight I think packing your own food is the only way to go, unless you can fly 1st class.

(Bob Johnson) #20

I agree. I think the problem lies in public perception. The masses see ketogenic diet as a ‘Diet’ capital D. Like Vegan Diet, or Atkins Diet, Southbeach Diet, something commercialized. Something with very specific directions or dogmas. My thinking is it is perpetuated by us, in this way of life, that call it keto, which is heard as Keto.

I wish there were a better word to use. Hmm… how about, what is it called… when we speak of a certain people in a certain zone… like Australian aborigines, or Alaskan Eskimos, and we describe the types of food they eat as a culture? Oh yeah. Diet. :roll_eyes: we seriously need another word for this. No more than two syllables, like naming your dog, :rofl:, keep it simple. I’m probably overlooking it. :thinking: