Keto products question

(Melis Jansen ) #21

How about we call it a keto live-it instead of a diet?

(ash) #22

My best advice in the first few months. Keep it simple. Eggs, bacon, meats, cheeses. Go for higher fat hamburger, chicken thighs. Use butter, olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, things like that to satiety. Cook ahead for easy to go meals. Watch certain spices ect for added sugars and things. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If I get sausage from a place and it says 1g of sugar I don’t worry as it hasn’t personally affected my ketosis. See what works for you. Be careful with sugar free items. They say no sugar but a lot of them that specifically say their sugar free tend to have a lot of added ingredients including maltodextrin which is a big no no to a large portion of this forum due to how it raises insulin quite high and almost as much as sugar does!

(Janelle) #23

Several times a year. My trip to India from Atlanta was much longer. There were actually a few keto type options in the airport in Newark but not many and definitely not on the 14 hour flight to Delhi.

Next year is likely Morocco and Mexico.

I’ll have to figure out something. I even wondered if ordering a diabetic meal would be any different.

(Chris Meirose) #24 <-- this is exactly what I’m talking about, but more of a cheat sheet summary for a short-term startup for Keto. I love when they suggest on the podcast that you could just eat eggs and bacon with butter for every meal (a bit of an oversimplification on my part here) and be successful. That’s exceptionally useful to a newbie. I love the science behind all of this, but my wife just glazes over zombie-like with it. She just wants the cold hard facts on how to get it done - a simple checklist to move forward with. I might attempt to put this together at some point, I just suspect there are others far more qualified and informed than I am who might do a better job with it. The collective wisdom here is exceptional on this forum, so none of this is intended as criticism.

(Kristin) #25

I think one of the big differences between keto and Atkins is that keto focuses on clean eating - whole foods and less processed foods. That’s why you see fewer prepackaged keto products.

(Cindy Ward) #26

Keto is different from the “boxed” weight-loss diets such as JG and WW because it goes against the food pyramid that we’ve been taught to believe. So most people will gladly follow those guidelines, because they still fit with their perception of CICO…the programs just make it easier (prepped meals) or gimmicky (point systems).

But with keto, people really should understand why and how it works. Following a list of “eat this, not that” without knowing more isn’t much different than trying a cabbage diet or a grapefruit diet…it’s being used as a fad or quick weight loss gimmick. That means that, as soon as a certain amount of weight is lost, they’ll go right back to their earlier way of eating and the weight will come back. And that isn’t keto really, because keto is all about being healthier in the long-term.


Dr. Westman’s Page 4 is simple and clear.

(Teri) #28

Exactly. I think that’s what I actually like about this site. There is no pushing of specific products, only relaying information and tips about how to make it fit YOUR lifestyle. There is no one way, or one set of products that works for everyone. If you could just buy AB&C and magically be in ketosis and lose weight then we’d all be doing it. We have to work out the kinks and find out what our body wants and doesn’t want.
But ultimately if it’s natural and not processed, it’s worth looking into, and then count your macros. That’s what I go by. If I turn that package over and see a huge list of ingredients I immediately put it back. Because to me it’s not worth the risk when there are 1 ingredient foods that I have no doubts about.