Keto Krafts/Art - show and chat right here! By JANIE

(Running from stupidity) #1

Here we go, kids!

A thread for showing off arts, crafts, and similar handiworks.

Show it, talk about it, ask about it, whatever!

Dave's Progress Thread - Year II
LCHC (low-carb, high culture)
So this is what I do
(Jane) #2

Thanks @juice !

Another one of my lace shawls:

And a baby blanket I made for my youngest grandson. Lighting was awful in the first pic

(Bunny) #3

Bone broth disks :bone::meat_on_bone::bowl_with_spoon: :pig2::cow2::ox::sheep::goat::deer::rabbit2::raccoon::hedgehog::rooster::turkey::chipmunk::ram::water_buffalo::kangaroo:

Metabolic syndrome as a latent form of scurvy? Vitamin C. Loose teeth. Frozen shoulder
(Troy) #4

KetoCraft 101 - Phase 1
Pre-Planning :joy:

Yes, I have butter fingers
Only part of my stash

(Running from stupidity) #5

Ummm, this is for crafts, like Janie’s shawls, not for cooking?

(Retta Stephenson) #7

In ink, watercolor pencil and watercolors, on wc paper. Just a little Keto humor. :wink:

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #8

Selected murals

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #9

Various other paintings, painted shoes, cut paper, et al.

(Janelle) #10

On my loom now. Kitchen towels for friends.

(Janelle) #11

I have a tree blanket kit like that I haven’t gotten to. Very nice!

(MooBoom) #12

I design and create collectible artist bears from pattern to finished bear :blush:

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #13

Weaving! Another thing to learn.

(Duncan Kerridge) #14

I like logs

(Duncan Kerridge) #15

… and chainsaw carving

(Sophie) #16

Wow, so many talented folks on this board! FUN!!!
Here’s one of my hobbies…

Chenille for my Bro-in-law

Freestyle bands…

another chenille…

my favorite chenille…

some pick up samples recently off my new loom…

and the only fiber I’ve ever spun…needless to say, I’m dyin to get my hands on a wheel, like I NEED one! :roll_eyes: :smile:

(Jane) #17

The tree of life pattern I found on the Internet. The rest of it I designed myself using various patterns from other sources. The blankie looked a bit nicer after I blocked it - a true rectangle.

My DIL almost cried when she saw it. She knows how much work hand knitted things are.

(Jessica) #18

I’m not super crafty but I did some baby-related things when my kids were little. I still make slings as baby gifts occasionally, but have found that even people that ask for them rarely use them. I had a 2 year old with a disability and a baby. I used mine a lot!
Car seat poncho

Matching sling and nursing cover

My very favorite sling (and my sweet family)

(Jane) #19

Did someone say spinning???

Before I took a job that traveled so much I used to spin a lot and dye my own yarn.

This is my baby. A Kromski spinning wheel - the Mazurka. I could take her to re-enactments because she is all wood, metal and leather - no plastic. Spins like a dream.


This is the yarn from the spindle above. The roving was already dyed.

This is some yarn I spun from undyed roving and dyed after I spun and plied it into yarn.


(Jane) #20

More socks I knitted.


(Sophie) #21

Color me all green with envy! One day when I have a few extra grand I’ll get to a wheel! :heart_eyes: Mine was done on a drop spindle…my hands/wrists did not approve. :expressionless: