Keto and physical appearance

(Katie) #161

As my weight loss continues…I am looking more and more like a really old lady. It is disheartening.

So…for everyone young enough to recover their tight skin…yeah…wish I had done this 20 years ago. But…

Anyone know of any products that really work? I will not submit to surgery, so it must basically be topical. The rest of the body with massive loose skin…well, I can mostly hide that.

(Wendy) #162

Just stay positive! Have you tryed collagen? Supplements?and alaot of water? My suggestion. Be proud of what you you have accomplished! Congratulations!

(Katie) #163

Being that I spend half the year on the desert floor…yeah I drink a lot of water… Between drinking and cooking.I use about 1/2 gallon a day on average. Dehydration in the desert is serious stuff…first season you learn to recognize the early symptom (headache). Carry water everywhere. I take a collagen supplement, and cook with bone broth pretty much every day. Vitamin C supplement too. I must say, my skin looks good…just way too much of it.

(Wendy) #164

I can relate! I live in Arizona. Have been a resident for 36yrs. I understand what the climate can do to skin and our bodies. Well sounds like you have things under control. I have read with time the skin can retract. Hopefully if you can find the patience, it will improve. If not, there are procedures to help. Although alittle costly. But would be totally worth it.
20yrs ago I had Liposuction. At that time the cost was 5k, but you know it was totally worth it. I would do it agian! Agian congrats!


getting older means if you were heavier your skin is stretched a bit and when losing lbs you will notice those wrinkles more when you lost that weight. can’t change it. You can use cosmetic products to plump, cover, fill etc. You can opt for bit of simple surgery to correct some easy problems and more.

Just like those who are more obese and lose weight, their ‘skin apron’ has to be surgically removed. Stretched plump skin doesn’t show much, as we age and we lose lbs for health, all those wrinkles come out.

those ‘‘mostly’’ with none are people who maintained a solid good weight thru all their years.

then ya got stress and more in our lives. environmental situations we all don’t live in and can effect us differently.

I for one am doing a bit of super small fixable cosmetic surgery in a while. When I hit goal weight and am right where I want to be. Nothing major, just to ‘do for me’ to fix a few things. This is where it gets super personal. Do you want to do it or not? Again super personal choice but I know what I do not like and with a baby fix from a Dr. I got it covered. Well worth it to me to do for me as I see fit…but well worth it? will see after I do it HAHA

Best thing tho is I look past the mirror. I feel so wonderful and energized while all those my age are slugging out and tired and haggard, I might look a tad wrinkled but I am not a slug by any means…so…I have to put it in perspective and leave it at that and then make some choices on how I want to roll forward in changing up some wrinkles I don’t like LOL all the while knowing I am healthier than I ever been and not slugging out in front of the tv. Rolling into retirement time at full speed and healthy.

(Marianne) #166

I’m okay with my body (I do have loose skin around my belly, and bat wings, but it’s okay). It’s more my face that has suffered. It’s fallen pretty bad from loss of volume. My skin looks better, however, it’s saggier, and instead of a double chin now, I just have wrinkles. Nothing I can do about it except continue to keep my face clean and moisturize. Should be using a sunscreen but I don’t like it. I’m hoping my skin will tighten as more time goes on. (I use Olay Rapid Repair Night Moisturizer - day and night. Love the stuff.)

(Susan) #167

I am so sorry that you have to deal with this woman bullying you =(. I hope that you don’t have to see her at Christmas. She is horrible acting like that. Someone should give her a good earful – is there anyone that could set her straight? I am angry at her, I would love to tell her off. My brother is like that, rude about everything, we haven’t got along for years. I have as little contact with him as possible, but this also means I cannot see my mom, oh well… sometimes we have to make choices for our own mental well being. Take care =).

(Wendy) #168

Hi Susan
Well I went into the day with good intentions. But started off awful. And the next day just got worse. I’m totally not going to ever put myself in that situation again. I plan to NEVER spend any time or even speak to her agian. I dont need negative people like her in my life. I am still paying for the day. Went to the chiropractor yesterday, my upper back had so many knots that it pulled my neck out. And after the deep tissue massage. My Chiropractor had to re manipulate. It was like she never adjusted it. I have another massage appt Monday,if I can manage. The pain is so bad nothing is touching it. I have a regular drs appt to follow up Friday. Agian Thank you for all the support! Never will I put myself in that position agian. Shes just not worth it.