KB's KETO Diet Study

(KB Keto) #21

Andrea - I’m 5’10, around 192 and when my body fat was done a few weeks before starting the diet, 27%.

(Jason Cordier) #22

Thanks DB. That would be about right then, I guess hypothesis still stands then. I see that Andrea experiences something similar too when riding.

(KB Keto) #23

Good Morning. Here is my exercise and blood tests from this morning and diet from yesterday. oh and my stitches from my muscle biopsy last week are now out!

5am workout: Overall strength was fine (being light weight and all), but I faded on the 12 reps, especially set 3. It was surprising and not at the same time

Squats: 3 sets of 12 at 155lbs
superset w/ 45lb plate overhead lunges X6 (each leg) for 3 sets

Bench: 3 sets of 12 at 135lbs
superset w/ Single Arm DB Rows: 3 sets of 45lbs x 6

Treadmill: 30 sec sprint / 30 sec rest at 7.5 incline
30 sec at 8.5mph
30 sec at 9.0 mph
30 sec at 10.0 mph

1/4 mile run at 0 incline (1 minute recovery after last sprint) - sorry I dont have the time but the speed went from 8mph to 10mph

Here are the diet and blood tests


Blood Glucose

Ketones (back down to a more normal level)

(KB Keto) #24

oh boy did I hit a wall today. Around 11am or so, I felt like hell. Drug my way to kroger, picked up some salted macadamia nuts, potassium pills, and a propel. Then after eating and drinking some of that in the car, drove back and started to feel a bit better, actually able to eat at least so I ate a quest meal and that definitely helped get my sodium back up to par.

(KB Keto) #25

Good Morning. Here is my update with yesterday’s diet and this mornings blood test.

25MAY17 Diet


Blood Glucose


(KB Keto) #26

Good Afternoon. Been a very busy morning and am now just getting around to updating my daily log.

Here are my numbers from my blood tests and diet. As you will see, I actually slept in this morning. I’m more surprised than anyone, apparently after the 2 personal trainer sessions, the 31.5 mile bike ride, and a week of work … it caught up to me. Although, I feel like i lost the 3 hours or so of peace and quiet I get around the house while the wife and baby are sleeping. oh well. Body wins.

Also - my blood glucose was a bit lower than usual - is this normal as I become more fat adapted or what?



Glucose - rather low this morning…


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Good Morning. Here are my numbers over the last 24 hours.

Yesterdays Diet and Macros



(KB Keto) #28

So I missed yesterday’s post. I was at a 1.5 ketones and 86 glucose. I know you are all were so upset and on edge awaiting my post only to be let down.

But on a positive note - here is today’s log!

29MAY17 Diet and Macros



So my numbers are down from the 2’s where I was happy to be. I blame it on the long weekend activities and eating out - while I tried my best to keep carbs out of the meals - I am 100% that there were hidden sugars or starches used to prepare the meal that have no business being there. It is what it is. Yesterday was fairly clean and today will be all home cooked/quest meals.

Tonight I have another long ride scheduled - not sure on the distance yet, but I can almost guarantee it’ll be over 32 miles.

(KB Keto) #29

Hello All. Last night I did my 2nd group ride. This one was a bit shorter (someone made a wrong turn and we all cut 4 miles off the ride) but I felt much much better on this one and afterwards.
I didnt take my ketones immediately after the ride, though I should have… oh well, maybe next time. Unfortunately next week’s ride, I’ll be in Cleveland for a conference so I’ll have to miss that one.
Here is the ride:

and Here is my daily stats report



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Good Morning, Here is my update for today.

Diet and Macros from 31MAY17



(KB Keto) #31

Here are today’s numbers:



(KB Keto) #32

(KB Keto) #33

Good afternoon. Here is my daily report.

(KB Keto) #34

Today’s Report is titled TOO MUCH PROTEIN! - So I ate a bunch of protein in one sitting after being out and about all day. I was hungry and wings were delicious. The excess protein definitely had a negative effect on my ketones and my blood glucose as you can see.

Diet and Macros



(KB Keto) #35

So yesterday I didn’t post because I traveled to Cleveland for a conference. Fun part was this. For breakfast, they brought out their ‘continental breakfast’ of pastries and fruit. I walked about 1/4 mile down the road to a deli and had them make me some scrambled eggs with cheese and 4 slices of bacon. Walked that food back to the conference and ate it in front of everyone. I sure did get some envious looks. Lunch was sammiches. I chose the italian and removed the bread, good to go. Again, got some looks from the people around me, but it was great.

(KB Keto) #36

and he are today’s numbers



(KB Keto) #37

And here is my numbers from yesterday/this morning. I have my workout tomorrow morning. I need to start doing a better job of updating those as well as how I feel to help record my experience as well as help others.



(James storie) #38

Question, with the meter you use, do you have to use two strips when you test or just one? I’m thinking of getting one.

(KB Keto) #39

2 Strips James. 1 for ketones (which I am fortunate to get free because they are $3-4 each - but apparently much cheaper from Australia so I’ve been told) and 1 for glucose (like 10cents each)

(KB Keto) #40

So today was a good day. Very productive, but my food has been minimal - not sure, but just not overly hungry. We’ll see how that effects tomorrow.

Today I lifted weights at 8am.

4 sets of 4 reps on Squats at 230 and Bench press at 185 plus some conditioning work.

Then around 1pm I did a 21.5 mile bike ride. This was far slower than normal, most likely due to the morning workout plus the lower food intake (but mostly because I did heavy (for me) squats this morning).

Also, my bad knees is not agreeing with all this exercise but I felt great otherwise.

Here is yesterday’s Diet and Macros

and Glucose

and Ketones