Just not losing

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You keep posting this graph as an illustration to significantly increase carbs on maintenance. I cannot disagree that many can maintain their health, blood sugars and weight on 60 g carbs because my husband is a perfect example of this.

But NOW I realize you believed the 240 was g carbs not kcal. No WONDER you think Weight Watchers is a low carb program and 300 g carbs is low carb long term!!

Good grief.

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Feeling terrible about the trouble my first message caused. Thank you for all of you for positive thoughts.
I will stay positive and keep healthy and let weight come off when it wants. Thanks again so much. Take care and don’t worry be happy

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You have no reason to feel bad. Getting advice from people who’ve been there is what the forum is for. And the longer you are here, the more you will be able to dicern good advice from bad. And of course, it also takes some experimenting to find what works best for you.


Hi @Scobie Anne. I love the title of your thread. If you’re not losing, then maybe you’re winning.

Sometimes the body weight does not come off straight away because the improvements you have made in your diet by removing refined carbohydrates in packaged junk food (and hopefully removing industrial seed oils as well, in the same packaged junk foods) is happening in healing your body. That is, the nutrition you are now supplying is repairing and repleting in areas that it is needed.

Sometimes the body weight does not come off straight away because the improved eating and nutrition can generate a feeling of ‘energy’ and with this some people can’t sit still and get active, so they gain lean body mass while losing body fat mass. The weight loss doesn’t appear on the scales but clothes fit better.

There is also the positive thought that possibly you are quite metabolically healthy. It can be seen that men that have large bellies with lots of internal fat will rapidly respond to a low insulin diet (low carb) by losing that internal fat quickly. Whereas a person with fat distribution in healthier deposits under the skin, maybe around the thighs and hips, or belly fat under the skin rather than internally, will lose that body fat reserve more slowly initially. But then see it dropping off more quickly once their body and metabolism has become further fat adapted and can start drawing from those fat storage reserves.

Somewhere in your body you are winning by not losing. KCKO (Keep Calm Keto On)


You will hit some posters on ketogenic forums, which are meant to be all about getting into ketosis, and they will not understand one thing about getting into ketosis and staying there LOL Ignore confusing posts! Yea you can spot them :slight_smile:

If one wants a ketogenic lifestyle, then you have to be at least under, say 50g of carbs per day in your menu. This will get most every person into a low ketogenic function. Holding around 20g of total carbs per day will most definitely get you into a good ketogenic situation.

So just watch those carbs, eat as you can and read up the great keto info on this board and you will be ok!

Since you mentioned your hubby and you are driving thru the day long hours, you might wanna consider a big old cooler of food to take with you. You can prepare some foods the night before you go to work and take that with you. That way you aren’t at the mercy of all the restaurants and might help you control your want of junk food etc.
It is hard when one is away mostly and has to handle their food more and plan/prep/prepare but it is well worth a cooler with you guys in the truck and then you have your food at hand. Nice fresh food from home.
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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No need to apologise… people are at different places in their journey so have different inputs.
Some just like to create trouble… As a new comer then carb reduction is key to getting into ketosis.
You need to find your on levels but 20g per day is more likely to achieve success than 100g and especially more so than 300g!

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Girl please. Don’t even.

This is the thing. And some of us -me- have had to tweak as we go and switch things up.I used to eat high fat and lost like crazy! Now at 112lb I eat much lower fat because I had to, to keep losing. I stalled for the first time at 122, went mostly meat, down 6lb fast! Then stalled at 115…had to drop fat…down 3lb fast!

When I was fat, eating high fat worked a treat.


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I try to hit in the range of 50g carbs daily mostly so I can enjoy wine at night. I can tell by taste that I float in and out of ketosis so I am guessing that this “my limit”. I personally feel that 300g a day may be low carb compared to a junk food carb burner but in the quest for ketones it is too much for most if not all people.

Back to OP not losing. I am in the same boat. I was staying at 183 pounds with only about 7 more to lose and achieve my ideal weight. I then had a kids wedding, Thanksgiving, house guests, Christmas, New years and a birthday in a forty day span. This caused a uptick to 190 pounds that I am having a little trouble with now. I don’t stress over it and never even think about eating more carbs because I like this way of eating. I may adjust a few things but as always KCKO. This is so long term that it is not worth stressing over any stalls. The closer you stay to <20g the more success you will have.

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Paging @CandyLindTX. She and her husband drive trucks and are keto and can give you lots of tips, I bet!

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That would be great. I have two things working against me when on shift. I work 7 days on and 7 days off. When at work I start around 2 in the afternoon and get home between 3 and 5 am depending on the night. So it really is hard to know when and What to eat. Hard to drink my 2 litres of water too because I can’t just stop on the side of the highway when I feel the need ha ha. It’s minus 34 celcius here right now so that also limits my bathroom breaks. There are no washrooms or outhouses along the way. Brrrrr

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I’m not a truck driver but I travel a lot for my job so can be a bit of a challenge. Some of the things I carry with me might help you also.

I make my own jerky without sugar and pack that. I slice butter into 1 tbl sections and individually wrap using candy wrappers and store in a baggie. No need to refrigerate and I add it to my coffee. You can also get nuts and pork rinds at truck stops. Lunch meat and cheese can go w/o refrigeration for quite a while and I roll them up together with some mustard (also doesn’t need refrigeration).

If you have a cooler, boiled eggs are nice to keep and egg, tuna or chicken salad but a little harder to eat on the road. You could make up some chaffles ahead of time and pack sandwiches since the most convenient food to eat while driving.

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I will definitely try all those :blush: boiled eggs are always my go to

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I had to eliminate all artificial sweeteners to keep the weight coming off, none -If I have any for special occasions, I always gain a bit. every time. The same for me if I add any nuts or nut butters, so I avoid all of that.

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I think the only sweetener I have had is in gum. And that’s only maybe once or twice a week and only one piece. I do not bother making deserts or keto cookies or anything because it will just make me want more. I haven’t added nuts because I do retain water with those and no peanut butter either. Just meat, coffe and cream and small salad. I’m not a picky eater nor do I get bored eating simple over and over. Water I enjoy. Do not feel like I need soda or juice or alcohol. Just coffee, water and herbal tea (mostly green tea). I have started to lose the last couple days woot woot. The last three days was 0.8, 0.4 and 0.4 loss. So thanks for all the encouragement. I am happy with even the smallest loss. 14.4 pounds to go until I’m at a weight I’m comfortable with. I understand for my height and age and all that that I should be WAYYYY less but I also know it isn’t sustainable for me. I went down to 135 for my daughters wedding once and I couldn’t keep that weight. My body always wants between 140 and 145. So I’m going for the 140 :blush:

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That is great =). I think it is maybe just not going as fast for you because you don’t have a lot to lose!

I was 293 when I started last February, and I am 236 now, with a goal of about 130 or less, so I have over 100 to go, (but when I get frustrated or don’t lose anything for a bit, then I just remind myself that my body is changing and improving and that I have lost 57 pounds so far, and how much better I feel and how much healthier I am on Keto). I always stick to the 20 grams or less of carbs, I think that is a good maximum amount in my opinion.

I was just sharing in the previous post what stalled me at times, just to be helpful for ideas, I am so happy for you that things are moving again for you. Please just be patient, you will get there.

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Wow 57 pounds. Good for you. That is amazing and I bet you feel great. You are an inspiration and I am cheering you on to get to your goal. I will look forward to seeing your updates and other posts. I am a mom of 4 and a grandmom of 9 and too young to feel this old lol I always feel better when I eat healthy and keep that extra weight off. And yes, I will try to be patient. Thanks momof4

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You are welcome to read my accountability thread to get some ideas and see my journey so far too:


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Dont feel terrible. It’s not your fault at all!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Just keep in mind that carb restriction is what puts you into ketosis and being in a calorie deficit is what allows you to consistently tap into your own bodyfat. I lost 90 lbs and got to my goal weight once i let go of the myth that calories don’t matter on keto. They absolutely do, as confirmed by the thousands of people I have helped lose weight since hitting my goal weight 3 years ago. Or as Eric Westman would say “Just eat less” and he is right of course. cut any excess fats or oils or butter and bodyfat will start coming off.

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That’s wonderful you helped so many people! How did you do that? Do you run a business that is focused on keto?