Just not losing

(Anne) #1

Been doing this since the beginning of Dec. Lost a bit in Beginning (water weight) cheated at Xmas. Been strict every day since and just not losing. No inches or weight. Getting depressed because I seem to get conflicting messages.


When you say you’ve been strict, does that mean you’ve determined your macros and are tracking what you eat? The typical answer would be that you’re eating too many calories (which is an over simplification).

Being in ketosis is no guarantee of weight loss.

It takes time to lose (or gain) a pound of fat (or muscle). Most short-term weight fluctuation is a simple change in water retention or digestive tract contents.

(Anne) #3

I track everything. And then I’m told to eat more calories even… I’m 47 5’4" and weigh 156
I am just getting depressed. I drink 2lt water a day and maybe 2coffee with hwc. I dunno. I’m always well below 20 carbs. This is today


When I use guesstimates for the parameters in https://keto-calculator.ankerl.com, I come up with these macros when using a 20% deficit goal:

1104 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
20 g Carbs (7%, 80 kcal)
78 g Protein (28%, 312 kcal)
79 g Fat (65%, 712 kcal)

How did you determine 53 grams for your protein macro? It should be based on lean body mass, not caloric intake. You don’t want to short-change it.

In any case, you’re not talking about a significant caloric deficit per day. It could take weeks to lose a pound of fat. And trying to go for a larger deficit could be counter-productive, as your body may lower the BMR to account for too few calories coming in.

That just means you’ll be in ketosis.

Ketosis is driven by carbohydrate restriction. Weight loss is driven by caloric restriction (although it gets a bit more complicated than that).

It just takes time.


I lost nothing in my first 2 months either (or later but I usually do on/off keto and I was strict enough in that 2 months as I wanted fat adaptation and got it). I ate too much for that. Keto doesn’t guarantee fat-loss, why would it? It’s my tiny personal tragedy that my body loves this weight and maintenance comes naturally but even if I was still definitely fat, my body wouldn’t use up fat reserves without a need for them. (But I would eat maintenance calories for my current body so I would lose fat. My body is very simple sometimes.)

I even was hungry in my first 2 months (well, 7 weeks). Only very temporarily because I eat when I am hungry but that’s why I ate the same amount as before and my body being quite stubborn, stalled just the same. I don’t have extra allowance in ketosis.
A change in my hunger signs and satiation happened when I got fat adapted. But I had to be in ketosis for 7 weeks without a break. No idea what your fat adaptation process does now that you stopped keto for Christmas but it was surely not good for it. Be more patient. Or watch your fat intake, maybe. Or carbs. Whatever works for you.
It’s harder for some of us and it’s usually easier when one has very much to lose (or if keto plummets hunger and appetite and all the other signs urging us to eat). If someone isn’t heavy at all, even eating little rarely results in quick weight-loss. Our numbers are similar, I know that - though I never could eat as little you do… I lost fat quite slowly even when I was 180 lbs but below 150 it got way worse. But I can’t eat little, you can, you probably (I rarely say something for sure if a complex human body is involved) will be successful this way. But it will be slow. It depends on your metabolism as well, of course, your stats don’t determine your energy need.

Isn’t your protein intake low a bit today? Do you get satiated with this amount? If you feel great on keto, waiting for a slow fat-loss is easier - and anyway, that would be the point, finding a good lifestyle you can continue or just relax a bit later…

Eating more calories seems to work in some cases. I don’t think you eat awfully little for you but I actually can’t possibly know. A higher-calorie day now and then may do good but eating significantly more every day… I doubt it but again, it’s too complex. You can try, I suppose. I have a lot of experience involving my own body, I know what is too little for me but yours is mystery to me.


I see keto as a simple concept – “Minimal carbs. Adequate proteins. Fats as needed (for satiety).” But that doesn’t mean weight loss is easy.

You need the minimal carbs to stay in ketosis. The big advantage there is that carbs and insulin are no longer creating a false sense of hunger.

You need to get enough proteins. Your body needs them.

After that, fats (and thus calories) determine weight loss. Ideally, hunger would drive that. If you are depriving yourself, keto won’t be sustainable. If you’re eating to meet a guesstimate of a macro even if you’re not hungry, weight loss will be more difficult. Remember, your need for fat can come either from what you ingest or your stored body fat.


Calculators are frightening. My numbers are similar to Anne’s but 1100 is impossible, by far. My body can’t function there even if I would figure out how to eat a 1100 kcal meal without getting very hungry.
But it’s not about me, I just say calculators has no idea about our energy need, it can’t be calculated, just guessed and this guesstimation is sometimes horribly off. So let’s be careful with going super low.

Our satiation is another big topic but I don’t know if that’s a problem in this case or keto solves it, it’s just lack of results this far. And that’s not surprising considering little time passed, Christmas happened, bodyweight fluctuates and the fat-loss must be slow if exists.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #8

Forget weight. Do it and stay with it for health. The weight will take care of itself.

(Anne) #9

I don’t feel hungry most of the time. I could easily eat lower calories but I was advised I should be eating more and/or not even count calories. Maybe I should stop the heavy whip cream in coffee. I bought mct creamer and I will try just using that. I will try maybe smaller meals or even omad. Stressful
I agree about just thinking health wise instead of weight wise…


You may try things, I did but maybe it’s a tad early at this point. Really, give it a bit more time. I wouldn’t change the calories too much if you feel fine with it and you will see eventually what your weight does.
Tracking isn’t good for everyone, I always did as I had to because of the carbs and I am curious too. Some people eat too little protein if not careful… So it’s impossible to say what to do, it’s too individual.
One benefit of carnivore or almost carnivore that one eats little enough carbs without tracking, almost no matter how much they eat. But not everyone of us can/want do that right away (or ever).

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #12

You’re being totally impatient. It’s a long game. If you were a three hundred pound man coming from a diet of pizza pockets and 2 liters of Pepsi you might see tremendous losses, the kind that make social media sites sparkle.

This is a gentle reminder that you have a history to be mindful of (you’ve said it numerous times) and also that you didn’t gain all the weight in 13 days. Also, you’re getting clean in other ways which could effect weight. Take care of yourself, minimize stress, look toward the good things that are happening (not the failures), have faith in yourself and most importantly have other things to occupy your mind throughout the day. I love keto/low carb and enjoy thinking about it when I’m eating but the rest of the day I don’t because I’m busy living.

You’re doing it. It’s going to work but at it’s own pace.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #14

Exactly. You’ll hear people cheer for themselves when the number doesn’t even change at all because it’s not going up. Plus, it’s just a number. It only tells a fraction of the story. My activity level went up and I gained muscles which weighs more than fat so even though the scale didn’t budge, I was wearing smaller clothing. If you base your mood on the scale, you’re likely to have many mediocre or bad days.

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #15

That’s very true. I must remember to buy a measuring tape to check. But it’s early days and I won’t be impatient. I guess 3 and a half pounds in 6 days is quite ok. Gotta stop comparing to those that lose like 20 pounds in three weeks :joy:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #16

Yes, and be prepared to only lose 3 lbs in two weeks or 30 days. The water loss is deceiving because people plan to lose 3 lbs every week forever and then lose it when it doesn’t happen. If you lose 1 lb a week you’re doing well. But if you don’t lose any you’re also doing well. The body chooses what it wants to heal, it’s not up to us. Being angry or impatient with it is counterproductive and increases stress.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #17


Patience is a virtue. Relaxxxxxxxx. Keep carbs below 20g for a while. Forget about macros. Forget about mathematical equations and solar positions. Its hard not to continue to do well if you just stick to 20g of carbs or less a day and try to eat more fat than protein. It doesnt have to be difficult and confusing. Do that for a while, see results and maybe tamper if need be. Dont focus on weight, focus on how you feel and maybe how clothes fit. If theyre getting loose, youre doing well.

Theres a funny thing that sometimes happens with Keto is the scale can not move, yet your clothes are baggy. :woman_facepalming:

(Anne) #18

I wish my clothes are getting baggy. No change. I will keep going and try not to worry but… I just want to lose 16 lb’s lol is that too much to ask for!!! :rofl::cry:


eat as you want to eat! A smaller person like you doesn’t fall into any category of ‘one size fits all’ as none of us do LOL

So eat as you feel you want. Do not ‘hit a kcal’ limit or anything.

Keep protein and good fat as the main focus. Add in whatever else you want in your keto plan to make your eating day happy and healthy and as you see fit. Hold the low carb count obviously :slight_smile:

I think you will do fine. Weight loss does not happen in a split second. It does for many who are heaiver etc. but if you are smaller and lighter, you might be in it for that longer haul of it just takes time.

You clean up the eating, eat as you see fit and let nature take its course. I also would count total carbs. Don’t go by the net junk out there. A total carb count means better control on those buggers :slight_smile:

those 16 lbs will come off with time! I know they will, so hey if I got confidence in ya and know you will do this, then hey you gotta to. Put in the time into clean eating and ya got this!!

(Anne) #20

Thanks so much. I will count total carbs from now on. And yes, I will absolutely keep going :blush:

(Katie) #21

If I may say, it does not sound like you have a lot of weight to lose, so it will be a slower process than if you had a lot more weight to lose.

I am sorry that you are depressed. Try to think of it as something to work at to achieve your goal. You are trying to do the right thing to make yourself healthier…that is excellent! There are a lot of people on this forum who want you to succeed and want to help you.

What sorts of foods are you eating? What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

(Anne) #22

My eating habits are kinda weird. I usually work nightshifts so I tend to sleep in and go to bed late when I’m off work. I will be working 2pm to 3 or 4 am.
I was having bacon and eggs for breakfast but since made some eggy thingies that I calculated all the calories, carbs and fat and protien for. I also have been enjoying mct creamer in my coffee. Since I started that I have lost around 2 lb in 4 days. Yayy. But I seem to struggle having 2 more meals so I usually just have an earlier big meal around 4 or 5. I had ground beef and pork fried together with diced eggplant and a few cherry tomatoes. Was good and filling. I also had a whole Avacado. Most nights I was having 2 chicken thighs and a salad…