Just not losing

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Your reading the graph wrong. That’s not 120 grams of carbs but 120 calories from carbs. So 30 grams at induction.

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Remember, this is the internet. Take everything you read with a bucket full of salt and always do your own research.


You will find various food you can eat on the go. When I started a new woe, I was a bit lost but I found good recipes later and things got way easier. There are lots of options.
You may do what I did and decide not to eat certain food items, no matter your carb limit. It’s easier if you don’t allow yourselves every kinds of food, even clearly bad ones (for you. someone else might handle it just fine but you know it’s bad for you) - at least it was easier for me this way. And as more and more years pass on low-carb, you form new, better, strong habits. I go wild on some days when I go off keto (I am not disciplined, my body is somewhat forgiving, I don’t resist temptation and I enjoy being “free”…) but it’s usually nothing compared to the average person or even to myself 5 years ago and I already did low-carb since years back then. Time and practice help a lot unless your chosen diet is incompatible with you.

I almost never ate salad on vegetarian keto, raw vegetables was fine and they are easy to bring in a box. If you like them, they may be good options, they last for a longer time if they are whole (cucumber, bell pepper, radish…). I pretty much liked pickles too, those in a jar doesn’t spoil in ages.

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These two videos might be helpful as well =).

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I have to agree with ya F, I hate net carbs, I’m more into total. I just get confused with net carbs. Xx

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Thank you for pointing that out I should have stated calories…lol

However 300 grams (Daily) of carbohydrates is still low carb. This is also my personal threshold which may not work for everyone!

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Said nobody ever… Bunny please stop this you are being deliberately obtuse and confusing people.

300g of carbs can in no way whatsoever be considered as “low carb”.

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You can define it such if you wish but it’s not the basis of a ketogenic diet and that’s what people are here to discuss. It’s more than a bit confusing to newbies in the “newbies” section to tell them that the grandfather of the ketogenic diet is recommending 120 grams of carbohydrates a day.

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Confusing people is telling them to eat only meat and water and that will make you sick eventually.

To much placebo and paradox not enough evidence?

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I’d love to see exactly where you have seen me say that ever…?

However saying 300g of carbs is “low carb” is patently stupid and wrong… as well as very misleading to anyone starting out on this way of eating.

For once admit your error please.

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Please explain?

You think you know the basis of a ketogenic diet?

Maybe you have access to this rule book others do not?

Yes you made your point with 120 = 30 grams, we got that.

I guess you missed the word “long-term”

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I think that everyone who has been here for more than 5 minutes knows that the basis of a ketogenic diet is carbohydrate restriction… unless you are claiming to know more than Phinney, Volek, Carl and Richard?

300g of carbs per day would put no-one into ketosis especially not anyone new to this way of eating.

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Guess we need a repeat:

I guess you missed the word “long-term”

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I guess you missed out “ketosis”

Where is the evidence that you are in ketosis on 300g of carbs per day please?

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If you know better than Phinney and Volek then you must have some concrete evidence…
where is your usual wall of meaningless text and multiple study quotes please?

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If you cannot figure out such a simple thing that tells me you have no idea what your talking about?

Hint: it is already in the research. from the beginning?

That is why people comeback scratching there head and can’t figure out why they can’t lose any weight and get fatter in the process because everyone is telling them to restrict and not heal there metabolic damage.

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So business as usual then


Keto is being in ketosis for me and I don’t think I am wrong, that’s the point of this diet, woe, lifestyle.

Our personal ketosis carb limit is different (and depends on things) but most people need to go pretty low. Lower than the somewhat popular 50g net carbs limit. That’s pretty much for many, maybe/probably most people, I don’t understand why it’s that popular in this country…

300g is high-carb everywhere, 150-160g is the highest lower limit I heard (it’s in my country and recommended for people with diabetes and low-carbers often eat this amount and complain that it’s little :D) and I don’t think if an extra-special snowflake unicorn magically exists, that matters for the masses. We mortal beings can’t go into ketosis with eating carbs galore and people who want to be sure, way very, very low. 20g net or total is often low enough but not always. But that’s special case again, that’s why 20g net is widely used. Safe enough for most. On another forums, it’s believed to be fine for very very nearly everyone and it’s net carbs. This forum is different. And I never saw statistics from personal ketosis carb limits, that would be interesting to see even if it’s just N=a few dozens, I have only read numbers from a few people and I think I have an idea about mine.

I can’t say what exactly high-carb is as it’s different for different persons and groups, I don’t know a very official universal limit and it probably doesn’t exist but 300g is definitely that. Very nearly everyone thinks so but I actually don’t care if someone has personal definitions and even call cheese meat, it makes communication harder but it’s not like I can do much about it. We others still can communicate, more or less well.

I don’t actually know why I wrote these… Oh well.

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I have been fat adapted a very long-time and I have proven what is possible for myself.

So what your telling me is I can’t tell anyone?

Hmmm that just proves how ignorant people can be and why they place limitations on what is possible because you said so?

So I will let you take it from here?

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Awwww try not to get depressed love :heart:. I’m even newer than you and in my research I’ve seen SO many different suggestions. Listen to your body. Just keep it simple and do under 20 grams of carbs. For us newbies, simple is best. Otherwise we will get overwhelmed and go mental in the process. (Dont want that at ALL). My weight didnt go down when i step p ed on the scale today and yes at first i felt like crap but then i just thought “Im in this for life, not some quick fad diet”. I only ate 900 calories yesterday and i think we need to get out of this calories are the devil mindset that all the big companys drum into our heads. I myself am trying to work on that. Some people said it took them months to lose anything. I’m freaking impatient as hell :joy:. Our body’s are healing from eating crappy food and we gotta give it some time to heal itself. The saying "get healthy to lose weight, don’t lose weight to get healthy applies. Keep going. We will get there. Remember keep it simple. Just do the 20grams or under. That’s all you need to focus on. The rest will come. Xxx