Just not losing

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I can give you some clues as to the mechanics of this:

Depleting liver glycogen through diet works for a while to help burn body fat then it stops.

So does depleting muscle glycogen in very short periodic burst of weight lifting but that also stops working.

What is so important to know and I wish I could stress this more is that your body knows what your trying to do it and it just adapts to hold onto its fat reserves. So you have to be gentle with it.
20 grams or less of carbohydrate very long-term is hardcore abuse to your metabolism. (…it may lock itself into storage mode)

A balance between the two (liver & muscle) would be, not to constantly restrict calories.

I found in my own experiments that restricting carbohydrates does no good even up to 300 grams is low. 20 grams is ridiculous long-term and will just make you fatter.

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I’m confused now ha ha.isnt the keto lifestyle low carb? I thought it was low car for life…? After someone gets to their healthy manageable weight, do we then start to increase carbs again?

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Low carb is 300 grams of carbohydrates?

The problem with it is other people have come into the playing field and have changed the parameters with there neo thinking of what they think low carbohydrate or what a low sugar diet truly is?

The less sugary, starchy carbohydrates you choose to eat the better off you will be.

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Ow I’m really confused. I may have to get off the forum

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300 g seems a lot

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I would want to learn not run?

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Yeah, if your eating 300 grams of pure sugar?

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I don’t want to run but everyone I chatted with on here says to keep it 20 carbs and under… So when you say 300…thats a huge difference


That’s the general “rule”. 20g net carbs is pretty much guaranteed to get almost anyone in ketosis. Some people, after they have been fat adapted for a while may be able to go up to 50g net carbs and remain in ketosis.

It’s best not to assume that you are one of these people and use a glucose/ketone meter when the time comes to figure out what your personal net carb limit is. For example, if you go up to 30g a year from now, buy a ketone and glucose meter to check your blood sugar and whether or not you have been kicked out of ketosis.

I have yet to see someone stay in ketosis at higher carb amount but who knows…some people may be truly unique.

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So what do u feel about the other comme t’s? 300?!?
Am I just not understanding?


… duplicate post


I think the poster has some unique positions and opinions regarding carbs on keto ( see her previous posts) which are sometimes unpopular, contested and debated. However, this is but one person’s opinion…but I can see how it could have confused you.

If you have researched keto and the general consensus you have found is 20g net carbs, it would be a bit of an overreaction for just one different opinion to cause a big confusion. It’s just one opinion and you’ll see that from time to time.

Get the best information ( you are on the right forum for that), see what the advice is from multiple experienced people (you may get some non correlating advice but mostly the basics of 20g net carbs will be echoed) and then decide on what seems to be working for the most people and go from there.

You are new to keto, so I won’t recommend adjusting carbs to more than 20g net for now. Perhaps much later in your journey, you could try finding out what your carb limit is. Perhaps you would at that point be able to go up to 30g. However, if weight loss is your goal and your goal is a while away, you should probably stay below 20g net for the foreseeable future.

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You always want to increase your carbohydrate intake (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 etc.) to see level of tolerance, you might gain a little but it will even out and you will start losing again when you subtract, the more you restrict (in the opposite direction) the harder it will be to oxidize and the body fat will come right back, you have to find your sweet spot?


Yep, keto is low-carb. For everyone but some people may go higher, some people need to go very low. I can eat way more than 20g net carbs for ketosis (total doesn’t seem to matter as far as I can tell) but my ideal carb intake is way lower, it seems.
I definitely feel progressively worse above 80g so I don’t go there, only for 1-2 days sometimes and it’s still worse than eating way, way less.
But some people prefer more carbs long term. Each to their own.
So many people live happily under 5-10g for very, very long, I definitely don’t worry until my body is fine there. I will pop out sometimes anyway, probably. It’s fine enough for me and not for others.
I am not a masochist. No high-carb in my future.

You should find your own ideal woe.

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I see. So once I hit my ideal weight I will start to add in carbs here and there and keep checking to ensure i still am in ketosis. Okay :grin:


@Scobie You got it! :+1: And that’s if you want to. You don’t have to hit your maximum carb limit if you don’t want to. Some people remain zero/low carb even way after they have hit their goal.

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I think I need to stay as low carb as I can to maintain health so I dont start justifying eating junk again. My husband and I are truck drivers. Home everyday. The problem is, when you are in a truck for 15 hours a day, it’s really easy to eat junk food. Chips, chocolate and something easy to eat on the go. There is no chance to eat a nice meal with fork and knife lol. A lot of finger food. I will probably eat a lot of chicken legs and egg muffin things. Hard to eat salad, but will have to figure it out. If I start increasing my carbs too much I will start to justify that one handful of potato chips which will turn into a small bag and then into a family size bag. So I feel I’m best to just keep my carbs low and enjoy how I’m feeling😊

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Virta Health clearly demonstrates this and they are reversing type 2 diabetes with it?

image link

Increasing carbohydrates with fat!

Even they consider 120 low?

Even though Dr. Phinney is from the no carbs required circle of thought?

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Wow that’s really great. I will read about this. I guess I need to figure my body out ha ha. I’m just scared to start eating too many carbs cause I really love sugar ha ha
But I think once I lose my 15 lb I will start increasing a bit with yam or sweet potatoe…


Ah…when readily available temptation strikes :sweat_smile:

That’s quite understandable. One thing you will find is that your desire to succumb to temptation will subside as you go deeper into your keto journey. In the meantime, I recommend stocking up on keto snacks like pork rinds, hazelnuts, cheese whisps, 95% dark chocolate etc so that at least those are there as a backup for you.

It is true that a deeper state of ketosis does generate a nice and vibrant feeling, for me anyway.

All the best in your keto journey. If you do decide to go to your upper carb limit, try to do this using healthy carbs and vegetables.