June 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


The hardest thing I encounter while EF and cooking for others, is the habit of cooking, tasting, improving flavors, etc. I made a pot of chili the other night for hubby and a couple friends. I had to make it in the morning, as I worked 1030-7pm. Dinner was at 630. I had to make it, have hubby plug it in at lunchtime, and they ate before I got there. No idea if it was any good, until I walked in and they were raving about it.

So, I really have to be conscious of my behavior, and not try foods - not due to hunger - but rather habit. Otherwise, it’s not too hard.


I don’t do EF so it’s a smaller problem for me but indeed, tasting… I can cook most food without it but it may happen accidentally, sometimes it IS needed to figure out if the food is okay - but I just must lick the spoons, I don’t waste the food :smiley: I guess I could avoid the latter, placing them on some little bowl for later or for Alvaro (my SO, I start to use his name everywhere, my SO is so boring) to eat…
But I do it better now, I usually notice before I taste something.

Yesterday there was cake (photos in the food pic thread) and it made eating a big meal possible again. So I did OMAD. With a few bites (mostly a few drops of cream in my coffee… not exactly a BITE, whatever, calories), I tend to do it like that and I don’t care, my eating window is still tiny as they usually happen close to my meal. It was a WIN for me, it was so long…
I am pleased with it and wish to keep doing OMAD now. With extra bites, it’s totally inavoidable in the raging fruit season in my garden… But it won’t be significant and still close to my mealtime. Good enough for now.
I hope for dinner OMAD with skipping meals in the future… Skiping lunch is extra hard for me due to my attachment to our family lunch (sometimes I can skip it but I need a very very satiated state, borderline unable to eat. zero appetite is a requirement but a negative one is way more effective. hard to get around lunchtime, though) but if I don’t even have lunch normally, it’s just skipping my dinner… Sounds easier.


Hi everyone, I’ve been away for awhile. Currently on day 4 of a 5-day fast, feeling great.

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Welcome back! Board is wonky and crashes every day until they can get it upgraded, so hang in there.


I’m thinking I’ll do another EF pretty soon. I know I did that 7 day one, and felt much better afterwards. But then we traveled down south for a wedding. Not gonna say what all was eaten, except that it was festive, southern cuisine all the way around! I skipped a fair amount of meals, and the others ones I did eat were strict carnivore at restaurants. So, my insides need a break, and need to get tidied up via a fast. I’ll post when I start, and decide how long to go from there.

Can Ijust stop and say, I’m so glad you alll are here to talk with. My family doesn’t entirely get how or why I do what I do. And, its nice having a bunch of like minded thinkers who really understand, support and encouage!!! You’re all blessings, and I just wanted you to know that.

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If anyone is interested I edited the May Zornfast thread to include June. I tried all week to put up a new post but the board kept giving that lovely error message. So I went ahead and just edited the May thread.

I hope Richard can work through the issues soon. I get depressed when I can’t come in here for my dose of keto talk.


It seems I can do IF with some small window again, yay!
My garden messed up my woe a little bit but I behave now (as much as my fruits: sour and sweet cherries, raspberries, strawberries, mini strawberries and soon a lot of other fruits allow :D) and I decided to try what I practically never do: not breaking my fast until I feel a legitimate urge to get fuel. I mean, my SO coming home around 3pm so it’s lunchtime, that isn’t enough for me anymore.
Yesterday I felt odd after 7pm (still no hunger or appetite), a bit weak and not focused so I knew my body got impatient… So I had a cute OMAD meal. Today, not surprisingly I needed a bigger eating window but everything was fine and controlled enough, still good.
I expect OMAD tomorrow but who knows? The chance for it is big but I break my fast when I feel some proper urge.
Still not ready for skipping a day (I forgot we usually have ZornFast… that always gave me some extra push I needed) but maybe it will happen eventually. If I continue with this potential lunch skipping, it should come naturally at some point, I imagine.


I need to squeeze in another EF, but it might just morph into July. I have been SO stressed this whole week (more like 2 weeks!) - like waaaayyyy beyond the norm. I can just feel the cortisol building up around my middle! Need to fast, and calm things down.

Can I just vent for a bit here? So, two days before we went on vacation, our fridge/freezer dies. This is a 30 cubic foot LG Behemoth. We had a special area built into the kitchen to accomodate it. It holds A LOT of food, plus ice and water. Service man comes out, checks it. Could be the compressor, evaporator, condenser, motherboard…who the hell knows now?..probably all of them. He orders new parts, and in the meantime, I have to take every salvageable item out, and put the frozen stuff in our already stuffed freezers, and dump nearly everything from my workshop fridge so I can store the stuff from our house fridge. (Now, remember I run a business from there - so I am unable to do any business since my fridge has been taken over. ) We go on our vacation, with the assurance that the parts will arrive, and as soon as we get home, he can repair it. While on vacation, I get a text message from one of my major customers notifying me that her entire family will be up for the 4th of July weekend, and they will be placing at least a dozen orders (siblings, kids, aunts, uncles.etc…) Well, none of the repairs worked. Some of the parts came in damaged, so he reordered them. Installed, and still nothing works. I cancel on my customer. I also had a class to teach, which had to be cancelled, and now all 5 of our kids, their families, plus 2 sets of cousins are set to start arriving here Thursday evening - and I have only have the workshop fridge which has limited capacity. So, I called LG Thursday. Their customer - service is an oxymoron. The first guy tells me, as soon as your serviceman files a claim, they will issue and RA and I’ll have new fridge in 3 business days. Friday, our serviceman calls and tells us he filed it that morning, and he is awaiting the RA code. I called LG Friday after I got out of work, 530pm, to verify the RA had been issued - that “customer service rep” informed me "Oh no, there is no claim yet. That takes 5-7 business days, and a replacement will take 7-11 WEEKS to arrive. My reply to that? “Wrong answer. Connect me to a supervisor now.” She put me on hold, as she connected me to “Executive Services”. After being on hold for 47 minutes…Yes, FORTY SEVEN MINUTES, that lady informs me that nothing has been filed and no one can do anything until Monday. It was after 7pm when I got off the phone.

Now, it takes alot to rattle me. And I wasn’t really rattled in the sense that I was frantic and didn’t know what to do - I was just waaayyy more pissed that spent so much time on the phone -on hold with no results - so I did lose my shit on the phone with LG. Between two phone calls, I spent no less than 2 hours on the phone with them. Any company that size should not be so compartmentalized that they can’t see what has been entered into the computer from another department. A company of that size should also have assets deployed in a manner that they can assist with emergencies and have back up units available- like car dealer have loaner cars. They basically employ a polite but firm, “F-U” response. So, my service guy calls their sales rep and got her to file the RA. While he was doing that, I called LG again, first call was over 20 minutes long - and before I could speak to the executive services, they hung up on me. I called a second time. The first gal from tier one lectured me for over 20 minutes on what was supposed to happen, and what was not on her computer. I told her to just connect me to executive services, as this was my 4th call to LG. I was on hold for a freaking hour before someone that was at least knowledgeable got on the phone. NOTHING from the service dept had been relayed on the computer. I had to explain no less than 3 times, that I was the customer, not the serviceman - so there would be no repairs linked to my phone number. (That’s how they look at your repair history). I had to explain each and every part that was ordered, when it was ordered, by whom it was ordered, who delivered it and when, what was broken - I can’t make this stuff up - she had NOTHING in her records. I told her to talk to Scott - that was the service technician my guy deals with. (Name dropping is apparently an effective technique in these situations.) Not sure how she verified it, but, that got the ball rolling. I told was sorry their engineering dept put them in this awkward position when they created faulty linear compressors, and that is why they are currently dealing with their second class action lawsuit in 5 years. She started pushing an exchange scenario, and I told her I was more inclined to do a buy-back, then get a different brand - because I don’t want another lemon. This fridge, we paid at least 3K for (don’t recall how much really), is two and half years old. With these current repairs, we’re at 6 repairs in 2 years. This is a very expensive lemony lemon. So. Now I wait. My repair guy is working with a sales rep to get an emergency RA and replacement. IF that fails, all I have to tap a button, and I will send in my buyback option and get a refund. It will have depreciated about 13.4% if my calculations are correct. I can buy something decent for that amount. =) Its just getting a little close to the wire now. I am working Tuesday through Saturday, so, won’t have much time to prep at all for company. Trying to do that now. Just stressed.

Okay. Done venting. Thank you for allowing me to take up space here with my jabber. A long fast should do me some good. I am going out to dinner tonight w hubby to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary…so I will start after that. Whew. It can only get better, right? =)

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Hope they get you sorted out quickly now. I found that conferencing in repair persons who have stated what they did and support desks to be effective, no phone tag involved.


For a well-run, organized company - yes, that would be stellar. I love that idea, and it would have been very effective. However, LG appears to be at the other end of that spectrum. They can’t even locate their own service records! LOL!

The last person I spoke with had zero service records in her computer, despite there being SIX different service calls in two years. She had no records of replacement parts being sent, despite having sent more than 4 different parts in two years. Only when I mentioned the class action lawsuit pertaining to the linear compressor in that model did she ask for the information to initiate the buy back option.

Still waiting now.

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That’s a lot for both. I don’t know when fridges got so expensive. I bought my first freezer on the bottom fridge, and it was over 1,000, and I thought that was expensive. Now, that seems cheap.

We bought a fridge a while ago and the upper fan (for the fresh food part) failed. Luckily, I was able to figure out what was wrong, order the fan, and fix it. In fact, we ordered a second fan just in case.

A compressor is a much bigger deal, though, as I couldn’t do that (don’t have the refrigerant).

Good luck getting it fixed.


Oh, this fridge was a dandy! 30.1 cubic feet, stainless steel, french door with the energy efficient extra door in a door, the snack drawer, the freezer with three drawers inside of it, ice maker and water dispenser, 2 meat trays, 3 crisper trays…yeah…it’s a doozy. It was pricey for 2017. But, it fit our family’s needs at the time.

It was great when all the kids and families converge, too. Everyone gets their own section. We also entertain a lot, so, it was extraordinarily handy!

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note to self: stay away from LG refrigerators. Have been happy with our Samsung although I know a lot of people are not happy with that brand either.


I’d be happy with my Gran’s wooden icebox at this point! LOL!

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Going to start a 36-hour fast tonight after dinner. Haven’t fasted in a couple of weeks so need it.

Actually, what I really need is a 72-hr fast to reset my weight setpoint down a few lbs but too hard for me to do working from home. The few business trips I’ve made since the lockdown were with colleagues I have to eat with since I am picking up the tab.

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17 hours in and no hunger yet. I offered to do the dishes today… 2 coffee mugs and 2 water glasses :laughing:

BK: 1.3
BG: 89
GKI: 3.8
Boz: 68

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finished a 72 hour fast at 6PM last night, scale didn’t budge. Will go long again this weekend I think since I’m working friday, saturday, and sunday.

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If anyone would like to join in the Zornfast thread is now up for July started today.

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Sorry, what is Boz? Thanks.

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It’s a ratio Dr. Boz uses - glucose divided by ketones