June 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

No news on at my house, between the riots and the covid-19 stuff. I’m ready to watch some old movies and tv programs instead.

I’m doing a 36 hr. fast starting after dinner tonight.


May 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

After some slightly crazy days again I am back to carnivore today - and go for OMAD if my body is okay with it, TMAD if it’s needed. As fruit season arrived in my garden, I need every help for my inevitable off days… And OMAD is a good help if I can do it comfortably. I have a tiny history with it and I finally can eat bigger meals on carnivore so it probably will be fine if I don’t try to do it every day. My OMAD (+ a few bites) days lately were very nice. So I go for a longer fasting window now! I try not eating before I get properly hungry (=more than barely. I won’t wait for strong hunger as it rarely happens while well-fasted), pretty difficult for me but theoretically doable and very useful, even needed for me at this point…

We will see. It will be interesting.

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #3

I am in my third day of fasting.

I would like to extend it to 5 days (Satchin Panda, Guido Kroemer state they do 5-day water fasting), but we will see.

For the time being, everything is smooth. Could it be that being fat adapted makes a water fast easier?

I am drinking water, black coffee, and I supplement with sodium (salt), potassium (some potassium salt from the supermarket) and magnesium.


I’m joining this thread to say I am fasting today and don’t plan on eating until tomorrow afternoon. Not sure exactly how many hours that will end up being.

Generally, I eat TMAD or OMAD, depending on how I feel and if I am busy, or enticed to eat something yummy in the house. :grinning:

I have GAINED weight, but am pretty sure it is muscle as I usually speed walk around 4 miles a day and my clothes all fit well. But I have been consuming more protein (fatty protein) than I used to, and have reduced carbs to around 10 grams total daily. So, I’m not sure. My clothes fit well and aren’t any tighter.

It’s a beautiful day outside today! I’ll try to spend as much of it outside as I can. Yesterday I spent a lot of time chasing a large, black snake out of my back yard. I think it was a rat snake, not sure. It was definitely keeping an eye out for me and trying to get away and was very quick. It would lift it’s ugly head looking for me. The momma birds would start their warning when they saw it.

I’m certain it ate a couple of baby birds. I know that’s how things work, just hate it. My bird feeder attracts birds to my yard and I enjoy watching them and their young learning to fly. Oh, well.

(Jane) #5

Copied this from the May thread. Thanks @collaroygal for starting it.

13 hours in so just getting started. Hope everyone else is doing ok.

BG: 92
BK: 1.8
GKI: 2.8
Boz: 51

(Bob M) #6



It started fine. I actually did 22/2 today. Things can change later but my ideal daily food is such a small amount for the hungry me that it suits OMAD the best… So I go for 23/1 tomorrow.

(Bacon for the Win) #8

I know I posted this somewhere else, but why not here too. ADF this week which is 42 hours M/W/F and a 6 hour eating window T/Th. Feast Sa/Su and start over. Twenty-four hours into it so far, working tonight and will eat during my 6 hour window tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last night shift for a while. Would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward going back to days.

Cheers to everyone participating in this thread :clap:t2::clap:t2:

(Jane) #9


Dr. Boz.

(Jane) #10

Coming up on 24 hours and this fast has been an easy one (yay!). Couple more hours and I will head to bed and sleep the last 10 hours.

(Jane) #11

Headed to bed to sleep the rest of my fast

BG: 82
BK: 3.5
GKI: 1.3
Boz: 23


(Tamela Robinette) #12

I am currently at 38 hours after vacation last week, with little fasting and some cheat meals.
I was worried about weight gain. Weighed this morning and I am exactly the same as the day my vacay started. I kind of want to do 36 hour or 42 hour ADF but the 1st 38 were so easy I may just keep going for another 72. Happy fasting all!

(Bob M) #13

Hmm…after being low carb/keto going on 7 years, I can never get into those ranges. Ever. Unless I fast multiple days, and only then for a short time before I eat. When I was taking ketones and blood sugar (stopped taking these a while back), I was always less than 0.5mmol/l ketones and around 100 mg/dl blood sugar in the mornings. Ketones went up during the day and blood sugar down, but that means I’d only get close to those ranges in the evening. And I’d only get near the 80.

Anyway, I was about to quit last night, but my wife convinced me to power through. So, we both made it 32+ hours (or so) so far. I did a short body weight training to failure this morning, and then a short HIIT on my mountain bike (about 2 minutes as fast as I could go with a 2+ minute rest). 46 minutes total. Will have to eat sometime before/around 10am.

(Bacon for the Win) #14

BG: 73
BK: 4.2
GKI: 0.9

going to sleep a bit before I break my 42 hour fast @1130.

(Jane) #15

Broke at 35 hours since hubby wanted to break with breakfast and I have an online meeting starting soon. I wasn’t hungry and really prefer longer fasts but not realistic when I am home - at least not for now.

Was an easy fast this time - can’t say that for all of them LOL.


IF, 6 hours long eating window, I “starved” a lot inside it (while overeating, on carnivore! I never could do this before, not even after carby days. It’s my second carni day so carbs probably have a hand in it). Rare and annoying thing. I feel very very motivated not eating as long as I can as I never starve like this in a well-fasted state, only after a meal and it’s horrible. While not eating is pretty good for a long, long time and even when I get hungry, really hungry, that’s still not like this.

Why don’t I do longer fasts? Sometimes I ask this from myself. Yesterday I felt the need to refuel at 5pm but today…? I had a too subtle reason for it at noon. Next time I will think twice. Or more times.

(Mame) #17

some lovely numbers there @Janie and @NelleG :heart_eyes:

(Bacon for the Win) #18

All my previous BG checks were low 60s. I came home from work and get 73. That’s 0830 so it’s not dawn phenom, and nothing wrong with 73 that’s for sure. Just not the 64 I like seeing.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

I was aiming for 36, but had coffee and decided to wait for lunch, so I finally have done 40 hrs. fasting. I have mostly been doing OMAD or simple IFing during this stay at home period. I am starting to lose some weight again, moving to the lower end of my range again. I’m pretty happy about that.


Wasn’t entirely sure when or how long I would fast, but, here I am at 25 hours. I had a nice fatty dinner last night, and my usual morning coffee but decided to skip lunch since nothing really sounded good to me. It’s hot and kinda humid here now, and I unloaded a truck this morning. After getting all hot and sweaty doing that, only cold fluids sounded remotely good.
I was feeling a little woozy around 3-4 pm, so, when I got off at 430 - came home and made my eletroyte water ala Dr. Berry and Neisha. Had 2 of those, and a triple chicken bullion broth cup. Feeling waaay better now. I work the early shift from 730-330 tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. All good for now.