June 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


Well this is a first! 36 hours in, and I went through the entire night without one little stomach grumble! Must have been all the fluids yesterday afternoon and evening. If this is the new normal for my fasting experiences, then WOOOO HOOOO! Extended fasting is on!


Just now hitting the 50 hour mark. Still no tummy grumbles. Busy day at work, but kept my sodium levels up with bullion. Feeling great, not missing food. This is kinda easy, actually!

(Bacon for the Win) #23

strong work. Coming up to 27 hours myself. Will stop at 42 hours, 1130 tomorrow morning. Has not been difficult. What’s weird is how awake I am after working a night shift. So I stayed up today in the hopes of sleeping tonight. We shall see.


Wow, nice!

Sometimes I wonder what is stomach/gut grumples to others… I just know that for some reason, it’s associated with hunger despite it means something else. But they probably happens together for many people…?
I couldn’t care less about grumbles though they always were VERY good against my appetite. But that’s it and appetite doesn’t even matter when I fast properly (I mean, it’s my intent to fast, as long as comfortable), only hunger, need of fuel or feeling not right in a way that breaking my fast probably helps.
Grumbles merely mean I am well-fasted and my stomach is empty or something like this. I never have it before 18 hours and rarely have it before 24. And it’s a few seconds per day even afterwards, doesn’t cause any problems.
While some people has it all the time, loudly and annoyingly even in the first several hours… I saw many IFers complaining about it… Odd.


Nearing 62 hours, still no stomach grumbles. The issues I had last night were related to my muscles. Horrible aches around 1-2 am. Drank some water with the magnesium powder stuff.Had instant relief for about an hour or so. 3am Rufus and I got up, stumbled to the kitchen. She ate her grain-free doggie kibbles, and I searched my cabinets for magnesium and potassium, took a few of each, chugged some salt water, and tried to go back to sleep. It doesn’t take long for excess magnesium to wreak havoc on the lower gi. Spent quite of bit of time on the porcelain throne. Ugh.
Muscles still ache this morning, and oh glory! I get to unload another truck today! I might chug some bullion this morning and see how we go.
Other than that, all is well so I shall continue.

(Bob M) #26

Try more salt. (I assume by bullion, that’s basically salt, right?

Sometimes, I use pickle juice during long fasts. This also helps with cramps, for reasons not entirely clear. I think it might also help with aches.


I did OMAD today. Thought of a fasting day but alas, I got hungry despite my massive food intake yesterday. But I had a small meal and I bought coffee, it’s so nice to get it back (I run out of coffee like 2 days ago…) and it’s a tastier brand :heart: So my coffee addiction continues but I can live with that for now.

(Mame) #28

Kudos to all with the June fasting!

I will be attempting a short one for fasting Friday!! If I can even get to 24h that would be great. Perhaps this sudden heat will encourage me.

Anyone else going for a short one for Fasting Friday? LOL

(Bob M) #29

Does OMAD count? I might try for that. It would be from after dinner tonight to dinner tomorrow. Usually, it’s about 22 or maybe fewer hours (I’ll get home later tonight but earlier tomorrow).


Have gone beyond 72 hours now. Tummy just let out some grumbles. I really upped the salt intake as @ctviggen suggested. Muscle aches gone.
With all the fluids I’ve been drinking, the tummy/lower gi is feeling bloated. Hoping that will go away after fasting a bit longer.
Got some dill pickles on hand, just in case I get muscle aches tonight. Thank you again, Bob! =)

(Mame) #31

It counts for me right now. :slight_smile: we all can decide for ourselves is how I think.


IF is in the topic title so even a somewhat smaller fasting window should count… Just because the folks here are too good at longer than 24 hour fasts, simple OMAD (or TMAD with closer meals) is a big enough thing for some of us :smiley: I am very pleased with my OMAD yesterday, after my crazier days…! When I have OMAD days in row, I go up to 26 hours, it’s easy enough but doing a longer fast is way trickier. Skipping meals is not something I do. OMAD is just delaying or combining 2 meals that are very close to each other anyway and the first one is way bigger… Fasting all afternoon and all evening… That’s something else.

(Bob M) #33

OMAD for me has always been tough, mainly because I was getting home so late. When I get home at 7-8pm, and go to bed before 10pm, that’s tough on me.

Tonight, though, I’ll leave work early and get home earlier. It’ll be about 22 hours or so.

I do think there’s something “special” about fasting overnight, though. It’s just tough to do, especially now when everyone is home all the time because of covid.


Coming up on 86 hours now. Felt the tiniest tummy grumble a little while ago, but not truly hungry. Making it through day 4 has been the key (in the psat) to breaking free from the chains of hunger and food. Once I get past the 4th day, the euphoric and energetic person seems to emerge. Mental clarity, energy, skin tone, vision…all these things just seem to fine tune themselves…like putting a camera lens into focus.
I’m not really looking at the weight right now, either. This fast was more about cleansing, getting rid of whatever was/is causing bloating in my mid-section,and lower gi, and feeling better.
Sleep was much better last night, too. I had not been sleeping well the past few nights, so a sound sleep was a welcome advantage.
@ctviggen … couldn’t find the pickle juice, so I chugged some olive juice. No aches whatsoever! =)

Well, off to work. Got a 9ish hour shift today. Cheers!!!

(Bob M) #35

Yes, I only have pickle juice sometimes, too. I really like fermented pickles, but I rarely get to a store where they have them.

I have also used olive juice. In fact Costco has a huge jar of Kalamata olives in brine that has quite a salty kick to it. I use these olives as additions to food, mainly, as the olives themselves are only “okay” if eaten alone. And I drink the juice or add it to certain meals, to up the salt content.

That’s good about the aches!

(Susan) #36

Joined Karen at ADF thread. I last ate at 10 pm last night. I am fasting today. It should be easier because I have to sleep this afternoon for a night shift and my client gets trays from the dining room, so there is no food in her apartment.

(Bacon for the Win) #37

I have also rambled over to the ADF thread. Seemed repetitious to post on both threads when ADF is more in line with what I’m doing. Of course that could change in a flash!

(Mame) #38

No fasting Friday for me, just my normal 18~ window.

I am feeling great and losing weight so I am not going to fuss at myself.

Ah well, I will stick around and cheer you all on. kcfo


Coming up on 98 hours now. Just starting to get some real tummy grumbles. For me to fast for this length of time and only start feeling hungeries now is telling. Some of you who’ve been doing this longer than me might be able to interpret this better, but my thinking is that I haven’t felt hungry because of all the crud in my stomach and intestinal track. ? Don’t know if that is a real thing. I hope this isn’t TMI, but bowel movements have been regular and a little explosive at times. I felt bloated prior to starting the fast, and recollect sneaking 2-3 little brussels sprouts with meat on Sunday or Monday. Wondering if that might have caused some of the bloating. No idea. Just speculation.
No matter, most of the bloating is gone- which is good. I’m just concentrating on taking in salt, water, tea, coffee. Energy levels are ridiculous. Not tired, not sluggish, no brain fog. Feeling crazy good.
So…I am continuing indefinitely. Cheers!


110 hours now. Zero tummy grumbles through the night and this morning. Between the pickle juice and olive juice, all the muscle aches have completely disappeared. Today starts three days off work, soI am hoping to get out into the garden today, pull some weeds and plant some seeds. The two days that I do work next week are both supposed to hit up into the 90’s. Tuesday I unload truck…that’ll be fun! (Not.) Wednesday afternoon, we leave for a wedding in TN. Guess Hubby will save some $$$ driving with me now…I won’t need anything but coffee, iced tea and water - if I keep this up! LOL!
Honestly, I have no idea how long I’m going to fast. I still feel slightly bloated, like there is some sort of clump in my tummy, or something. Hard to explain. Just going to sip some plain, black coffee and see how we go. Hoping you all are doing well, and have a great weekend! Cheers!