June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #81

Well I noticed that pattern too :joy:

My village is full of elderberry bushes all in full bloom. I love the scent and decided to bring some home for a wonderful fresh tea.
What a perfect timing…


But why do you want to do that? That’s what I meant. What is your purpose for fasting? Losing weight? Lowering blood sugar? Autophagy to help with a disease diagnosis? Mental clarity?

That’s awesome! I’m so thrilled that this is actually happening to someone I “know” and not just an internet rumor. I’m hoping to lose 90 lbs. and not end up with loose skin. But I’m also secretly hoping to get rid of the bat wings.

I’ve been trying to build my fasting muscle so I can do three full days, so I’ve been doing two days and then an OMAD, which works out to about 70-ish hours. Maybe by mid-month I’ll be all in on the Zorn Fast. :grin: But I don’t do OMAD multiple days in a row. It wouldn’t bother me if I got distracted and missed lunch a couple of days (I already don’t eat breakfast), but I don’t plan that. And these days I’m fully fasting on enough days that on my other days I really want to eat!


Yep, this all shows just how different we all are, but again, what works for one might not work as well for others. … For me, I prefer to do OMAD during the Weekdays, and TMAD on Weekends. But I do throw in the occasional TMAD or two during some weeks, just to keep it all mixed up. So if I OMAD one week, I will do OMAD/1TMAD the next, and then throw in some Fasting in the mix as well. But I never let any of it become scheduled, and this is why I also mark my info down with my weigh-ins. Let’s me know that I’m not doing one thing or the other too much. … Also decided to eat the left-overs I had from yesterday since the Wife and Son are meeting with some family out at Texas Roadhouse for dinner for a Graduate in the family. I need to make a Cheese Cake for someone tonight, so won’t be attending with them. So just OMAD today and will play it by ear for the rest of the week. Maybe a TMAD depending on later.

(Jane) #84

My highest ever was 7.6 back in January of this year and was at the end of day 3. It was cold and I was freezing!

(Paul H) #85

All of those things… except a disease other than T2D. It’s really is just another tool I want to use to be as healthy as I can be and reach some goals in doing so…

(Jane) #86

Almost 70 hours in and will go to bed in an hour or so for 8 more hours of “free fasting”. Then 6 more hours tomorrow and I will break at 85 hours at lunch.

On the downhill slide!!! Feel good and no issues.

(Jane) #87

Wow!!! 13 days!! You are rocking your fast. You go girl.

(Jane) #88

72 hours in.

Numbers after my walk at lunch:
BG: 60
BK: 6.6
GKI: 0.51
Boz: 9.1

This evening at bedtime:
BG: 70
BK: 4.9
GKI: 0.79
Boz: 14

This happened during my last extended fast I was measuring glucose and ketones. On Day 3 my glucose went up and ketones went down even though I was still only consuming water and coffee - same as the first 2 days.

Body must have needed some glucose and my liver made it, I guess.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #89

58h. decided to make it a dirty fast (added some cacaobutter, almond butter to phsylium husk to calm down my digestion a bit)
I slept long but horribly last night. wanted to be productive on my only week evening off workout and other stuff but my buddy/neighbour decided to chat with me for 2 hours instead. :sweat: Discussing with him is like talking to a stubborn donkey. no getting through when his opinion is set on something…

I really didn’t want to break today because i want to be “empty” during combat.
breaking after (home at 10pm) is not really cool and tomorrow evening I have an outing after bodypump. really don’t know what to to… maybe have tmad (breakfast/lunch) tomorrow…

(Brennan) #90

36 hours in, I have missed this! Feel amazing :grin: hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #91

65 set my timer to a goal of 80 now (just keep setting it further and further)
My slightly annoying headaches are slowly getting lighter (pressure in the middle of the crainium)
My energy levels are fine not superb but I can live with that. Looking forward to combat today.

BG 72
BK 2.6
GKI 1.5

Can anyone point me to an explenation of how to interpret the GKI and how to calculate the Boz and what that means?

(Eric - Less is more!) #92

boz 72/2.6 = 28 (mg/dL / mmol/dL)
gki and boz has some equivalence

down is the page is the ratio info including this

A simple page on GKI

some of the above is misleading. >9 not in ketosis. Might not be true. Depends on BG levels and Ketone levels. My BG level can be high and my ketones at 0.7 and that is solidly nutritionally ketosis.

I hope this helps.

What am I doing wrong?!?!
(John) #93

They are identical, in fact, except for the multiplier of 18 to convert from mg/dL to mmol/L.

GKI 1.0 = Boz 18
GKI 2.0 = Boz 36

Kind of like pounds and kilograms are measuring the same exact thing, just in different units.

(Hormones suck!) #94

Day 14
178 (-.6)
Total loss 13.4lbs.

I called it today. I wasn’t hungry but just missed eating. Maybe not a good reason to break, but I don’t care. :grin:

I’ll feast for two days and try another one. Nice to be in the 170’s after being stalled in the 190’s for two months.

(Jane) #95

85 hours in and will be breaking my fast in the next hour or so. Final ketone numbers:

BG: 63
BK: 6.2
GKI: 0.56
Boz: 10.2

I did a graph of both calculations and like @JohnH said they are equivalent. I figure if any of these scales and ranges are close to correct I have gotten 45 hours of solid autophagy in this fast. My husband and I use 24 hours as the theoretical start of autophagy and it looks like my numbers align with the charts @daddyoh posted.

(Liz ) #96

Hey fasting friends! I took a break to calm down some weird binge disordered eating on refeeds I seemed to be developing after literally years of successful fasting.

I used the opportunity to increase my metabolism, I think. I’m a 49 year old woman, about 5’ 7", 165 pounds (down from 212 two years ago). I had done CICO so long before Keto I was regularly eating under 1,700 calories a day for years, and often much lower. So I started eating more calories of keto food in the last month up to 2,500 and my weight stayed steady! (I was eating to satiety, BTW, not intentionally overeating to up the number.) Now I feel I have more leeway to undereat a day here and there if my appetite is smaller without stressing my system.

I still have weight I’d like to drop. I gained it with a major life stressor that happened last year (which is ongoing though not as acute) and now as we approach the season all my cute summer clothes are too tight lol. I’m about 10 pounds away from those chambray pants.

Did OMAD yesterday. Last meal was dinner last night. Though I am the cook I don’t mind making meals for my Keto family while I fast. I’ll see how I feel about skipping dinner tonight and eat sometime tomorrow. Hopefully in a reasonable way, yeesh. That binging on refeed is no joke!

Great to read all your entries!

(Jane) #97

YAY! 14 days is incredible!!!

I miss eating also and it is as good a reason to break as any. Enjoy your feasting! I am looking forward to breaking my fast also this afternoon.

Be gentle with your first meal - then feast away!

(Hormones suck!) #98

Well, I basically ate everything you’re not supposed to break your fast with! But I only ate a little and I’m ok so far.

Do you know what you’re breaking with?

(Eric - Less is more!) #99

Yesterday I broke my fast (65 hrs) with bone broth and 2 oz of ground beef with some salt. Waited about 50 mins and had a few pork rinds with sour cream. Waiting for a total of 1.5 hrs and started to eat a regular meal. I was really hungry for a few hours. Also thirsty all after afternoon. I drank about 5 or 6 12 oz glasses of water throughout the day.

Some of the thinner spots (the flab) on my belly got a little stiffer with the water. So maybe fat cells filling up with water? A whoosh will happen eventually.

I had one episode maybe 2.5 hrs after breaking the fast in the bathroom. Quick, minimal and easy. I could tell, strangely, ahead of time that was going to be all there was.

My itchiness has gone away for the most part. So maybe I burned through some bad (aka toxic) fat stores.

(John) #100

Be careful of refeeding syndrome after a long fast. It can actually kill you. And the symptoms show up a few days after you start eating again.

You may not be at risk, but I would be cautious:


Key highlight from that article:

The mainstay of treatment is to start feeds very slowly. Generally this means 50% of the needed food intake with slow increase in rate if no problems are found. This is reflected in the traditional advice to break a fast gently. This is more important the longer the duration of the fasting period. We have often seen people who eat too much as soon as the fasting period is over. Most complain that the food gives them a stomach-ache, but this usually passes quite quickly.

Similar info here:

The NICE guidelines recommend that refeeding is started at no more than 50% of energy requirements in “patients who have eaten little or nothing for more than 5 days.” The rate can then be increased if no refeeding problems are detected on clinical and biochemical monitoring (level D recommendation—see box 3).

I really suggest you read that whole article, in particular the parts about vitamin supplementation.