June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Here’s the June 2019 thread for you Fasting Folks out there. Hope everyone’s Fasting will be as good as the weather’s been lately. :slight_smile: :+1: … Happy Fasting

Maintenance Strategies?
(Jane) #2

Thanks, Dave. I’ll be getting up very early on Monday to drive to Ft Worth and will start another fast after dinner Sunday night. Plan to break it Thursday evening if all goes well.

See you guys here next week!


You’re welcome and have a safe trip there indeed. :slight_smile:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #4

Wow. Month over already. Currently at 33h planing on breaking after breakfast in about 5h… So 38h. Not shabby at all…


I’m nine days into this fast. 216 hours. I’ve lost 11.2 lbs. I’m this close to breaking into the 170’s. I woke up really hungry, but I had a Coffee with cream so that’s helped.

I only lost .2 lbs since yesterday, but I’m hoping for a whoosh soon. I know weight loss isn’t linear, so I’ll just keep calm and fast on.


Congrats… Just make sure you’re keeping up on Electrolytes, fluids, etc. and that you’re feeling well. :slight_smile:

Actually just told my Wife that I think I will just start another Fast now, instead of after tonight’s meal as I was planning. But since I will be working out in the yard the rest of the day, unless something changes, I am presently just an hour in. … Planning to get back into Fasting, as I was before having surgery back in January. - This along with working out a few times a week, should be beneficial in coming months. :+1:


Yep, sucking on pink salt several times a day, licking Lite salt out of my palm (shudder), and drinking pickle juice. And taking a mag supplement every other day. It’s 1,250mg which seems high. Scared to take it every day, heh. Also drinking a gallon of water every day.

Good luck with your fast. Will it be a 5-day one? How close are you to goal, btw?

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #8

Hello June Fasters

I’m going to start my fast after dinner. Last week I bailed at 24 hrs because I was itchy. I’m still itchy. A little less. I’m hoping it does not get worse this fast.

If the itching gets worse I’m not sure what I will do. I may be freeing up old fat stored toxins. I don’t want to stop losing weight. I’m got a ways to go to be at maintenance weight.

I really want to get to 65hr or so.

Wednesday morning I’ll have minor surgery and will take the day off from work. If I achieve plan, I will break fast mid afternoon Wednesday.


Not sure on the duration just yet, but 4 or 5 days would be nice presently? … I actually stopped putting times on Fast a while back, since I don’t like thinking about the end point. Almost like fooling my body, not letting it know when ‘I’ plan to stop. :smile: … Might sound foolish to some, but I really like to keep it guessing as much as possible. Plus, this way I just stop when I want to and never feel like I’ve failed or undercut a planned timeframe. (If that makes any sense to anyone?) … as to Goal Weight, I really don’t have one, but yes I’m still losing presently. Currently at 230 lbs., but here’s my chart I post in my thread.

Just on Week one, of my Second year Keto, so split the spreadsheet for better viewing


Same. As soon as I say I’m going x number of days my body says “nuh uh!”, and I feel like I failed instead of celebrating the days I completed. Right now I’m just taking it one minute at a time.


Yes Ma’am, every accomplishment should indeed be celebrated. :+1: No Fast, regardless of duration, should be seen as a failure. They all add up and each is beneficial. :slight_smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #12


Someone early in my EF journey said something like:

If you are not feeling it, don’t continue.

I learn something every day about successes and mostly from failures. But I don’t count failures as failures. Does that make sense? I need better words.

Fasting is a muscle and like the gym some days are hi rev days and some are low rev days. It is all good.


Oh, I’m feeling it :grin:

I’ve lost 11lbs in 9 days. That alone is enough to keep me going. And - sorry for the TMI - but Aunt Flo just showed up so I’m guaranteed a whoosh very soon. So that’s another reason to continue. I don’t want my whoosh to get overshadowed by the refeed weight.

I’m a hair away from the 170’s. I haven’t been that weight in 16 years! If that’s not motivation, nothing is :grin:


Everyone is doing so great! @daddyoh, I hope you figure out the itching soon. Can you try some benedryl or something topical to tame it for a while to see if the underlying cause goes away soon? I still have an odd itchy spot just under my sternum, but it’s pretty mild–no other symptoms, redness, hives, dry skin, etc. and it kind of comes and goes, so I’m just trying to ignore it.

I’m starting another fast today. And I’m super happy that my re-gain after the previous fast was almost nothing. I’m finally feeling like I’m back in the groove and losing weight again. Not sure if it was that mid-May get-away (where I wasn’t really all that off plan) or just a set point that I was battling, but I feel like I’m past that.

I’m going to try to get some extra electrolytes in today–I’ve been having some foot cramps come back (even on eating days), so I need to make sure I boost those!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #15

I took a 25mg several nights ago when I was having a couple of hives. It knocked it down a notch for a day. This afternoon it seems better but it is not 100% gone. I used, last weekend, some cheap suntan lotion and that stuff does not really wash off. I’m wondering if that was it. I never had a reaction before to it.

I’ve got some aveeno mineral that is an oil base and zinc oxide. So not much organic material. I’ll be using that moving forward.

I’m going into the fast tonight assuming it is not going to get worse. I won’t know until 24 or more hours are up because I usually go 17 or 18 hrs without food most days.

Sounds like your fasting is back on track. Yea.


Spent another whole day in the Garden, but got everything I wanted done. Just hoping this passing storm doesn’t damage the new plants. :crossed_fingers: … Presently 8.5 hrs., but already feeling better than I was earlier. Sure I worked off all the extra fluids I consumed last night, but also no added meal weight should be an even better too. … Glad to hear everyone rolling along nicely. Happy Fasting Folks. :+1:

Edit to add… Storms weren’t kind to say the least, but are also not done. Weather really sucks. … :disappointed:


Presently at 22 hrs. and feeling fine… :slight_smile: Looks like some more possibilities for funky weather this week, namely rain, but seems a bit cooler too which should help keep it nice.


Day 10 - no loss since yesterday. :exploding_head:

Dammit, I’m not stopping til I’m in the 170’s.


So I haven’t drank very much this morning, but I have peed a few times so I thought I would weigh myself again.

I’m in the 170’s!!!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #20

About 20 hrs in and it has been very easy. Decided coffee and tea were going to help me this fast.

No increasing in itching and maybe a little better than yesterday. I love coming up to the 24 hr period because the evening is easier most fasts for me and then sleep.

If day two is like today then I will breeze into day 3 and post operative breaking of the fast.