June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Hormones suck!) #101

Thanks for that. I am being very careful and slow with the refeed. I’ve only had 6 carbs so far. Will be even more careful now.

(John) #102

It’s not as big of a concern in shorter fasts, but you went 2 weeks, so it’s probably something to be aware of, especially since you are talking about “feasting”.

(Hormones suck!) #103

Oh, I’m just using the lingo that you see around here regarding fasting and feasting. I want to avoid disaster pants if nothing else, so I’m definitely not stuffing my face. I had 2 eggs and maybe a cup of sautéed mushrooms, and half an oz of cheese and a few almonds. And I took probably an hour to eat it. And I don’t plan on eating again until tonight.

It might help that it wasn’t a true water fast as I had several tbsp of hwc every day.

(Jane) #104

I didn’t know until I got there since a Lebanese/Mediterranean buffet and my first time. I had a skewer of grilled chicken, some hummus, an slice of eggplant topped with tomato and oil and some salad with yogurt dressing . VERY small portions to make sure. Didn’t fast near as long as you but I’ve had issues in the past with fasts over 72 hours so was careful. Tonight it is steak, salad and grilled mushrooms

(Jane) #105

Then when I got back to work I had a bite of some Quickes smoked gouda cheese I bought on Monday and have been drooling over all week. It was yummy. Just happy to be enjoying Truvia and more than just a tiny splash of HWC in my coffee. I miss that the most when fasting.

I’ll be joining you guys again Monday evening after I get to Chicago.


(Hormones suck!) #106

I don’t know if I could have been as restrained as you at a buffet. They are my weakness. What you had sounds yummy.


Thanks @daddyoh and @JohnH for the info explaining all the GKI and Boz ratios. I never really understood how you were calculating all that, so I appreciate understanding it better and being able to following your experiments. The data obsession is real. For me, I don’t want to do all that testing, so I just assume that I’m eating very low carb, so I must be in ketosis, and that, like all humans, I have normal low-level autophagy happening all the time that is ramped up exponentially when I fast to whatever level it’s going to get to. Seems to be working so far. But if it stops working, watch me change my tune. :grin:

I fast about this long pretty regularly, and I just eat a meal when I break. But if I go longer–even to just about 70–72 hours, I always try to have something small to break and then a meal an hour or so later. I don’t know why I do this or why I think six hours makes such a difference, because I’ve never had issues.

I started another fast after dinner last night and I’m aiming for about 72-hours. May was a struggle for me as I bounced around up and down over the same several pounds and was down only a little over the whole month. Overall trend was still down, but not really the results I was hoping for. But in the last week, I feel like I’ve finally broken through the set point I was stuck on.

(John) #108

Cruising along at about 44 hours here. So far so good.

(Liz ) #109

Considering my last fasting attempt was a fail and it’s been 6 weeks since I successfully fasted (longer than TRE), I’m pretty excited to be feeling just fine at 24 hours. Going for 40 just to get back in the game. Great to see everyone’s check-in.

I know I said above I want to lose 10 pounds, but to clarify that’s not all the weight I have to lose, just what I need to lose to get back to last year’s low weight. So I should have enough fat to fast comfortably.

I think cortisol has been working against me.

(Eric - Less is more!) #110

Liz you have this. What ever you get to will e an improvement.

Yes - stress hormones can wreck us.

(Brennan) #111

Made it ~50 hours! Played a 90 minute soccer game starting at hour 48. My best game this season! So much energy, no soreness, no running out of energy!
We did l lose 4-1 but we were short handed against a better team so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Liz ) #112

Thanks so much!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #113

I called it quits after 70h.
My evening went different than expected. I was so pumped for my body combat class just to find out that the gym is closed because of waterdamage… My headaches were not improving. I broke gently and it went fine.
Probably doing omad today for convenience reasons, then refeed nicely this weekend before going back on tuesday (monday is a holiday)

(Susan) #114

27 hours and I am off to bed. I might just do 48, we shall see.
I did a bunch of cooking today so I won’t have to cook for my grandson for a couple days. He can reheat leftovers and make his own breakfasts.
He said he has been learning about Keto and he thinks its a good idea. He is a big Joe Rogan fan.
I think if he could get rid of his sugarhabit he would help a lot of issues he has health wise.

(John) #115

Done at about 58 hours. Got a busy day ahead and figured it’s time to have something.
Oddly enough, just a few bites into a normal meal and I am feeling full already. I guess I ruined my appetite. :slight_smile:

(Allie) #116

Foodless Friday for me today, currently at 19 hours and planning to break tomorrow sometime.

(Liz ) #117

I was going to break at 40 hours but I’m feeling so good I’ll push through a little longer, aiming for 44 now.


Yesterday around dinner time and in the evening, I was sooo hungry. I was thinking that there was no way I was going to make it through a second day. This morning I’m doing better for sure, but not how I usually feel in the morning. Not sure how this is going to go.

I’ve also been a little headachey late in the day the last couple of days. I don’t think I’ve been drinking as much water as I usually do and the type of headache pain I have is a sure sign to me that I’m dehydrated. Today’s plan is to drink more water!

(Allie) #119

I’m always the same, no matter how hungry I am in the evening, wake up and I’m good.

I’m at 23 hours now and feeling hungry but going to do yoga and get an early night as my body is craving rest.

(Allie) #120

I decided to break at 35.5 hours, it was an absolute breeze this time, no stress at all. Last night when I did yoga and meditation my heart rate was really low and I did feel cold, but only because I was hardly moving for over an hour :joy:

I chose to break when I did because I was feeling so good and not massively hungry. That may seem counter intuitive but in the past when I’ve pushed myself to the point of feeling crazy hungry, it’s resulted in over-eating when I do break. This morning I’ve just had a fatty coffee, homemade extra creamy Bulgarian yoghurt, and fresh eggs from my beautiful hens, and I feel fine now.