June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Not a problem, Paul. …It’s best to never force a Fast, no matter how new or old you are to it. It should be relatively easy, or at least manageable. But we are all different, and some do find it much easier then others, and how much you have to lose does come into play for most. … Some even find it harder the closer they get to their maintenance weight, but others can still do relatively easy fast even then? Once you’re fat adapted, is usually becomes much easier. - But always listen to your body. If it wants food, it will definitely let you know. This can be in the form of many thing, such as hunger pains, headaches, overall wonky feelings, etc. Anything out of the norm, and you may want to take a listen. You can and will still get some hunger feelings at times, but most find that if you give it 15 or 20 minutes, it will let you know if you’re really needing something. Or taking in some salt, or fluids can help too. So if the hunger feelings subside, you can simply keep rolling on. But if it continues, I would personally listen. Nothing wrong with taking in some nice meals and just restarting another fast after you’ve enjoyed some food. :slight_smile:

And yes, as you mention some do Fast for days, weeks, etc. and again, this comes easier as you get more and more acclimated to Fasting. Plus how much one still might have to lose. - For me, I set a self-imposed 5-day limitation on Fasting, back before I even started Fasting. (There is really no rhyme or reason for this, other then I do at times miss eating a nice meal. But this is from desire, not necessarily hunger.) … But I also remember reading some other stuff back when I was researching all about Keto, Fasting, etc. & there were mentions of possible issues that could arise along with Fasting, but believe most of these did not come into play on what they referred to as ‘shorter Fast’, and I believe 5 days was also in that equation? So this could indeed have had some influence on my self imposed limitation as well? - Sorry, it’s been a while so don’t recall just what some of those issues were, but if I get time I will see if I can pull up some of that data so I can share it. Like I said, for me I wasn’t never planning to Fast for long stints, so to be honest I didn’t look too much into some of it. :slight_smile:

Presently at 20 hrs. & still not sure if I will be doing OMAD, or just rolling with it? … Happy Fasting Folks

(Paul H) #62

Good stuff! Thank you for taking the time Dave!


I just completed a quite successful 5 day (dirty fast) ending this past Sunday night. It was the best one I’ve done, since arriving at my original goal weight of 185# at Thanksgiving of 2018.

I’ve done many fasts, before and after that date.

I’m guess I’m pretty good at fasting. BREAKfasts…not so much. :neutral_face:

I wish I could be more disciplined on my re-feed.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #64

reaching 41h. Had a bit of a headache all day but the weather is really crazy (went from 14 c to 28c from one day to the next)
I am “Enjoying” my fasting cold while everyone is sweating like pigs around me XD

My mind is very clear and I am very focused, which feels awesome
BK 1.8 not bad for just day 2 of a fast

(John) #65

Feels like time for my once-monthly fast. Starting today. Last caloric consumption was about 8 pm last night, so already have the first 12 hours in the books! Woo hoo! :wink:

(Jane) #66

59 hours in and feeling good. Slept well last night. My autophagy numbers looking good!

BG: 57
BK: 6.7
GKI: 0.47
Boz: 8.5

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #67

Amazing numbers…

(Jane) #68


I am really happy with my glucose numbers. After I started keto I looked up some old blood test results and discovered I was pre-diabetic and my doctor never mentioned it! Then I moved and my new doctor never ordered an A1C because my fasting glucose was still under 100 so I didn’t have my A1C for the past 4 years.

I feel like keto has saved me from a very serious disease and with blood glucose numbers that low after 3 days of fasting I feel like my insulin resistance has improved a lot too. That and keeping the weight off for a year is another indication. I couldn’t lose weight on CICO eating fewer calories to save my life. Keto rocks!!!


It’s WONDERFUL. But I will freely admit to total skepticism before yesterday. Hard to believe so many people would paint fasting with such rosy tales if it wasn’t true. But still, way too used to being hungry in a bad way.

Made it to 36 hours without a hitch. Broke my fast this morning with a warm beverage, got distracted, and then didn’t eat solid foods until four hours later. And I feel great. So I have hope for future fasts, lol.

Congrats on your autophagy progress!!


Yeah, it sucks that this can and will happen sometimes. I’ve actually been thinking about doing some serious research into it some, just to see what I can learn. Most times, it doesn’t bother me for anything under 48 hrs., but it still has on occasion. But TBH, it’s not as bad as some others have mentioned on here. When it does happen to me, I’m usually sent to the restroom a couple times about an hour after breaking, but then that’s usually it? I’ve never experienced having issues that I would consider being major or extreme. But I would still like to learn more on it overall…


I need to learn how to do that whole Dr. Boz Autophagy thing.

I don’t know what GKI is, and I’VE NEVER SEEN 6.7 on my KETO MOJO meter!!! NOT EVER!! YIKES!!

I sometimes get up over 4, maybe even 4.8 on rare extended fasts…BUT 6.7!!!

(IDM Educator) #72

At IDM we do not recommend OMAD for more than a few days in a row, as it can become inadvertent calorie restriction ( CICO! ). OMAD intermittently is fine.
Extended fasts: always refeed two days, 2 meals each day.
Why these parameters? Because the last thing you want to do here is slow your metabolism. There are only two things that speed up, fix, and maintain a healthy metabolism: feasting and fasting. What is IR @Paul28023 ?



Thanks for weighing in, Brenda.

(Eric - Less is more!) #74

That is what OMAD feels like to me. I can’t eat enough. Depending on when I break fast I do 3 meals or 2. And for the 1st meal I ease into it over an hour or two.

I do feast. I don’t want me BMR to fall. Also I’m trying to add lean muscle mass through resistance training and at 65yo I don’t limit protein because of sarcopenia. Still, I’m usually in Dr Phinney’s range for protein.

(Eric - Less is more!) #75

Broke my fast at 65 hrs because oldest daughter had a strong job interview and she was starting her eating window. (She is keto almost as long as I am).

BG 83 mg/dL
BHB 2.4 mmol/dL
GKI 1.9
Boz 35

I’m happy with these numbers. I’m thinking my BG was a tad higher than normal because of the surgery this morning.

The surgery was great. Two spots removed and I’ll get a whole body scan at 6 month and a year.

(Brennan) #76

17 hours into my first EF in a couple of months. Feeling pretty good so far! Planning on at least going 48+ and playing in my weekly soccer game at the 48 hour mark. We’ll see how that goes :grin:

(Hormones suck!) #77

I’m starting to feel silly posting here every day. What’s new to say? I didn’t eat. Sorted.

Okay, okay…

Day 13
178.6 (-.6)

Not hungry a bit. I find myself struggling to drink enough water now that I’m not hungry anymore. It’s noon and I haven’t had any water yet. Better go do that right now.

Fast on, everybody :blush:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #78

Note to self… No grocery shopping during a fast… I want to see if I can get over my brain though. Have a tea and stick it through…

(Paul H) #79

That was a typo… IF or intermittent fasting… Thank you very much!


For me, this is apparently ‘No shopping before a Fast’. :smile: This seems to be currently my main MO presently. Seems every time ‘I’ or ‘we’ go grocery shopping, I want to Fast. And it’s pointed out to me as well. :slight_smile: Not sure why really, just seems to happen all the time. Then I have things I only eat, and I sure don’t like wasting stuff either. … But maybe it’s seeing all the foods, and then just not wanting any? :smile: