June 2018 ZornFast

(Ron) #81

Yeah, 42hrs in and all’s well. Heading for 90. Lookout Saturday, here we come!:facepunch:

(grace elizabeth) #82

16 hours in and starting to feel a little hunger. Going for a walk with a big bottle of water.

(Ellie) #83

24 hour mark for me. Doing ok but not sure what to with my evening without dinner to prepare and eat and clear up! Might get an early night or read a book in bed… fasting is great! :grin:

(LeeAnn Brooks) #84

20 hours in. Electrolytes seem good, fingers crossed they stay that way.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #85

Just checking to make sure you know how to break an extended fast gently. You don’t want your first food to be the food you sit down with with your company. Break the fast gently by eating 2 ounces of meat 30 to 60 minutes before your main meal or a half a cup of Keto vegetables with a few teaspoons of olive oil. This will give your system time to wake up and reboot and the digestive enzymes to be back in place. A large meal at the end of a fast can cause stomach upset and possibly diarrhea in some people. After waking up your system, eat a normal amount when you sit down to your meal.


I’m in again. But I need to take on a little fat this time.

I remember last month’s Zorner, I got sick on the last morning. I might still be able to do water only for that long, but for sure I can add a little cream and be just fine. So that’s my rules this month.

I recently had a DEXA done, and found I should still have 33# of stored fat. (~18%…which happens to align with my body fat scale exactly.) Even allowing 30 calories per pound of fat per day, that leaves me a little short of my 2300 BMR. I’m still learning, but fasting used to be easier @ over 333 pounds…even 200.

BUTT I’m mid 170’s now.

We shall see.

(Michelle) #87

Thanks for the tip! Even with shorter fasts, I learned the hard way that I have to break it gently. :confused: I read books, everything on the idm blog, listen to every podcast I can find… I can’t remember which podcast it was, but Megan Ramos was talking about using chia seeds or psyllium husks, and I tried a tablespoon of each on my first try. Bad idea. I’ll try a little meat first this time!
Edit to add: IIRC, her exact advice was to start small and work up to one tbsp. Not bad advice, just bad following of directions.

(Lonnie Hedley) #88

23.5 hours. Feeling good. Need to put this energy to good use so I’m going to put up a new ceiling fan and then take the dog for a walk.

I had water and a couple cups of coffee today. Normally I try to avoid coffee but last ZF I did good with choosing the low strength from the fancy coffee maker at work. Drinking a Zevia now. Needed something with flavor.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #89

Question. Do you normally use sweeteners when you fast? I ask because all artificial sweeteners raise insulin, and insulin is the fat storing hormone. Some people don’t know this, and I want to keep everyone informed. A release of insulin can do many things including making you hungry while you’re trying to fast.

(Mike Glasbrener) #90

20hrs in and chugging along. I want to see about stretching this one out… I’m in a long plateau. Some self induced due to weekend wine… 36 hrs is easy. 60 is annoying for me.

(Lonnie Hedley) #91

Last month I used McCormick extracts before noticing they had alcohol. Although it didn’t seem to negatively affect my hunger, I stopped a couple days in.

I fast for autophagy and self discipline. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve learned that discipline and structure helps calm my inner chaos.

My fasts are typically water, salt, ACV…coffee maybe. That’s my normal fast. I’ve been led to believe stevia and erythritol have little to no response. I rarely consume them.

At my weight, hunger during a fast is always present. I don’t have the fat stores some other fasters do.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #92

That’s great that you’re able to use them and it’s not a problem for you. It is important to note though that every artificial sweetener elicits an insulin response. There isn’t one out there that is safe. Matter fact stevia recently has been shown to elicit quite a long-lasting insulin response so I actively discourage any of my clients from using it. Just passing on nuggets of wisdom, you do what works for you.



Do you have a link on the Stevia-Insulin response? I am a regular Stevia user, and seem to get along alright with it, but I am VERY interested in learning more on the subject.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #94

There are scientific peer reviewed studies out there although I would have to search for them just as you would. Every single sweetener elicits an insulin response. There are no safe sweeteners.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #95

Have a read.
Welcome to the artificial sweetener rabbit hole.

(Shayne) #96

And… I read of a study where the subjects didn’t even have to swallow it to trigger the insulin response. Just the taste did it.



I’m interested in gaining every advantage that I can…

(Shayne) #98

I wish I could remember where I read it… or heard it. Could have been a podcast.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #99

Someone just said on another thread that just the thought of food can raise insulin levels.

(grace elizabeth) #100

If the thought of food induces insulin response, I’m screwed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: