June 2018 ZornFast

(Shayne) #61

I started Sunday night by eating till I was nauseous. It made the first day easier for me than ever before. I’ll hit 72 hours in an hour. I’m planning on going to tomorrow night for sure and longer if I feel well.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #62

However, just to be clear, I still keep it very low carb, moderate protein and I make sure it’s very high fat


I’m joining for my first Zorn Fast! I started keto May 10, and so last month it was a little too soon for EF, but I’ve done a couple 72 hr fasts since then. I started at 10 am today. I find starting after a late morning or early afternoon meal works best for me because dinnertime usually has major hunger triggers for me. I’ll hopefully be asleep for the worst period of time. So glad to be doing this with all you great peeps!


I have high hopes for you. My first EF was a LOT harder than the second one, hoping your second one goes smoothly!

Incidentally, I made liberal use of homemade cold-brewed green tea the second time around, after hearing Dr. Fung’s podcast mention about it (I think it was the Obesity Code podcast). Not sure if that made a difference. I wasn’t anywhere near as hungry, could have been the green tea, could have been I was more fat-adapted, or both.

(Lonnie Hedley) #65

Finished dinner, same thing I always eat. Hit start on Vora. Took the dog for a walk. 3 hours into 90+ planned. I had great success last month by drinking plenty of a ketoaid style drink.

(KCKO, KCFO) #66

Feasting today, will have a fat bomb, I just got back from my evening walk and I’ll start my Vora app and see how long I can go. I have actually become fond of doing 36-40ish hrs.fast a single refeed meal, and then back into 36-48 hrs. of fasting again during this fasting window. I’ll finish up on Sunday some time.

Hope every one is off to a smooth start. Just remember, salt takes care of a lot of issues when you are fasting. And a tad of bone broth can be a fast saver.

(grace elizabeth) #67

Here I go! Just got home from a Bday dinner, stayed very low carb and just had a (fat).
So now it begins. I have my tea, coffee, mineral water and plain water.
My body needs this so bad I’m determined to do this.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #68

Hang in there as long as you can. Come here for support and ideas. Remember hunger comes in waves and usually leaves after 10/20 minutes. Try taking a pinch of salt if the hunger hits. And I promise it gets easier, your body starts to get used to it. You can do this.


Its morning on my first day, I had a keto-feast last night at 18:00, trying to boost my metabolism before fasting.
I have two bottles of keto-aid with me to work (ty Brenda).

If I make it to saturday morning it will be 62h fast for me.


I’m in too! Thanks for the great advice!

Being Australian, I am a day ahead, getting ready for bed to start day two.

(Ellie) #71

Great, you found us over here!
Good job on day one and good luck on day 2. I’m right behind you!


Thank you @Jacymac! I’m very excited that this exists and that there are so many kind ketonians willing to direct we noobs without getting stroppy. :smiley:

(Shayne) #73

Early morning in the eastern US. I’m at 84 hours of my 96+ hour fast. My original plan was to end tonight but I’ve been thinking about extending another day. We’ll see how it goes.

(Michelle) #74

Hello keto people. I’m on day two here. I’ve done several 24-36 hr fasts before, but this is my first attempt at anything longer. Feasted Tuesday, felt great all day yesterday, and I’m ready for today. I’m planning to break my fast Saturday evening when some visitors arrive from out of town. I’m new to the forum, and look forward to having some company on what has been kind of a lonely journey so far.

(Mark Rhodes) #75

I am at hour 92. I usually don’t join the Zorn Fast as I hardly ever fast on weekends. I DO fast 5 days at least once a month. Good fasting everybody.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #76

Finished my last meal around 8:20 last night, so I’m now 12 hours in.

I also have to have blood work done today, so this is as good a time as any to start my first Zorn fast.

(William Jeffrey Hunter) #77

I am in for my first Zorn Fast.
Plan on taking KetoAide to work.
Thanks everyone for all the tips and group support.

Started last night at 9:00pm.

(Lonnie Hedley) #78

Feeling rough around 15 hours. Just ate a handful of salt. Hoping it gives a little boost.

(Katie) #79

I’ve always wanted to do a ZORNFAST! I am IN! I’ll start tonight after dinner and break my fast Monday evening. I LOVE fasting and how it makes me feel.


36+ hours in and feeling pretty good. I don;t think I have ever made it 72 hours. Hoping to do so this time and break the fast on Saturday.

One more nice fasting benefit - it is hot as crap here right now. Fasting just naturally keeps me a little cooler.