June 2018 ZornFast

(Ron) #101

(Ron) #102

Made the 55hr mark and going strong. Usually I have my hardest time on the 2nd day but this time was a breeze. Must be building that fasting muscle up.:joy::joy::grin:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #103

Dr. Ken Berry talked about it at the 8 minute mark.

(TJ Borden) #104

That is crazy specific. Has keto given you superhuman memory in addition to superhuman strength?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #105

I was just lucky. I had listened to his podcast recently. So I went back to it and fast forwarded to the spot. So I could tell her where it was.


Its morning on my second day, im 35h in. Im iPadding in bed, listening to the jungle-cries coming from my belly, I havent heard such since my former carb-years. Is it a fasting thing? Im not hungry.

I had hunger waves at 18h and 24h, got my bathroom cleaned to a shine.

I normaly have lingering headaches and migrain attacs. For three days ive been drinking ketoaid, for three days no headache, at all…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #107

One of the things that can help with this is sparkling water or carbonated water. Dr. Fung suggests it in his Complete Guide to Fasting book. Works for me and many others.


48 hours in and feeling great! I am trying to do a strict water and salt fast, it’s going okay but I felt like a cup of tea this evening. I compromised by boiling some water and adding 1/2 a teaspoon of himalayan salt, to my surprise it wasn’t bad, almost like drinking bone broth when you are not drinking bone broth, a clayton’s bone broth.

(Sybella) #109

I’m sure you will be fine and if you post how your feeling you will really benefit from the fantastic support you will get from the others…

(Sybella) #110

Ive been on a water fast since Sunday and I still miss my cup of tea. I do make my own herbal infusion using Lemon Balm growing in the garden and this has worked nicely thankfully.


@heidi_standen Lemon Balm tea infusion sounds amazing, what a luxury to have one growing in your garden. I’m justifiably jealous.

(Shayne) #112

I wanted to say that I thought it was his voice I remembered saying it! Thanks!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #113

34 hours and feel pretty good.

Though my husband and son just informed me they plan on stopping into my work today to have lunch with me. That might be a bit weird, them eating subs with me sipping ketoade (especially since I haven’t even told my hubby I’m fasting- he worries about me with Keto already, not sure he would understand the whole fasting thing) but I’m sure going to give it a shot.

(grace elizabeth) #114

Thanks Heidi, so far so good! I kept busy yesterday and powered through.
28 hours Yay me!

(Lonnie Hedley) #115

My overweight co-workers are worried and asking me to have my blood checked. All the fat I eat can’t possibly be good for me.

And now I’m only eating salt for 90 hours? THE HORROR!!!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #116

My husband’s is out of genuine concern for me. He was really worried during the first 4 weeks when I was struggling so much and was near passing out at times and threw up a couple times. Now that I’m doing better, he’s eased up, but I feel it best not to give him things to worry about, like the thought of me not eating for 2-3 days straight.
He’s actually very supportive of me in general, but if he thinks my health is at stake, then he starts to question this WOE. And it’s hard for someone non-Keto to understand it’s just a matter of getting the electrolytes in balance when they have to steady you so you won’t pass out.
I believe as time goes by and he sees more of the positive changes, he will set his worry aside.


Do you think they plan an intervention?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #118

:grin: no, my son has a ball game this morning and I was supposed to be on their way home which would have been right around lunch time.

But I just got a call from them and the ball game got moved to a whole different town, so now they won’t be coming.

It’s actually a bit of a relief for me.


Thats good, its difficult enough to deal with the worrying of our loved ones, a direct confrontation would be even worse. :persevere::persevere::joy:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #120

You actually don’t have to explain the whole fasting thing to him. Just let him know you’re not feeling hungry and when you’re not hungry you don’t want to eat. Most most people can understand that. Maybe he’d settle with bringing you an Americano from the coffee shop or something.

Save my suggestion for next time. Glad you don’t have to deal with this today