Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread


(Jane) #82

My homemade pork sausage with Rao’s Arriabata sauce, shredded cabbage and topped with Mozzarella and grated Parmesan cheeses.


There wouldn’t be much left over for the pup…put it that way!
Looks very tasty.

(Robin) #84

I’m afraid of mascarpone. I already have to watch myself with cottage cheese, sour cream and cream cheese. If mascarpone is sweeter, hold me back!


This Mascarpone Carbohydrate is 4.9 grams per 100 grams, and 30 grams is a typical portion of Mascarpone…although I used about 200 grams for two meals/100 grams per meal…so nearly 4.9 grams of carbohydrate per meal that I cooked tonight attributed to this cheese.

That’s fine, I can handle that. I’ll just skip breakfast tomorrow and have a tin/jar of seafood for brunch as usual.

Keto and Mascarpone on sista! :smiley:

(Robin) #86

Ok. On my shopping.
But if I go nuts, I’m blaming you!


The left side of my face is swollen bellow my ear right down to jaw.
Painful to touch and to eat.

I suspect it’s parotitis (swollen salivary gland). I phoned the doctor, she said to monitor my temperature (which is OK at present) but to go to out of hours doctor if temperature rises and condition worsens. Also to drink plenty of water and try to stimulate the salivary (parotid) gland to ‘flush them out.’ I’ll probably try to get an appointment on Monday, or at least try a course of antibiotics, but hopefully the swelling will recede on its own.

Because of this I just had a simple meal of shallow fried pork chops with English mustard.
I might fast the rest of the weekend, or just take the odd nibble…like a boiled egg or something.
I’m going to bed early (now) to feel sorry for myself :slight_smile:

(Robin) #88

Oh man, now I remember having had that. All I can remember is the very localized pain. Like a prolonged ZINGGGGGG!

It’s been years (and years) so I don’t remember how it was resolved. But I sure as heck remember it was awful!
Hope you get some relief soon.


Thanks Robin.
It’s got worse overnight. I look like I’ve put on a shed load of weight because of the swelling in my face and neck…painful to touch, eat and my left ear is ringing like it needs to pop.

I’ve phoned the out of hours doctor, just waiting (for hours no doubt) for a doc to call back. Hopefully I’ll get seen today :crossed_fingers:t2:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #90

Oh dear, sorry to hear this. No photos required thanks.
Get well soon

(Mike W.) #91

Since is this about the only thread that regularly gets traction, I figure I would ask here. In a few weeks is my wife’s family reunion and we are doing a taco bar. Last year I surprised everyone and made beef tongue in the sous vide and then sautéed. I thought it was delicious…lol i’m looking for suggestions for another “exotic “ meat to try for this year! Weirder the better :yum:


That’s a hairy spiky tongue alright! I take it’s beef?

@Naghite has been known to delve into and devour every and all types of organs, he might be worth quizzing for ideas.

Apart from that, perhaps try some of the more unusal meat sources?
You know, like Buffalo, Crocodile, Zebra, Frogs legs, Snails, Kangaroo etc.

This UK website link might give you a few ideas:
Exotic Meats - Kezie Foods


@Pjam, @robintemplin…yeah looks like I was right, doc reckons it’s parotitus too.

Could be a viral or bacterial infection, or glands actually blocked by stones (who knew?).
I can’t do anything really if it’s viral or there are stones at this stage, so antibiotics it is.

I’ve been given 5 days worth of Co-amoxiclav antibiotics (500mg/125mg), 1 to take 3 times a day.
Hopefully that will sort me out.

I’m just gonna nibble on cooked hot & spicy chicken wings from the fridge today…maybe have some bacon and eggs later.

(Robin) #94

Was this a video appointment? Was he able to see your face? Hope so.
It’s funny how suspicious we are of most drugs… until stuff like this.
Hang in there, Coop.


Yes, it was face to face, but in person with the doc at midday.

I phoned early, gave basic details to the receptionist health worker.
About an hour later a practice nurse phoned me to ask some broader questions…things like what meds I was on, any alergies, any other symptoms etc. I understand she takes notes to handover to the doc.
Then within an hour the doc phoned me, and after a few questions she said she’d need to see me and booked me in for midday.
Arrived at the out of hours GP at the hospital at 11:55 and was seen at 12 noon with hardly any waiting.
Not often that happens! I was very impressed- it would take days to see my normal GP and you nearly always have to be sitting around waiting way past the appointment time. Out of hours will probably get a lot busy later on.
I got the prescription there and then and picked the antibiotics up on the way home. Hospital and pharmacy are literally 5 minutes drive from where I live.


Brunch…simple nibbles from the fridge.
Hot n spicy chicken wings.

If that doesn’t fill the hole I’ll have some thinly sliced cheddar with pork & duck pate.


Heads up folks!!!

If you cook or use olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or even partake in olives etc., get your stock replenished now.

Prices will go up, mark my words.
All due to supply and demand, as the olive producing countries have been hammered by floods and heatwaves alike at all the wrong times- this year’s crop will probably suffer.

Maybe even buy an extra litre of olive oil, or rotate your oils through butter, coconut oil, tallow, coconut butter etc., to reduce your usage.
Or, just buy fatty cuts that don’t need additional fats to cut down on your usage.

Particularly the pure, quality top end olive oils.


I quit using olive oil. I still use the occasional avocado oil, but mostly stick with coconut or animal fats. Just preference.


I use mainly coconut oil these days too.


For the multitudes of you that are interested! I’m actually feeling considerably better already.

So going for a light fry of garlic mushrooms, smoked back bacon and fried eggs over easy.

Bit of seasoning to taste et voila, eff you salivary gland!


I do that (but I keep the fattiness as low as comfortably possible). I don’t need much fat for cooking, mostly just for frying liver or frying really lean pork.
And my fattier items (something processed and usually related to pork belly, sometimes pork jowl) go into my scrambled eggs.

Maybe I mentioned before, I dislike olive oil - except for hermelín or something similar where one flavors it (chili! :D) and put some camambert into it (originally it’s a speciel cheese I think but close enough). That’s good stuff.

I love lard but other fats have their role too, duck fat, butter…etc.

My SO uses coconut oil, I bake with it sometimes and when I run out of my normal fats (lard or some owl fat), it helps me out. But it’s totally tasteless, lard is loads better. Except for desserts but I rarely need added fat in my desserts (and then it’s usually butter).

I amn glad you feel better, @coopdawg! Heal completely soon!

Didn’t make a photo but I made tzatziki! Well, mostly my SO did, hence the 4 smallish cloves of garlic for the 700g whole stuff. It was INSANELY garlicky to me. But it’s a nice refreshing summmer dish for some boring meat (as I don’t eat anything for my non-boring meat. maybe eggs).