Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread



Thanks @Shinita.

Yeah, I really only add fats when required, like sauteing mushrooms, onions and peppers etc., which I do quite a lot :smiley:

I try to just use the meat fats otherwise.


Actually, that bloody tongue is a replica of the swelling I had on the left side of my head in front of my ear, right down to my jaw and neck with these swollen salivary glands!

(Checks around for spy devices!!!)


Joking aside, I was astounded how my features changed so quickly (12 hours!).

But fk the features, I’m not vain…one always thinks the worse case scenario.
My dad had an egg shaped lump appear in his neck after 5 years oesophical cancer remission, which appeared pretty rapidly, and that was it for him.

Yeah, a lot of people could relate to that.

(KM) #104

Tongue. Just do more tongue. I was astonished, I thought tongue was a muscle, but it’s actually got about twice as much fat as any other coldcut. Sooo good and tender!!!

(Mike W.) #105

It tasted just like beef roast but fattier. I loved it. I picked this up today to try out before the event.


Takes a bit of prep work with the knife, but worth it if you slow cook it to become tender.

I did this with a lot of pork heart recently.
Loved them slow cooked, hated them casseroled.

It’s documented on one of these keto today threads somewhere.
Not for everyone, but with the right prep probably a good choice.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #107

Glad you’re feeling better Coop. I’m happy to take drugs in these situations… and once the course is finished at least it’s only short term.
Cold meats on Sunday, when I was a kid, always included tongue and haslet …. Whatever is haslet? :man_shrugging:


I’ve often wondered what haslet is.

I didn’t want to google it as i was hoping you’d come back with a witty response.

I tell ya what, I don’t know why, but I’ve felt a real yearning for all that old tinned crap recently.
Chopped ham, spam, bacon grill and so on.
I spotted them in B&M when I was buying the weekly stash of pickled mussels.

There used to be bacon grill in the old rat packs. So I bought a couple of tins.
I fried them up with eggs. A blast from the past and lovely. Carly went nuts too whatever they put in them.
And just now a SPAM ad flashed up on YouTube on my TV in the background.
I don’t care.

I didn’t take pics of the dirty keto.

But if it is a frequency of once in 20 years WTF do I have to worry about? Next week, that’s what!


And as I prepare to retire to bed, one final shot across the bows of my delinquent LHS parotid gland.

I won’t be beaten you effin gland you!

And with that turn of phrase, I fired this down my neck for good measure.

That should do the job. :wink:

(Michael) #110

Sheep brains are good. I like veal thymus a lot myself, or pancreas. Those are suggestions others may like. If you want to freak people out a bit more, try sheep fry (testicles) or sheep spleen. I have to cook spleen to eat it, so it has a strong flavour if not well cooked, with a rubbery exterior. If you want them to really like the spleen, stuff them with a good tasting fat before cooking, like pork belly.

(Mike W.) #111

I’ve done one sous vide before. There is a bit of butchery before hand, removing valves and walls…lol Kind of wild once you cut into it.


Yeah, cutting into muscle can ironically need muscle/tone you up.

A butcher friend of mine told me this when I asked him for some beef/pork hearts.

That’s why I’m a liver lover. So little prep but a lot of reward.


I can’t sleep btw, that’s why I’m back on.

Bloody ear is ringing, need to blot that out with music.


I just mentioned this (to me) weird thing to my SO today. I definitely don’t want the heart to become tender. It’s hard, it should be chewy in a good way! :smiley: I ate chicken hearts today (too much liver, I knew it but we only had 1 kg liver and 1kg heart and cooked over open fire where we don’t like to use tiny amounts so used them all) and they were so very lovely… I even like the liver mush around them but heart should be the main one in my chicken liver+heart stew…
I love heart in general, good stuff… Heart and tongue are my two big favs among organs. (But I eat way more liver as that is easier to get and a bit less work to cook.)

No photo, again as the leftover of the stew was very much not photogenic. And I had no proper light either. But the hearts were lovely.

Oh I will remember this when I finally go and get some spleen…

(Jane) #115

Tri tip sous vide for 20 hrs at 135 F. Hubby added some grill marks.

Sautéed garden onions and shrooms in ghee and a bit of wine.

(Mike W.) #116

Hard to beat for a pre dinner snack. Yum!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #117

Yum in deed. Mouth watering here …. And probably an insulin response lol

(Mike W.) #118

You think so, Pete? Just jalapeños, bacon, cream cheese, little green onion, and some SF bbq rub.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #119

Oh that’s exactly my kind of breakfast. or Dinner or Snack. Usually including one low carb veg, just to keep my hand in :blush:

The insulin response remark was referring to my mouth watering :blush:

(Mike W.) #120

Haha! Gotcha. Cheers!

(Mike W.) #121

Cheeseburger(s) in paradise!