Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread



Carly is almost human, and she speaks English!


Well the bar is very low… Most humans eat horrible.

(Jane) #63

Broiled tilapia with a mayo, butter, Parmesan sauce with fresh basil from my small hydroponic in my utility room.

(Jane) #64

When I was in Houston a few weks ago my eldest son gave me a recipe to make pastrami out of the “flat” end of a brisket.

I cured it for 6 days in the fridge and then smoked it for 12 hours. It was SOOO GOOD!

Fresh off the smoker

Next day after being in the fridge overnight. Got out my meat slicer and went to town.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #66

A house in the country with a smoker in the garden is high on my list of priorities … now where’s those smoker instructions :nerd_face:


I love pastrami!

(Mike W.) #68

It ain’t always pretty but it’s delicious

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #69

Delicious Mike :grin:
Here’s mine for tonight. Bone broth beef stew and cabbage.


Oh wow, yip, yip yip!

Good skills there!

I’ve actually never cooked a brisket to my knowledge…but I have done the various cuts of beef.

I must do it soon.

I have a barbecue but that could do with replacing (rust), no smoker…but I could make a smoker, or even just put it overnight in the slow cooker with fat rather than too much sauce. :thinking:

Might get a good bargain on a new barbecue due to the thunderstorm washout after the early heat waves…


Looks pretty OK to me!


Great stuff. Good combo.

Over here we’d probably use pollock, cod, haddock or even red snapper for this dish…but I’m sure tilapia could be found if I looked for it.
Red snapper tails are an occasional favourite of mine, but only when I’ve got them cooked for me in a restaurant.


I’m going simple tonight, I don’t want to hassle myself too much with food prep…because it’s a publc holiday here tomorrow…and I am off :smiley: …but I am on standby for work out of hours :pensive:

Never mind!

Peppered mini chicken fillets with various cheese stuffed mushrooms, pre oven.



Took Carly for a quick walk, there…probably overestimated oven cooking setting times.
Near a burned supper scene. Stiil OK though, just about.
Any dryness in the peppered chicken I countered with Piri Piri mayonaisse and a dollop of mascarpone. It’s fine! (Ask Carly.)

:raised_hands: It’s a Gas Gas Gas! :raised_hands:

(Jane) #75

1” thick pork chops from the local butcher. Tomato soup from my garden tomatoes and onions.


Hungry again! Just for the taste, not that I’m hungry.

Perfectly grilled thick pork chops complemented with tomato and onion homemade soup!

I’m actually salivating over the soup right now, because I’ve had plenty of pork chops regularly recently…but I can’t remember when I’ve had tomato/onion soup last. Long time!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #77

Ooo a treat tonight :grin:

(Jane) #78

Chicken skin?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #79

Sure is …. I could eat them all day long. Always loved them


Tonight’s sympathy for devil’s concoction, pan fried salmon fillet darnes with cheesy veg stir fry:

Prep and stir fry veg in coconut oil (sugar snap peas, onion, red bell pepper, button mushrooms, red & green chillies and some pickled garlic cloves).

Going to use most of a tub of mascarpone in the stir fry sauce. I’ve rediscovered mascarpone; lovely and versatile.

So before I added the mascarpone i continued cooking the stir fry, with added Worcesterhire sauce, dark soy sauce, sea salt and ground black peppercorns. I didn’t add anything else as I already had added fresh chillies and the pickled garlic cloves. Then i dolloped into the cheese.

Turns out like this:

So i kept warm in pan then in another pan fried the wild salmon, skin down first.
Unfortunately i lost some crispy skin as the pan I used is losing some of its non stick properties.

And then the final articles (two meals). Yum- try it for a really lush combination of flavours:

(Jane) #81

That looks amazing!