Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread



New month, new thread…dubious title.
I’m actually having a light breakfast this morning as it’s likely I’ll skip lunch.
I should just go OMAD, but what the heck the thread needs opened.

Just some little gem leaves with Applewood smoked cheddar, chicken liver pate and some pickled garlic cloves:

And for no particular reason, a pic of my pet kangaroo Carly, flat out on her back.

These threads get their own theme tune these days…
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash (Official Music Video) (With Makeup) - YouTube
The Rolling Stones | The Story of Jumpin' Jack Flash - YouTube

Juicy John Dory June...what did you keto today thread

This is going to be a chill out Saturday for me before covering staff at end of weekend.

So, I might just keep it simple with some good beef burgers tonight :thinking:
Maybe with an ad hoc invented sauce, and a few sauted onions…

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Ad Hoc sauce … is that like ham Hoc sauce? … I nearly bought a big gammon Hock today. Wanted it for the ‘Paul Thread’ It had a bone for stock, tender pork a thick layer of fat and skin for crackling. For £2.50 the perfect package, happy days… except it also had table sugar and demerara sugar. Jeeez


Nope, I mean the Latin ad hoc phrase used in English:

made or happening only for a particular purpose or need, not planned before it happens

Spare of the moment, if you will old chap.

In other words, I’ll make the sauce up as I progress at the time.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Beef Stew tonight.
Thats me and the dog eating the same cut. I like this shin. It’s really gelatinous :yum:


Looks good!

I’m on 681 grams of half price burgers!
I’m not poor, but why pay more? Defrosted btw for today, ignore date.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a gas gas gas!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #7

Gas Station




(Geezy) #9

Just some scrambled eggs and liver so far.
I have no idea what the rest of the day will entail as we are traveling out of state to spend the day with some friends. I’m sure this will involve lunch. Eating the way I eat now, that may be a challenge yet I will “endeavor to persevere”. (Lone Watie)


Rip it Bro.

Keeto and welcome.

Mushrooms and onions are welcome too.


(Robin) #11

I will take a Carly to go, please.


I know you would, and I’m really happy for that.


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #13

This evening I’m mainly eating Lamb Ribs cooked in Bone Broth, with Bacon and Greens.

(Polly) #14

Your kangaroo looks remarkably similar to my dog. :joy:


I refuse to believe it’s the real color… (Well it probably isn’t and even you doesn’t see my monitor so can’t say I am not right.)
But if it has anything to do with reality, you have way nicer shin there. It’s the cheapest cut here, I used to buy it sometimes. I’ve read it’s great for stew and indeed, it is but it often has too much membrane, sinew or what so it’s less pleasant to work with. The upper parts of the leg are waaaaay nicer, smoother, more red! :smiley: And just a tad more expensive.
Not like I can justify buying any of these when I am in love with pork and if I want ruminant, I buy a cheaper kind, deer! A bit lean, not so great for Goulash (it’s a carby dish but too good to give it up, anyway if we make it, we can shift the ratio just like we did with stew… I am sure most people use 10 times as much onion than us… we don’t feel the need to use more) but I still really like deer.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #16

Yep, it’s cheapest here too. And as you say, not great to work with. But it’s OK slow cooked.
The dog loves it!


So, it’s Sunday already! How come weekend time seems to be twice as fast as non=weekend time? :thinking:

But it’s not over yet! Still, to save time tommorow morning, I’ve packed a lunch box for working out on site:


And here’s apick of yesterday’s beef burgers. Good quality, and what a steal!
Pack had 50% extra free promotion, and then i still bought at half price. Finished off this morning :slight_smile:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #18

Phwoar that should keep you going … you’ll be making onlookers hungry!


Beef sausages with cracked black pepper…


One can find some great food deals in a gas station…just saying :wink: