Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread


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Thanks … that’s my favourite bit, the wings …. Less fat perhaps but still the best. Coated or marinated?


Chinese style marinated…came prepared but not cooked :pensive:


Normally I’d do my own marinade- low carbs of course.


Stir fry tonight, with air fried marinated king prawns.

Jeebs, I can’t believe the time already. Never mind, near the weekend…


So, veg prepared and into pan with a chunk of coconut oil (celery, mushrooms, onion, chilli peppers). White stuff in middle is coconut oil, before you ask.

Gonna do a stir fried classic sauce but cream it up with some mascarpone, just to see.

Then I’ll half way through cooking the stir fry get the prawns into the air frier. Simples.


Finished articles. Lovely tastes and textures,

I ended up using over half the tub of mascarpone, the rest will goto Carly

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Will pick some for the pot.


Just settling down to a late night meal (22:28) but WTF? it’s the weekend.

Mainly leftover meal from yesterday, but with additions.

Some barbecued (sauce :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) chicken skewered kebabs, which I will a little to Carly as the aroma gets her drooling, and then the remainder probably for Saturday brunch during the electrical storms and brown outs…

For tonight with yesterday’s spare meal, roasted stuffed red pepper with three cheeses; top standard Irish Cheddar, Red Leicester and Wensleydale & Apricot (slices on top).


Finished meal and tomorrow brunch (maybe with an egg of sorts!).
Plus, I will be using big fat pork sausages to cook a sausage casserole tomorrow evening as i hunker down from the thunderstorms with the pupper, safe in the knowledge we have enough good food and crap besides us to last for days! At least a a day or two…lol.
And a cameo appearance from my highly esteemed sous chef, Carly Coopdawg.


I used to eat super early on weekends :smiley: Like at noon… But I tend to be more relaxed in general.
The same with holidays. My SO is at home for weeks and it’s summer and I don’t feel like being strict… (Today is still a pure carni day or at least that’s the plan. I need to prove I can do that sometimes. Other times I am too wild and need it physically…)

Some photos from the last days, nothing particularly interesting looks wise (as duck scratching and a new pork cut is there… still looks my normal food) BUT the chicken liver soaked in garlicky spice mixed milk? That was super good! No wonder, the sweetness helps with the bitterness of the liver but maybe it’s even better than with onion :smiley: And more carnivore. Not like my day was carnivore, we have too many fruit seasons and I pressure canned 18 jars of sour cherries. We haven’t have them but there is an orchard in the street, with great sale and good fruit. Even deseeding them was easy!

We cook a lot over open fire (well my SO cooks but I help with the fire until I stand the heat and smoke), those have more vegs and color but no photo about those. They weren’t as pretty as good anyway, the last one was curry with chicken breast, lots of cucchini cooked to oblivion, it was so great I ate more than a tiny taste I planned. And I dislike chicken breast but there are ways where it’s even enjoyable (still not as good as some proper, fattier meat).
I will roast the leftovers (whole chicken - well as whole as one buys in supermarket, no feet or head - minus the breast) for today. And fry some liver (I only soaked a little in milk to try it out, I had little milk anyway, there is much more). Sour cream should do something good to the liver too, won’t it? Surely it will. I like stew with sour cream too, it’s a Hungarian thing, usually only used on paprika chicken though. And on top of our savory pancake (more like crepe but I like the word pancake more), that is traditionally filled with veal stew and I never ate it…

My SO entered my room and I showed him the adorableness that is Carly, he asked what breed and sorry but I have no idea, what it is? But I must smile whenever I see her, she is so, so, so very cute :smiley: She was cute as a pup and she kept her adorable face. Our oldest cat did the same, of course an adult animal looks different but they can keep a lovely face. Some of our cats become too adult faced and not so cute at that part. A lot depends on their face expression though as I noticed.

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It’s been a few days since I posted but I haven’t done anything too exciting with my food lately. Just smoked some steaks and slow cooked a pork butt for some pulled pork.
Then I took a couple of nice little venison roasts from a deer I took last season and decided to make a venison ham out of them.

The roasts are in the wet brine for the cure.

It’ll be 14 days until I’m ready to smoke them and slice them. Stay tuned.

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If you ever get to my neck of the woods in north Texas you’d be more than welcome to drop in. We’d be more than happy to cook something up for y’all.


Always the hedonist!!!


Carly is half Labrador and half Dobermann, both parents were chocolate brown as opposed to black.


She is one in a million :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh now I remember reading about Carly’s parentage but I forgot… My memory is an interesting thing.

Going too wild is sadly not properly hedonistic. A good hedonist doesn’t go too far as it diminishes joy. I didn’t reach slight bellyache this time (that’s serious and I never would continue beyond unlike some unfortunate folks with extreme compulsive eating) but I did feel the carb intake wasn’t ideal. I still have a few problematic items… But I get better and better.

I ate nothing really new today but I never roasted a whole chicken minus breast before!

It’s only with salt as I forgot to add tandoori masala, I did that later.
As usual, the skin got mostly crispy but not crunchy after 2 hours but the color was nice and I was hungry at that point (I ate some liver and eggs before but that could do that much) so I considered it ready. The less crispy skin parts will get some extra pan time tomorrow.


Sausage casserole.
And finally, the reason why I live x

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Hi Carly! Your meals look awesome. Too many veggies for me these days, but still… Yummo!


I am sure Carly’s meals have a bit less vegs in them :wink: On average, at least.


Thank you ladies x (from Carly).


If I didn’t write before, you always get an automatic like from me if you post a Carly pic :smiley: Your food has good chances, being pretty but I am not used to like things all the time. Carly reminds me of that function.

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Carly eats better than many humans …. Edit: eats better than most humans!