Jumpin’ Jack Flash Fried Fillet July…what did you keto today thread



I share.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #22

yellow stickers - It’s a scramble in Morrisons … those old ladies have got sharp elbow :astonished:


you have to be jumpiin jack flash

(Geezy) #24

Scrambled eggs with beef cracklins mixed in cooked in ghee. But for this evening I’ve been cooking this all afternoon.
Beef stew meat.
First I salted the meat and then smoked it for two hours. I love smoked meat.

Then it I slow cooked it for 4 hours in the crockpot with some bone broth and a little bit of onion. Mighty fine eats.

Melt in your mouth tender and so full of rich flavor between the smokiness of the meat and the broth.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #25

Blimey, that’s superb cooking …. I’d do just that, if I had a smoker. One day perhaps.

(Geezy) #26

That you sir. They are a pretty common thing here where I live.
I have two of them. One is an electric smoker that I inherited and the other is what we call a stick burner, meaning it just uses wood.
This is my “stick burner”, as you can see the food just can’t wait to jump in. :grin:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #27

hahahaha yes.
Not many smokers here. In London your not allowed to burn wood! You might find a BBQ or Pizza oven in gardens though.

(Robin) #28

Address, please… save some for me.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #29

konjac noodles anyone?


Work of art, not joking. :+1:


Thinking about putting some on tonight, for this ensemble:

Don’t worry about dates- I defrosted overnight of course.

Just old school mid week cooking. Check out the noodles PJam:


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #32

Hey Nice! … that’s the Konjac noodles there I see. Not bad at all. Lots of textures, lots of flavours. Plenty Low Carb and Very satisfying.


Do a day or two :+1:


Konjac is just as tasteless as durum pasta so I dislike both :slight_smile:
I do use konjac flour in pudding sometimes but my pasta must be flavorful to begin with (I understand people appreciate tasteless illusion things soaking up flavors but it’s not how I roll). Basically eggs (traditional pasta here is very eggy to begin with. not nearly enough if you ask me of course but added water shouldn’t be used). The more eggs, the better, my only problem is that I have limited options for shapes when I use just eggs… It could be worked with but I won’t put any effort into that. So I stick to my omelet crumbles or pancake slices (not like I did that since ages)… Carnivore made me even lazier than I was.
(And of course, eggs are carni while konjac isn’t but konjac is basically nothing and I rarely do proper carni anyway so that wouldn’t stop me on most days. I do like to avoid non-carni items when it’s comfortably possible.)

When I made konjac pudding with very little else, it was surreal. It had some flavor but I called it illusion pudding. It felt I kinda eat something but basically I eat nothing…?
So I started to put yolks and cream and whatnot into it and now it feels like a real thing.
I suppose konjac noodles in a tasty thing may be interesting but I can’t spend a lot of money on basically nothing. I am fine with my dense, substantial food.

No photos from me, sorry. Or maybe it’s for the better.


I’m not going to use it (Konjac)- I have enough without it:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #36

You guys call them ‘Pigs in Blankets’ ?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #37

And for pudding … homemade chocolate (only a little naughty)


So tonight Matthew (only UKers of a certain age will get that reference!), I will be mostly eating what I prepared yesterday (that one too!). My ground Angus beef bolognese concoction:

(Cleans you out lol.)

Supplies are in for the work:

And i have these boyos in the oven, for fridge bites at home and at work tomorrow with workmates.
Chinese style chicken wings, before the oven:


That’s them cooked and crisped up in th oven. Carly is trying to kick down the kitchen door to get at them :slight_smile: :



Those are the ticket!

Bit of English mustard and Bob’s yer Uncle.