July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(LJ) #101

Ended up at a 17hr fast today, grabbed some rotisserie chicken in a work break window and wasn’t sure how many hours the sprint to deadline was going to last after that. Didn’t quite head off the headache that was starting, feel good about it anyway especially after yesterday’s loosey keto with diet soda, which usually leaves much worse starvie-marvies in its wake. The story I’m sticking to around that is my body is getting better at handling the less and less frequent gunk ups. :upside_down_face:

Our holiday weekend isn’t well planned yet, so not going to try for any pushes among those uncertainties. Goal is minimum 14:10.

Fun festivities to those celebrating. I’m learning a lot from and feeling motivated by reading these posts, thanks to all for sharing your adventures.

(Brennan) #102

24 hours in, just gonna read and head to bed! Check in with you tomorrow!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #103

I broke my fast this morning after 59+ hrs. No distress at all today, if you know what I mean. Bone broth and green olives and a few cheese nibbles. Waited 3 hours and had some ground beef.

Going back to IF and will decide when on Sunday I start again. I’ll have to break the next fast by Tuesday evening because I’m driving 10 hours Wednesday and Thursday morning. Timing is everything.

(Carol) #104

I’m in at 32 hours and ready for sleep. Should end up at 40 something fasted. Definitely ending tomorrow because I want to relax and enjoy the weekend. Tomorrow I plan to join my neighbor in the spa and watch the antics of the holiday folks on the river. I wouldn’t be surprised if I treated myself to a cocktail!

To those who celebrate the 4th, I hope it’s an enjoyable (and safe) one.

(Brennan) #105

39 hours in, just went for a nice half hour walk instead of lunch. It’s ok I’ll just eat sunshine! :sunglasses::sunny::sunglasses::sunny::sunglasses:
Time seems to be dragging today (and yesterday), though I think more to do with worries not fasting.

(Susan) #106

Digestive whoosh at 80 hours so broke my fast at 84 hours last night. Tried to sleep and ended up with disaster pants at work. Thank goodness my client didn’t wake up while i washed and dried my clothes. What a nightmare. Never going past a two day fast at work and never refeeding at work again. … till the next time.

(Brennan) #107

(trying not to laugh)
I’m so sorry to hear! That sounds like a ______ day at work!
I can’t imagine doing a refeed anywhere but at home, you are braver than I!

(Graci) #108

Oh no!!! I never know how my stomach is going to react to refeeding… I won’t even break a fast while my husband is home EVER…over a decade of marriage and I pride myself on the psychological issue that allows me to never need to use the restroom while he is around lol. There are just some mysteries in marriage worth keeping…I did notice this last refeeding that my stomach was much happier with protein than it was with anything else tried so far!


It’s always best to be at home for breaking, when possible.

(Susan) #110

It’s funny now.

(Jane) #111

Oh, sorry to hear that. What did you break your fast with?

I usually do EF when I am away on business and ALWAYS break the night before I travel home just to be sure. I am in my hotel room just in case.

(Susan) #112


Oh that must have been horrible at that time; but good that you were able to change there, and clean up at least.

I have always broken my fasts at home too; but I don’t leave the house often so that is not hard for me.

(Susan) #113

I Broke it with a salad with avocado oil and white vinegar. But the thing was, I had a near miss four hours before I did the refeed so the flood gates were already open so to speak.

(Graci) #114

I’ve started a new fast, would like to try to go at least 4 days this time, maybe longer if I am feeling good. Haven’t weighed today, but will after I am 24 hrs in at least.

(Brennan) #115

54 hours in, currently 3:30 am. Got a solid 5 hours of sleep, Yay!
Think I’m going to try getting a little more sleep.

(LJ) #116

18 hours yesterday, which also included a 3.5 mile hill climb pushing my pace to keep up with athletic family. I did attain a PR, but no chance of over-confidence in how much they still (quite patiently) wait for me. I took pink salt crystals in my pocket to dissolve or crunch along the way to prevent post-fatigues and it seems to have worked.

Solidly set to wait for family dinner today, which will be about 20 hrs.

I admit to feeling a bit of a minnow among the big fish in my so-much-shorter relative numbers on this thread, but posting is helping me with the clarity and focus I was aiming to gain – so thanks for the indulgence in sharing the pond.


40 hours in and low grade hunger. This is only my 3rd fast (1st was 24 hours, 2nd 36 hours) and hoping to make 72 hours or so - I’ll see how I feel later. lots of fasters have mentioned that day 2 is the hardest - I’m finding that low grade hunger has settled in. Not hunger pains, no headache, but rather low-grade general hunger. Which is great because I broke my 2nd fast at 36 hours due to raging hunger and headache.

Hope everyone in the US had a great 4th!


Intermittent fasting is still fasting! I don’t normally fast longer hours either - still dipping my toe in the water.

(Brennan) #119

Lol the pond is for anyone to swim in IF, EF, TRE any and all lengths of fasting. I’m glad you’re finding this helpful and don’t worry about what others are doing. We are all on our own separate journeys.


Happy Fasting Friday! I am 12 hours in to a planned 7 day fast. I’ve planned this with a friend for the last several weeks, we looked at our calendars and picked a 7 day period where we both were free of travel or major social commitments. I haven’t done an EF for a few months, and I travelled last week seeing friends and playing the roll of houseguest. It was impossible to stay strict keto throughout, so I expect the first couple of days to be fairly uncomfortable. That’s okay, I’m highly motivated for this fast!! My weight has plateaued the last 3 months and this is what I think will break it.

Hope you’re all having a great day! I’m going to start off with a big hike to burn all of the glycogen in my liver.