July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


158.5 hours

That’s a 2lb loss since yesterday. I got my whoosh! Just in time to get weighed at the doctor’s office at 11. (Sad when 2lbs count as a whoosh. I miss the good old days of 4 or 5lb whooshes.)

I’ve fasted 10 out of the last 11 days. I went a little nuts with the fat boosters on the 26th so I’m not counting that as a fasting day. But from the evening of the 26th to now is 158.5 hours, with a total loss of 7.8lbs over the 11 days.

I am so ready to eat. Going grocery shopping as soon as I leave the doctor!

(KCKO, KCFO) #82

Don’t let them take a lipid panel then. I get wanting to weigh less at dr. office. But fasting that much before a blood draw will make your LDL number awful.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #83

Your BG level will be dramatically lower than a normal fasting BG level. They might be concerned you are hypoglycemic.

(Graci) #84

Breaking my fast now at the 84hr mark, only down about 3lbs this fast…but measured my waist this morning for the first time since I incorporated EF and it’s 3 inches smaller - this is awesome as my waist hadn’t moved in inches at all before :slightly_smiling_face: Going to have today & the 4th with family as refeeding days (will take my own meal to gathering), then start with a 36hr fast and see where it takes me!

(KCKO, KCFO) #85

Nice NSV!

(hottie turned hag) #86

HOLY crap. :astonished:
Hellyeah. Impressed and envious.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #87

Totally awesome.

(Susan) #88

hour 70.5 166.5 lbs, down 0.9 lb.
I didn’t take anything to work to eat last night so I ordered steak and salad to be delivered. I was going to break my fast at 60 hours. While I was waiting for delivery, my client got up without calling me and fell in the bathroom. I called an ambulance and my delivery came and I put it on the counter and went to the hospital. We were there 6 hours. She had xrays taken and everything was ok, she was just banged up.
Needless to say, I am still fasting.

(Susan) #89

Oh wow, I am glad that your client is okay, but that must have been a lot of extra worry and stress on you. Good luck on the continued fast, for as long as you decide to do it before breaking.


@LibbyL 48 hours is great for just your second fast! I only did about 36-42 hours once a week for several weeks before I worked up to more than that.

@BeStill you’re having amazing results. Losing 3 inches off of your waist is great in the getting-smaller department, but it also means that fasting is really targeting belly fat on you and that’s a huge health marker!

@Sharon_E I can’t believe how long you go on your fasts. I’m amazed at how easily you seem to do it. You are awesome!

I’m in the middle of a re-feed, just doing my normal 16:8 today. Yesterday, I did 16:8 as well. I worked out yesterday morning. Nothing major, just my short Pilates mat routine. After lunch, I spent the whole afternoon cleaning the carpets (and moving furniture that always goes with that project). So, I spent most of the day doing keeping my BG nice and low with some moderate movement. This morning, after a re-feed day yesterday, I was down another .2 lb. instead of a re-gain. I’m quite happy about that, because I didn’t lose much on the fast.

I’m planning on starting another fast tomorrow (or, really, tonight after dinner).


No blood draw, just weight and BP. Just my quarterly visit to the shrink to get my meds renewed.


It helps to be a hermit with no job or social life, lol. I don’t have the temptations in my face all the time like you guys have to deal with.

Oh yeah, their scale read 179.5, higher than mine at home, but I made it into the 170’s as far as they’re concerned which was a goal I had set. I didn’t even take my sandals off to weigh like I usually do! :grin:

(Jane) #93

I bet they were impressed!!!


The nurse gushes over me every time she weighs me and then sees the prior weight in the computer :grin:

I am still overweight, so she was required to give me a printout of a “healthy” diet (food pyramid based, of course), but she apologized and said, “You obviously have found the right diet!”

(Jane) #95

Well, she’s got to do what she is “supposed” to do, but good on her for recognizing your way is better for you!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #96

Glad the client is okay. Sorry for the food being ruined. I guess you were meant to fast.

(Libby) #97

Whelp, I made it to 46.5 hours and then decided that it felt too much like being stuck on the beltway, kinda aggravating wait arg wait arg wait arg and I don’t want bad feelings associated with fasting so I went ahead and broke it. But like Eric said “there’s always next time” !


A very good practice to go with too. :+1: Fasting should never feel forced. So if your body is telling ya something, it’s best to listen.


Broke at 47 hrs. Stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up some stuff, and was after 6pm before I got home. So I decided to just pick up something easy so no one had to cook. (Rotisserie Chicken (2)) Probably wait until after the long weekend before doing anymore Fast.

Happy Fasting Folks … and have a Happy & Safe Holiday for those who celebrate it. :slight_smile: :+1:

(Paul H) #100

Ok so upon actually thinking about the process and good advice from @Digital_Dave in the past. I am breaking fast now at @43 hours. I have to work 12 hours tomorrow and then take off early Friday am for the weekend. Best not disrupt work or a trip starting Friday with a woosh or 4… Patience Paul… I felt incredible all day and still do albeit tired from 12 hours or work.

The numbers are pointless for me at this point… worse than 43 hours ago…LOL WTFever. Tomorrow OMAD before a keto friendly weekend.