July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #1

New month, new thread.

Happy fasting :slight_smile:

June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Allie) #2

That’s me today :slight_smile:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #3

Okay, trying to get back into the fasting saddle again. Due to a very busy Sunday, I finished eating at 7:15 last night.

I’m going to take this to at least Wednesday morning. 60ish hours. I’m off the antibiotics but I still have some upper respiratory congestion. I sure hope this thing I’ve got is on the way out.

Happy fasting everyone.

@Hardrock_keto_chick Thanks for starting this post.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #4

@daddyoh you’re welcome. :blush: I even remembered throwing it into the fasting category this time :wink:
I am trying to do kind of a fat fast thingy right now, just to get back easier. I have so many things in my mind I have no will power at all to push through the first 24h without a crutch. At the same time I want to get back to fasting extendedly because I feel so bloated and slow…

(Allie) #5

I’m water fasting, well had two black salted coffees too and am stocked up on sparkling water. Feeling it now though with this nasty air con unit at work blowing cold air at me… :frowning_face:

(LJ) #6

Hope the fast speeds that lingering congestion all the way out.

(LJ) #7

After thinking I closed Sat with an OMAD early evening, I later had big hungries so did a 4hr feed window – not a face fest but just more until satisfied. Yesterday was a 20:4.

Two short days like that are a new stretch for me. Rather than jump to EFs this week, I think I’ll follow this trend. Going for a 15:8 today, then 20:4 Tuesday and Wednesday.

My interest in EF is more/deeper autophagy in addition to boosts to stubborn wt loss. I’ve seen claims some autophagy is realized as early as 12hrs and then none until at/after 24hrs. What are favored/trusted articles or sources on this forum?


RHappy July, fasters ! I have been off the fasting wagon for a few months but I have a 7 day planned to start this Thusday. I’m currently traveling and visiting friends. Being a houseguest has made it impossible to stay strict keto, so I will have an uncomfortable start to my fast as I probably won’t be in ketosis. That’s okay, I’m very motivated for this fast. One of my friends will be doing it with me, which will be fun.

Hope you all have a great day!!


Started a 36 hr. fast at 7 PM last night. Going to be celebrating tomorrow.

Is anyone else following this thread going to the Ketofest? Hoping to get some real face time with fellow ketonians :).

(Allie) #10

I’m over 23 hours at the moment and don’t know how I’ve made it with this awful cold air blowing at me, but I’ve done it so far and once I get home I’ll be really busy so it’ll be a breeze (but a much nicer one than the one I have to sit under at work!). Got a slight headache but that’s not unusual.

(Graci) #11

I’m 38hrs in this morning, think I am seeing a basic trend now that first 24hrs I drop the previous fasting refeed gain, then new loss begins to happen between 24-48 and beyond. Did a fasted workout yesterday evening, 1 mile on the elliptical…took me about 15 minutes to complete, I go very slowly with my short legs lol.


Is there some way you can re-direct the air flow? Or move your work station?

(hottie turned hag) #13


ME TOOOO I hate a/c, I prefer open windows by far

Just stopping in to say hey; my fasting attempts have sucked for so long now (were formerly on fleek!). Am just 4lb from goal weight and binged day before yesterday. :expressionless:

I lurk in here anyhow as I’m kinda a faster fangirl :star_struck: esp you guys who go past 72h (the longest I’ve gone).

(LJ) #14

Cancel the question, I found the handy-dandy search function for forum autophagy posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #15

I’m around 17 hours and doing great. This is my hardest time usually on day 1. On to 24+ then sleep and day two. I love that I can sleep through part of the fast. My sleep usually great transitioning day 1 to 2. Day 2 to 3 is where I sometimes have problems.


I think I’m around 90 hours now. Started 7pm on the 26th, I hope I did the math right. Going to go until my dr appt on Wednesday morning, and then probably break. Maybe refeed for two days and start a new one on Saturday depending how I feel.

Had a bite of cream cheese just now so that I could take my fat-soluble supplements. Wanted to eat ALL of it. But I didn’t, so I’m happy about that.

Happy fasting everyone!


I ended up not starting my fast on Saturday after lunch. It just wasn’t a natural time for me to start–I’ve always been able to skip breakfast and often have gone without lunch when I’ve been busy and distracted at work. But I can’t remember every naturally skipping dinner.

But I started yesterday, still wasn’t totally into it and ended up doing more of a “fat fast” adding up to maybe about 300 calories. I’m going to keep going until tomorrow. I think today I’ll be back in the groove more and hopefully I’ll see some results!

(hottie turned hag) #18

Slay all day. You kill me.


That’s how I usually ease into a fast. I’ll reduce calories for a couple days (focusing on high fat), and by the third day you’d think I’d be starving, but usually what happens is I can’t even be bothered making/eating food by that point, and I just seamlessly move into fasting. Didn’t plan it that way, but just by looking at my fasting logs, that’s how my easiest fasts have happened.


Do you water fast or boost with fat? I wouldn’t be nearly as successful if I didn’t have my fatty coffees. I want to try a water fast soon, but I probably would be lucky to do 24 hours the first time.