July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


You’re doing great! There are actually fewer “big fish” here than it might seem. Lots of people are going along doing OMAD and maybe 36 hours. @Brennan is right that the pond is for everyone!

Wow! Good luck. I wish you all the stick-to-it-ive-ness that you need so you bust your plateau.

I’m at about 40 hours and planning to go until tomorrow. Had a nice drop of 1.6 lb. from yesterday, so I’m off to a good start and hopefully I’ll see a new (fasting) low tomorrow!

Prolonged fasting 72 hours?
(Brennan) #122

Well friends I’ve been invited to a :pig2: roast at a winery tomorrow. And that sounds like a good time to me! So I’m going to break now at 64 and switch to IF after a day or two of regular refeeding.
Y’all keep calm and fast on!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #123

Take me with you.

(Jane) #124

Me too!!!


(Graci) #125

About 26hrs in to my water/herbal tea fast. Decided to leave coffee out of the equation to see if my stomach acid calms down this go-round :slightly_smiling_face:


I got a little too friendly with the hummus yesterday (I was dipping broccoli florets in it, then cheese, then bacon), and ended up eating somewhere around 3,000 cals for the day. So I’m fasting for 24 hours.

I am the poster child for why you shouldn’t pig out at 11pm. I didn’t sleep for shit


62 hours fasted. I have to say, as a relative newbie to Keto and to fasting it’s the strangest thing to go not eat during the day and that little voice in the back of your head chiming in with SAD viewpoint of you really should eat something and ignoring it.

Hunger stayed at a low thrum yesterday but drank lots and lots of water and ignored it. Up this morning with mild hunger, but then I just drank my water + ACV so it should hopefully subside soon. Planning on breaking fast for dinner this evening but I’ll see how the day goes.

(LJ) #128

Met my 20 hr goal yesterday. Afternoon was pretty rough with my gut registering its complaints about some recent food trials and dragged a headache into the melee, which actually hardened my resolve to make sure it had the extra rest hours to work out the snit unimpeded.

I’m currently at 14 hrs and just finished a PB 3 mi run. The gut snit is quieted but not gone, so resolved to another 20 hrs today.

Happy Saturday, all!

(LJ) #129

@Texere, @Brennan, and @ZuleikaD – thank you for the boosts & reflections re my minnow comment yesterday. I will give myself the same fasting credits I give others and happily KCFO in this welcoming & supportive pond. :blush:

(LJ) #130

Yes, this!

I noticed this week that I was feeling some anxiety just thinking about stretching to overnights. I didn’t understand where that was coming from, in my former vegan days I green juice fasted up to 10 days at a time. Then it hit me. That form of fasting still evolved around food – shopping, prepping, ingesting, cleanup, etc. – as much as (some days felt more than) eating. With this I will be turning off that aspect altogether for the first time, and that will have sensations of the unknown and tugs against a lifetime of Thou Shalt Eat conditioning to go along with it.


Happy Saturday Fasters!

I’m 36 hours in and yesterday was not so bad, just some underlying discomfort. I slept better than I expected too.

Yes, this! No matter what your former routines were, water fasts are boring! On feeding days I spend a good amount of time planning for, cooking, and eating. During a water fast, I only go into the kitchen to make tea or feed the cat, it is a little surreal.

I came back from my trip up 10 lbs. !!! That’s from a combination of dirty keto (honestly I wasn’t that bad), alcohol (okay, I was bad there), not sleeping a lot, and being at high altitude (hello Denver!). Today I’m just up 5, so looking forward for the rest of my vacation to whoosh away so that I can start chipping into the plateau.

I hope you all have a beautiful Saturday!


Hmmmm…66 hours in and starting to be quite nauseous. So off to start gently breaking the fast. Not bad for my 3rd fast. Next time I’ll prepare a bit better per Megan Ramos’ suggestion of loading up the day before a fast with lots of good fats. This fast was a bit unplanned.

Hope everyone have lovely days!

(Graci) #133

Almost 39hrs in, worked 9 hours split shift yesterday and that distraction really did make it easier. I hardly experienced any hunger at all and this morning am at a new Keto low by 2lbs :partying_face: Feeling pretty good about continuing until Monday.


I ended up breaking last night for a late dinner. I was wondering how I’d do on this fast, because my feast days were just barely maintenance calories and usually I try to eat above that. When I don’t, I struggle though the fast. But yesterday evening I got the urge to eat all the things and my usual trick of half an avocado wasn’t cutting it. So I ate dinner.

Altogether it was about 48 hours. I’m still happy overall. Last time I made a major effort at losing weight I managed to get down to 204.4. This morning I was at 204.2. So, I’m now at the lowest weight I’ve been in nearly three years, down from the highest I’d ever been in January. I’m sure I’ll get a bounce from the regain, but I’m still celebrating!

(Jane) #135

You are flirting with Onderland there!!!



Yep. Onederland, just plain fat (not obese) and 40 lbs. lost are all within a couple of lbs of each other for me. But at the rate I typically lose weight, that’s a month away.


That’s really awesome, congrats!!

(LJ) #138

@BeStill and @ZuleikaD, Congrats on your new weight lows!

(LJ) #139

Much, much more comfortable 20hr fast today with gut back to playing nicely. Carnivore day to keep it that way with beef, dark meat chicken, and bacon.

I think I’ll go for another lather, rinse, repeat 20hrs tomorrow.

(Jane) #140

That’s great - a month will pass before you know it!