July 2018 ZornFast

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #141

Describing food in here? It absolutely is a strict guideline. If I see it and have time, I blur them myself. There are probably 100 places to describe food on the forum. This is the one category where it is prohibited.
Thank you for complying :slight_smile:

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All these lifts were accomplished 15 or more hours fastes. Once glycogen stores are used up my muscles burn fat for fuel, and it is a absolutely rocket fuel!

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Just an FYI my keto lovelies, the blur spoiler is mandatory for hiding food descriptions in this category. This is the FASTING category.

To ignore this is inconsiderate.
I have been consistently practicing fasting for nearly three years. I still choose not to discuss meals whilst fasting.
If you feel compelled to discuss your meal, you will find HUNDREDS of threads on this forum where you are free to do so.

(Lonnie Hedley) #144

This is @Brenda ‘s Zornfast, not yours. She’s laid out clear guidelines that some of us would appreciate others would follow. My apologies that you’ve misunderstood one of my posts and decided I’m a horrible person based on your misunderstanding.


Happy Birthday, Brenda! :smile:

Being new to this site, I’m just crossing paths with this thread. … I’ve actually only done one 36 hour fast weekend before last, but it wasn’t planned. Just wasn’t hungry and ended up not eating all day, and until the following night.

But I think i might actually try my first planned one, but simply let my body tell me when to stop. (Just need to make a stop this afternoon and pick up the needed ingredients for KetoAide.) Right now, I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning at 10:30am. so already 23 hours in as of now. … It will be 8 weeks starting Keto for me tomorrow. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #146

Broke my fast this morning at 66 hrs. Feel wonderful!

Nice to have a place like this to share.

Good luck to the rest of the Zorners who are fasting this weekend!



~33 hours in. Down 3 lbs in 23 hours? I did eat a bunch the day before, so maybe it was due to a bm, but is this rate of loss normal?

July 18th 9:50am 195.2 (pre-fasting enjoyed eating all day)
July 19th 12:00am started fast
July 19th 9:43am 196.2
July 19th 12:21pm 194.8
July 20th 8:30am 193.2

So far I don’t feel any ill effects, besides this low level hunger. I am having trouble focusing, but I have severe ADD so that’s pretty normal. Either way, weight loss during a fast is awesome, but I’m really hoping I get to that magical focused energy everyone talks about soon.

I hope everybody’s fast is going well!

(Lonnie Hedley) #148

I was down 2.2 in 35 hours and I’m probably single digit body fat, so your loss is definitely possible from my own experience.

I run a mix of cloudy and focused during EF. Only suggestion would be to make sure you’re supplementing electrolytes. Especially salt.


I’m halfway through my first ketoade of the day, and I took a magnesium supp this morning. I’ll definitely add more sodium in though, cause that might be lacking a bit. Thanks.

(Kimberly Lee) #150

42 hours in and feeling pretty awesomsauce! I finally slept better last night after I threw a heat pad on my back to calm my muscle spasms. I also took Hylands Calms Forte (magnesium), and may have taken four instead of the typical two :smiley:. I was gloriously OUT! Glad I was because I needed it with my sleepless night before. It always amazes me how NOT hungry I am after fasting over the 24 hours. I feel a bit of a badass! I think my body is munching on my thighs and back fat for its food! Down three pounds so far, but I am really at the place I was a few weeks ago before it started to creep back up.

My ketones are holding at 1 - 1.2, which is good as I usually start out at .6-.8 each morning. I am keeping on and ketoing on!


Out of curiosity, I just did a urine test and it showed moderate ketone levels. I haven’t registered more than a trace amount in almost a month. I guess my body doesn’t know what to do with all the acetoacetate.

(Lonnie Hedley) #152

How long have you been doing Keto. It can take a while for your body to adapt to effectively use ketones for fuel. Much longer than it takes your body to start producing them.


About 6 weeks or so. My ketone levels dropped to trace after 2-3 weeks. I think i adapted faster than most because my ADD medicine kills my appetite for 8 hours a day. So when I’d take it before eating I wouldnt eat until evening. Sort of an unintentional IF off and on for most of my life.

I’m obviously not fully adapted yet, as I’m still spilling acetoacetate. Also my rate of weight loss makes me think my metabolism is pretty inefficient.

(Lonnie Hedley) #154

Im not a huge fan of the pee strips. They are really only good for telling if you are or aren’t in ketosis. I also feel that the “number” you get doesn’t mean faster or slower weight loss.

This of course from someone who doesn’t and has never tested anything. But at 6ft, sub 140lbs…I’m not concerned too much with testing anything since the process works really well for me. #elusiveketounicorn haha

Also, 43.5 hours. Feeling pretty good. Last month only made it to 48, but I’ll do 60 easy.

(KCKO, KCFO) #155

It is for me, that is why in maintenance I do a lot of 36 hr. fasts, I try to stay in a 3 lb. range. Works for me, YMMV.

(KCKO, KCFO) #156

Finishing hr., 42, so far, pretty smooth sailing considering DH is having issues that is causing both of us some stress, he is the world’s worst patient when he is sick. I also had some body stressors happening.

Yesterday my muscle aches would not go away, it was due to over doing it the three days prior, I should have backed off exercise not increased it. So I called and lucked out I was able to get into the fitness center for a deep tissue massage. OMG, it made such a difference and I highly recommend it as an activity that takes your mind off of food. Stay busy getting massaged.

This is the first time in a long time I haven’t been downing coffee/hwc/tea or broth. I had half a cup when I got up after my first night fasting, I just didn’t feel it was needed, so I have been working my way through a big jar of ketoaide and haven’t needed anything else. So hopefully I will see some autophagy results this round. That would be great.

(Jane) #157

My husband is on maintenance and lost too much doing a 72-hr fast with me.

Now he only does 36-hr fasts and does better. His goal is only autophagy, not weight loss

(Jane) #158

I hope I lost a few pounds but I won’t know until I get back home and can weigh. It is easier for me to fast when I’m traveling and not at home.

At least when I am traveling by myself and not with a group where there’s group dinners to have to attend.

(Ron) #159

At 22hrs and coming up on my typical feeding time and sure enough, feeling a little hungry. I am chalking it up to mental and mind over matter I will overcome.:persevere:

@ava_ad0re, Hope it’s going good and your staying strong.:blush:


Got to thinking while working outside… should someone fasting for the first time put a time limit on themselves? Not sure why I thought of it, but thought to ask.

I’ve only done one other, 36 hours two weekends ago, but it wasn’t planned. Just wasn’t hungry.