July 2018 ZornFast

(Alec) #161

I would say no, if you are fasting, and feel ok, you can continue until you feel you’ve done enough. I think most people though go into a fast with a time target, and are usually reasonably pleased when they get to the end of their target time!


Thanks Alec, that makes sense. (And yep, so far feeling fine) - I was planning to just continue until my body dictated me to eat, but thought to ask those who have been doing this longer, not knowing if I should build up to a longer fast.

And I can see someone pushing themselves to go longer too. Personally challenges and all. :slight_smile:


(Alec) #163

In principle, this is a good idea. But if you are feeling fine, there is no reason to stop a fast. Most people who are new to fasting get irritable, feel off, get headaches, start gnawing their own legs off etc etc. :rofl:

The most important principle of fasting is learning what your body is telling you, and listening hard.


Sounds good, so I will carry on and see where this journey takes me then. :slight_smile:

It will be 8 weeks for me tomorrow, and it’s been great so far.

(Karen) #165

What… A double zorn?? Fat fasted Mon-,Wed. Ate ribeye. Started again today, Fat fasting… Hope to go through Sunday because I’m a real bad behind!


(Jane) #166

I’ve read so many threads here about leg cramps and thankfully never had any…

Until this morning at 64 hours into my fast. Calf cramps. I’ve been supplementing electrolytes like crazy but it’s been hot here in Houston and those here who have to wear FR’s at work (flame retardant uniforms) know just how stinking hot they can be in 100F temps. Brutally hot.

Still sucking down lots of ketoaid long after breaking my fast to get caught up.

(Jane) #167

You go girl!!!


(Ron) #168

Breaking fast at 32hrs. Body isn’t acting right. Think just 24hrs between extended fasts is not enough recovery time and body wants some minerals or something. Good lesson for my personal journey moving forward. Successful wishes to all participating in July ZornFast. :mantelpiece_clock: :rainbow:


Well, I’m 43 hours in and still feel fine, but why do leg cramps get up so early! - I didn’t start the KetoAide until yesterday evening, but I got up at 4:45am this morning and had to drink another bottle down, due to some muscle pulling.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #170

I’m at KetoFest in Connecticut. I have little time to check the forum.
No idea why you think it’s my birthday.
My birthday is September 29. I’ll be 55 then.


I’m going to need to check this thread!


@Brenda - Well, a post above from a day ago and not too far up, stated it was your Birthday? Unless it was a copied segment from a previous post? :thinking: … In that case Happy Saturday! Enjoy KetoFest.

(Lonnie Hedley) #172

62 hours, down 5 lbs. Goal is 90 hours, but was willing to settle on 48. Then last night I planned today’s refeed and was going to break at 1pm today. But, I’m feeling really good so I might go back to that 90 hour goal.



Nice… I’m at 48 hrs, but I’ve only being weighing myself once a week, on Sunday mornings. So didn’t weigh before I started. … Though I’m feeling fine so far, I think I might just take this to tomorrow morning and stop at 72 hrs., as long as nothing changes.

(KCKO, KCFO) #174

You posted your personal best record from that date.

Don’t work too hard at Ketofest.

(KCKO, KCFO) #175

Well, last night, I caved and had a small snack, mostly fats. I’m proud of myself because I felt like I could eat the house, LOL. So I am into my second round. First was 51 hrs. I am in round 2 12 hrs. now and feeling fine.

I had only a half cup of coffee in round one, just water/salt/ketoaide. So far the same in this round. I hope some autophagy magic is happening.

Sounds like everyone is going well so far. KCFO everyone.

(Lonnie Hedley) #176

Had a dream last night I broke the fast with tons of carbage. Today I thought this said “sphincter” remover. Should I eat? Nah, feeling great otherwise.


I’m just past 49 hours in and doing okay this time. My rules for this month’s Zorn Fast include some fats.

Extended fasting while in a maintenance mode is proving to be a little problematic for me. So adding some healthy fats may be just the ticket.

We shall see…

(Sandra R. Case) #178

So I bit the dust at just under 48 hours. Broke my fast with fat and am continuing to fat fast today. Disappointed that I did not make it to Sunday night but was feeling extremely agitated plus worried that I would nose dive into the Easter peeps that I have on my office shelf. (like an alcoholic with the unopened bottle to remind her of her commitment). So I thought fat would do the least damage… It looks like I better build my fasting muscle by doing 36 to 48 hour fasts bi-weekly. I want to lose another 20 lbs to get to my college weight. (I am 72) and yes we had college back then…:grin:

(Marfi) #179

Clocking off at 90hrs. Feeling good, but very different to my first fast last month… quite unexpected.

Thanks @Brenda for organising this group, makes such a difference knowing there’s a group of people there for sharing and support x

(Lonnie Hedley) #180

Almost bed time. Excited for some mouth pleasure tomorrow.