Jeff’s accountability thread

(Jeff) #1

I have been doing this Keto diet for just over 2 weeks.
My waist was telling me I needed to lose some weight. And I have just turned 50. My main goal is to get myself fit again.
It was my daughter and her boyfriend who got me interested in Keto.
I basically started the diet along with getting back to the gym again. After 2 weeks I have lost around 4 kg. My initial goal is to do this for 12 weeks. I use my fitness pal to track my food and my carb intake has been below 25g per day. And my proteins & fats have been very close.
I have to say I really like this diet and the fact food is not bland.
I will be happy if I can drop 2 stone in 12 weeks.
When I started this I was 104.5 kg with a 40 inch waist.
Look forward to minor victories.

(Marianne) #2

Welcome and congratulations! Sounds like you are doing very well. Tons of great information here.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

Hi there and welcome. Great job so far but what after your 12 weeks? Are you considering sticking with it and making it a way of life or using it as a weight loss tool? Look forward to hearing more updates.

(Jeff) #4

Thanks for the replies.
How does Keto work in the long term ?
I have seen people who say they have been on Keto for years, but surely at some stage carbs have to be introduced again ?
One of my goals is to have a visible six pack, initially I thought if I can do this for 12 weeks then it will tell me if it’s for me. After 12 weeks I want to concentrate on muscle building.
Is there any info on doing Keto and building muscle, at the moment I’m just happy to see the weight drop.

(bulkbiker) #5

Nope… not really we don’t “need” any to survive and like many of us you’ll probably get hooked on the other health benefits so might just stick with it… Its a new way of eating not a classic “diet”

(bulkbiker) #6

Check out this thread no veg even…

and maybe keto body builder Jason Wittrock.

(Ken) #7

Yes, you are correct, although there are some out there that say carbs are unnecessary to build muscle. It’s a little more complicated than that, and subject to individual genetics. Once you are no longer metabolically deranged, the metabolics come much more into play. It becomes difficult to lose fat without running a caloric deficit, and difficult to add muscle without a caloric excess.

This was all figured out about 20 years ago, when the ketogenic diet became popular for bodybuilders, and CKD and TKD were developed. I suggest checking out the Keto subforum on for the protocols, as many on this board will offer the opposite advice. When I was training, I used both with success.

(Jeff) #8

Thanks for the replies,
I have to say, I really don’t know if I can do Keto full time, I like cake & pizza too much. But I will stick with this for the 12 weeks I have set myself.
But depending on my results I might consider extending this.
Just today I walked in to work and in the canteen there was lots of birthday cake. I do miss cake & pizza.
I didn’t touch the cake.

(David) #9

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #10

Even if you don’t live a keto life forever maybe this experience will open your eyes up to the effect sugar and lots of carbs has on your body. You might still have cake but maybe not all of the cake every chance you get. It’s good that you’re trying it out!

(Jeff) #11

Just coming to an end of my 4th week of Keto. I am proud to say I have stayed strong. Not missed my gym session at 4am before work.
And I have stayed in ketosis. And my work shorts feel looser.
I will be weighing myself and checking my body fat in the morning and reporting on the difference. But on the scale in work I am down 6kg. So I feel like I am on track.
Loving the Keto lifestyle, but I really miss cake, bread etc.

(Christy) #12

I miss cake occasionally as well … my husband & I could easily destroy a 13x9 homemade yellow cake with almond buttercream in less than 3 days … what I don’t miss is that extra 15 pounds it was causing :no_good_woman:t3:‍♀

I had a few bites of cake last Saturday because we were at a function &, yes, it was delicious but, at week 5 those “feel good” signals I received weren’t nearly as satisfying.

(Marianne) #13

Three days - what were you saving it for!?


(Christy) #14

… because neither of us wanted to have to bake another one so soon, duh :rofl::laughing:

(Marianne) #15

I have been blessed with no cravings or compulsion anymore, however, sometimes I’ll have a thought of what I used to love. The non-scale benefits are huge with this, I think. How do you feel, overall? In six more weeks, you may feel so good that you want to continue. Are you eating enough of the right things for your meals? For me, that is what has taken away the cravings and food addiction. I am satiated after meals and it carries me comfortably to the next one. I have started to incorporate IF and it’s going good. Nothing I can’t manage. Maybe if you have a lot of carb cravings, take a look at what you are eating and how much. You probably know all of this, but you want to make sure you are eating enough. Sounds like you are doing great!

(Jeff) #16

Very happy with this. Lost over a stone in less than 4 weeks. This was enough to convince me not to have chips with my steak tonight or even have a piece of my sons birthday cake. Success tastes better than carbs.

(Scott) #17

You can make ketosis benefits temporary if you like. At four weeks your not fully invested yet. It took me three months to feel the energy return to my morning runs. I have no plans to return to carbs and the thirty pounds I left with them. Feeling good, KCKO

(Jeff) #18

Still sticking to the Keto lifestyle. My son was 18 last week, we went out for a meal, I had a steak with 2 fried eggs & side salad. But I did have 2 diet cokes which I’m not sure is good for Keto.
The hardest part was to not have any birthday cake. I even took some into work to get rid of it. I had to throw 2 pieces in the bin to stop being tempted. Still going to stick with this for 12 weeks and and have a break maybe.

(Marianne) #19

Sounds like you had a delicious and special dinner. From what I understand, I’d be careful of the diet pop or anything with artificial sweetener. Major victory with passing up on the cake! I am only in less than seven weeks, and I am learning a lot every day and constantly reviewing and adjusting my way of eating. Good luck on your journey, from one newbie to another!

(Jeff) #20

Thank you, all the best to you also.