Dread's Carnivore Muscle Thread

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Continuing the discussion from Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore:

I decided I no longer wanted “fasting” in the title, and I believe the OP of my post is too old to edit anymore. So here we are again. If you want the background of my journey, click the link above.

Goals: Recomposition and muscle gain. I am about 13% bodyfat right now and looking to keep dropping this number while building lean mass. So far it is going great. I am running a variation of the PHUL template modified by me.

Why do we sometimes get thrown out of ketosis?
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3 weeks into the new workout template, frankly I like it. I’m getting compliments from guys at the gym now, which makes my wife laugh uncontrollably.

Monday / Tuesday is heavy upper / lower, Wednesday is for conditioning and cardio (prowler, barbell complexes, treadmill walks), Thursday / Friday is light high rep upper / lower.

It’s harder than I initially thought, coming from doing full body workouts every day.

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Hypertrophy lower day. Woo. Would like a wheelchair please.

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Mixed 2 raw eggs in my preworkout drink this morning. Thought it would lead to discomfort, quite the opposite actually. I will try this again.

Short week, started a day late and skipping this week’s rest day.

Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore
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Rough week for lower body. I think missing out on my “rest” day due to a short week might have had something to do with it. Could not make 20 rep squats today at all, I was far too out of breath. Made up for it by punishing my quads with leg extensions, though. Still doing the raw eggs, so far so good on that front.

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This morning post upper body.

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That’s a good advert, man.

Pretty sure @ava_ad0re will be along here soon now that TJ has run off :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this sweaty man flesh will bring back @Baytowvin.

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Hey, good call, post the pic in his mating call thread :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh, what do you take me for? I can’t forget about him that quickly, can browse the menu in his absence but :rofl:
I did speak to him, he will come back, he just needs a break for a little while. I told him our internet love affair can stand the test of time. :crazy_face:

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This thread needs moar Baytowvin anyhow.

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Friday leg day. Legs fried. Need ambulance ride to my locker please and thank you.

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Wheel shot for you. If you finish your leg workout and then dance out to your vehicle, turn the fuck around. You ain’t finished yet.

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An impression of cyclonic strength, as if it’s going to suck up Dorothy and Toto.

Those nasty flying monkeys… :slightly_frowning_face: :rage:

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HA, I guess it does look like that from this angle :laughing:

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Smashed both ring ringers between the bar and safety rails today. Left is swollen, right is bruised. Main thing is I don’t think I broke anything or fucked up my repaired tendons, but it hurts. Finished my workout.

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Oh quite. One of them was the one which had tendon repair done on it a year ago. Thought I was fucked for a good second. Both are still throbby. Leg day tomorrow at least!

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Leg day today. Decided to take it easy. Fingers still hurt and are bruised, but they did not get in the way of my training at all, which felt good. I took my time with squats, plenty of rest in between sets. Some paused reps at 135, only 3 sets at 225, and backed off to 135 again to work on form and bracing.

Walking lunges felt good, but were taxing. Leg extensions I went light and slow, no less than 20 reps, no more than 100lbs. Same with leg curls @50. Finished off with high rep standing calves and called it an early day. Might drop the preworkout for a while as I’m not really feeling the meth in it right now.