Jeff’s accountability thread

(Jeff) #21

Going into week 7 soon. Still going strong.

(Scott) #22

It will continue to get better for months to come.

(Jeff) #23

Thank you, the way I am feeling, carbs may never return. Just need some recipes for Keto bread & cake, if there are any.

(Khara) #24

Great work. Congrats! I’d suggest trying some keto bread and maybe cake recipes if you really feel the need but don’t make them a regular thing. Being a sugar addict, those fake carbs and sweets only kick start my cravings and ultimately cause a downward slide back to my old unhealthy ways.

(Scott) #25

I am not to big on “mock” keto foods but after listening to some podcasts I may check some recipes out. I had been cherry picking interesting podcasts but decided to start at episode one and go through them all. I listen during yard work and morning runs.

(Alec) #26

Now you’re talking the right language. I think you may find that after your 12 weeks, if you do eat some pizza or cake it will be a bit of a disappointment. Your brain will not react to carbs as it once did.

Remember, you are feeling so good partly because you are running your brain on ketones. If you go back to carbage, this will stop, and you won’t feel as great. Your choice.

(Marianne) #27

Wow, I didn’t know that. I don’t have any cravings, so I’m not going to tempt fate, but I can’t imagine not finding my trigger carbs as delicious as they were.

(Jeff) #28

I can honestly say after 6 weeks my cravings for carb rich foods seems to have gone. This might be due to the fact I have some recipes and ingredients for keto Bread & cake like bakes. I will report back, I am making some keto bread buns later.

(Jeff) #29

7 weeks down, still going strong.
Got kicked out of a Facebook keto group for asking questions & having opinions. Never mind won’t stop me progressing.

(Jeff) #30

In less than 8 weeks I am 11 kg lighter or 24 pounds. Well on my way to 14 stone. I really want to get below 15% body fat and a 34 inch waist.

(Scott) #31

I noticed you shrunk in height a tad, is that where the loss is?

(Jeff) #32

I know, I had different trainers on.

(Jeff) #33

I am now implementing intermittent fasting. I was told it helps boost the fat burning. I am also trying to keep carbs lower.
Can anyone tell me about net carbs.

(George) #34

Hi Jeff,

You want to keep your net carbs under 20. I notice that the lower I go, the better I feel and better my results are. I’m usually anywhere between 10 and 14 net carbs on any given day.

And yes, intermittent fasting is great. I was doing the 16/8 IF for a while, but for the past 2 months I do 23/1 or OMAD, and really enjoy it.

(Jeff) #35

I have just started watching dr berg on YouTube. This man is a keto superstar.

(JustGettingStarted) #36

I like Dr. Berg and a few others- Thomas DeLauer is my goto though.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #37

On the norm, I usually IF 20/4. Sometimes I OMAD it, other times I TMAD it. I realized that introducing OMAD too soon after starting Keto is almost counterproductive in a sense. Not totally counterproductive, but in the sense that one of the cool things about Keto is enjoying the fact that you don’t always feel hungry, and for some, learning the difference between wanting to eat and actually being hungry is something kind of new.

When I OMAD’d, I found myself having to eat all my daily cals in one sitting, and this hindered my ability to determine when I “felt” satisfied. I feel that learning how to feel satisfied is a very crucial key to being successful, on any WOE, honestly. With OMAD when starting out, how can you actually learn what satiety feels like when you have to inhale X amount of calories in a single meal? It kind of hindered me.

I do better on 20/4 IF TMAD. At least eating the first meal, I can understand and learn the signals better.

(Jeff) #38

Nearly finishing 10 weeks. Really liking intermittent fasting. Seeing good results.

(traci simpson) #39

You’re lucky. I really wish that scale would move for me.

(Jeff) #40

Sometimes the scale will stall, but I believe inch loss is more important than weight loss.