JAN 2023 IF/EX Chat Thread (All welcome)


Hey, it is a new year. How are you all doing so far? Hope the holidays didn’t do too much damage.

I did a 48 hr. fast before NYDay, and started out the year on track at my goal weight. I had been bounced up a tad bit, so was happy to start out where I want to be.


DEC 2022 IF/EX Chat Thread

My pants may be a wee bit tighter but no big difference, I never had that, no matter how I overate on holidays. But I want comfy pants and then slowly getting a smaller and smaller waist already! :wink:

As planned, I try to do carnivore or at least something close in the next 5 months. But my eating window happens to be big now. Still IF, I stopped my late eating at least :wink:
I don’t know why I get hungry so early (1pm is typical currently) but it surely will change back. I don’t specifically want OMAD yet, I will see how things will progress. But I want TMAD on my non-OMAD days. I don’t have it yet but I probably get back that, December was promising first… And I blame the holiday “mood” to stop it.

Today was 3MAD, tomorrow I focus on fat more. It’s so weird I manage to undereat fat nowadays (during the day, I mean as I get hungry and eat more later, it never will be too low in the end), I always had the opposite problem.

So as usual my fasting is all about how I eat as it controls my satiation. I am just chilling and let things happen for now, maybe I won’t focus on fat, after all… Let’s see what happens on various days. I collect data and experiment later. Though every day is an experiment in some sense even if not a thoughtful, planned one :wink:

I was somewhat inactive lately, didn’t resume my workouts since my cold, that must change tomorrow! I do walk and cycle sometimes but the weather isn’t always so tempting. But sometimes it is, we have very sunny and spring-like days here and there.


Speaking of, here is a link with some good info from the dietdoctor.com site:


I am curious if it gives me any new thing, I think a lot about my satiation as it is very, very important.
I can’t not to react to this article.

Satiety is a word that may feel foreign, as most people don’t use it in everyday conversations.

Wow. I use it a lot :smiley: It’s key. But I get it, sure, I wasn’t always this thoughtful, I just ate in the distant past. Not exactly right (at least it was nutritious and I was quite satiated almost all the time) and way too much (as I wanted satiation and got it).

we have created a satiety score to help make the concept more objective and concrete

It’s an inevitable fail (epically in my case). Satiation is VERY individual.
Fiber helps absolutely nothing in my case (but if it brings carbs, it’s worse than nothing. fiber alone is the true nothing) and low energy density is usually should be avoided if I want to get satiation. Many of the “top satiating items” are more like “not or negatively satiating items” (sometimes only if eaten without some high satiation items) for me. Meanwhile my SO seems to get satiated by calories (it’s not that simple but he knows how to eat and there actual macros doesn’t really matter regarding satiation), carbs work very well, very low-carb dishes usuallly don’t.

But if I want a small eating window, I should go for not so well satiating (per kcal) meals. I can’t do OMAD if I get satiated with a tiny meal, after all. Not even TMAD. But it’s for carnivore (and not always), plant carbs do a good job at making my whole meal way less satiating.
People with different goals and energy needs need different satiation per calorie as well. Even our protein need may interfere, I need my protein high and if I get satiated too easily, I get hungry very soon again and again and often overeat in the end. Or just overeat protein if my protein/fat ratio is too high.

It’s complicated but I just trust my vague plan where I don’t need to think too much. I chill and maybe it will be fine. Or just a tiny tweaking will be needed.

(Bob M) #5

Well, I was going to try a 36 hour fast, but then decided I was feeling too hungry for that. Then a OMAD, but got cold at about 2pm and had to use my emergency supply of canned fish I keep at work.

I’m thinking that trying to fast after just giving blood less than two days ago might not be a good idea. (Oddly, I felt great yesterday and was way full until noon, which is late for me to get hungry; maybe there’s a delay before my body says “hey, I just gave blood, I need food!”?)

(Robin) #6

Who knows… just follow your body’s signals like you do, and it all works out.


No idea why I get hungry super early every day but my many small meals a day (better on some days, I had a TMAD day lately) continues. Still IF, I got rid of my late eating, yay!

I tried to last longer but when I got hungry around noon, it was quite strong so I did things in the kitchen and ate a bit at 12:30. It seems I have phases. Sometimes I have this, other times I don’t get hungry or feel weak all day and eat at 6pm because I should eat at some point as EF doesn’t seem realistic.

I want my 4-5pm first meal back. I wonder if my SO not being at home until 3pm will change this (probably), it usually does but it makes little sense, I get truly hungry, it’s not triggered by him eating. And when I regularly ate later, even weekends were fine in the end. In the past I got hungry early on weekends.

An OMAD meal probably would help but I can’t do that at 1pm, that’s way too early. So I just trust it will change back soon.

(Chuck) #8

I do intermittent fasting for 16 to 22 hours every day, depending on my schedule. My rules are no food after 6pm and no food before 10am unless I have met at least 16 hours of fast before 10am. I am mostly doing 18 to 20 hours so far this month. I am seldom hungry and have to make myself eat. My first meal is normally a smoothie that I kind of engineer to meet my daily goals. I keep my total carbs below 50, my net carbs below 25, and my fat between 65 and 70% of my daily diet. My normal ratio is 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs sometimes my fat amount will be 60 to 65% and my protein higher but my carbs I try to keep set in stone.

(Bob M) #9

@cvkemp That is a really good way to do it.

@Shinita Have you tried salt under your tongue at noon?

Well, I was going for a 36 hour fast, but only made OMAD. I started the day tired, because our puppy was making weird noises around 3am. She settled down, but I couldn’t go back to sleep for a while.


I never would put anything under my tongue as it would immediately come up :smiley: And salt is perfectly fine eaten anyway, I don’t need quicker effect than that.

Of course not, I never take salt. I just salt my food lightly. BUT I will make an experiment, 8g salt before lunch every day and see what happens.

But I don’t need sodium and hunger requires food so why would I have salt? It wouldn’t help.
EXCEPT I actually trust my salt experiment to postpone my lunch a tad :wink: But we will see. I appreciate every half hour…

But I try harder next week, my determination matters a lot. I am in my chill and relaxed mood this week.

(Jane) #11

First fast for me in 2023. Started after lunch yesterday so 24 hours in. Shooting for 45 hours this time so will break tomorrow mid-morning.


(Bob M) #12

I’ve found that it does seem to help with hunger. Toss some large salt crystals under your tongue, and there is less hunger. Not sure why. And, like everything, it’s not perfect and doesn’t always work.

Edit: A little while ago, I tried large salt crystals under my tongue (most of them, anyway; they always get out). My hunger went away.

(Jane) #13

Same here. I always use pink salt crystals when I am fasting and a hunger wave comes. It works for me, for sure.


I am simple. If I am hungry, only food helps. A lot. Maybe not even that. I am super hungry lately :frowning: I eat lots of salt, of course it doesn’t affect it…

(Jane) #15

Trying to stay busy on the computer. The only time that is a bit hard for me fasting is between lunch and dinner because that is my normal eatign window. But only mild hunger that is easy to ignore. Picked a good day to fast - been raining off and on all day so good day to stay inside.


I try to go back to skipping lunch… I am fine at 3pm, it can’t be hard to wait 1.5-2 more hours (unless I am quite hungry but I rarely have that so early unless I eat. that ruins everything). I still think OMAD would help me so much, I just need to start it. I ate very much lately so the start should be easy and if I have a big meal, it makes the next day easier… My late eating came back (and I am truly, really hungry, I can’t ignore that. and this is after a day with fine macros) so I didn’t even do IF for a while and that’s always a bad sign, I naturally do IF under normal circumstances.
Why is it this hard for me now? Worse than ever. :rage: Or it feels so. I had so nice times not so long ago…

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

That is my go to when fasting.

I’m continuing to do the timed restricted protocol and so far, so good. I will do a long fast for health reasons later this month. But I am enjoying my eating window these days.

(Jane) #18

31 hours and not been a difficult fast. Only a few more hours until bedtime and then home free.


Baby steps! I had no late eating yesterday so back to IF. In such days I barely or not at all eat outside a 4 hour eating window that includes our normal workday lunch- and dinnertime. Good.

I aim for OMAD but we will see, no mood to force things nowadays, if I fancy lunch, I will have it even if I am not particularly hungry yet (it arrives after the first bite).

(Jane) #20

This I have a bit of trouble understanding… you really want to restrict your eating window and are working very hard towards that goal. Why would you eat if not very hungry? Why not take advantage of minimal hunger to reach your goal? Just curious is all… I know everyone is different.