JAN 2023 IF/EX Chat Thread (All welcome)

(Jane) #21

44 hours in and cruising along so probably wait until lunch to break so that will be an even 48 hours.

I made some soft chevre cheese with fresh chives that I started on Tuesday and finished up draining yesterday. It smelled wonderful and it was torture that I couldn’t have a taste! Will try some spread on a pork rind when I get home from lunch.


No, I never worked hard on my eating window. I work hard to avoid night eating, maybe.
And I plan to skip lunch but of course only if I am satiated when lunchtime comes (or at least I am not hungry at all).
IF always came naturally to me. If I need willpower or anything, I don’t do it.

I am the type who usually eats whenever they CAN eat. The only good option for me to fast is being completely satiated or at least unable to consume food.
But it’s not so bad when I am well-fasted.
It’s bad after midnight due to new bad habits.
If I CAN eat at midnight, I am almost 100% I will, it’s not like I can control it… So I aim to eat during the day in a way that makes eating impossible until next afternoon.

I am probably the opposite of a normal faster :slight_smile:

I am never very hungry unless I just ate.
Particularly hungry meant: more than just very slightly, borderline hungry. So a proper hunger, no big deal but hunger nonetheless. I find it very obvious that I eat asap when I get it though under certain circumstances I wait.
I don’t need even the borderline hunger to eat. Losing my full satiation is enough BUT when well-fasted, I am able to refuse food in the not hungry, not satiated state. I actually can handle small hunger if it’s only for an hour before lunchtime. It’s WAY better eating together with my SO and anyway, it’s part of my training. Eating at 3pm is very early, I try to avoid this but eating BEFORE it? Nope, not unless I get properly hungry. I am “strongest” before 3pm, I am very convinced I need to stay away from food then (and I almost never want to eat then anyway so I rarely need to put a little effort into it. And even more rare that a little isn’t enough so I inevitably eat.)

If I get really hungry, I eat, no matter what, it’s basic. By the way I ate salt when I got hungry. It obviously did absolutely nothing except filling my stomach with water…
But once in a blue moon my hunger goes away, it’s interesting. I always got progressively hungrier as time passed in the more distant past.

Because I can’t resist the desire to eat. Tiny hunger can be insisting too but I actually talked about the small one that I can handle so it’s no problem. But it’s just the hunger part. There is appetite and many others compelling me to eat. Sometimes I am miserable and weak and even my minimal resistance is gone. That’s pretty rare though. I love being well-fasted, it gives me strength and keep me from being very hungry. That strong hunger comes from eating and it’s very bad sometimes. I have been starving last afternoon, it was probably one of my Unsatiable Hunger day. Fortunately waiting for some hours (after eaten a ton of good food) help. Eating windows are problematic, suffering from hunger and difficulties happen there. Fasting windows are lovely (maybe not the beginning if I stayed hungry), no need to wonder what to eat and I am very nicely satiated (at least very nearly) all the time.

I hope it’s clearer now. I can’t change my core personality or what. I work this way. And I am really undisciplined if it comes to food. It’s not so bad but definitely challenging. I do train myself a lot but it’s merely about using a tiny bit of effort. But eventually I get much better.

(Jane) #23

Thanks for the explanation - makes sense now!

(Jane) #24

I broke my fast at 47 hours and was an easy fast so happy about that. I was afraid with the extra “indulgences” over the holidays it would be harder, but thankfully it was not.

I was turning pee strips medium pink within 12 hours and dark pink at 18. I can’t get the test strips for my outdated KetoMojo and haven’t bothered to upgrade it so just use the strips out of curiosity.

It was a nice break from planning, preparing and cleaning up for meals. Probably my favorite part of fasting. I haven’t done much fasting since my knee replacement surgery last summer and I have a lot of travel this year with my job and not the kind I can fast with, so probably will try to get in as many fasts as I can while I am working from home. But no more than one a week.


18/6 for today, TMAD, it’s very odd but I was satiated for long after my first meal! But I keep overeating protein and it’s costly so I will try to figure out how to bring myself to try OMAD. It would make my life simpler and more convenient too, with less focus on food and more on other things. At least there is hope. I can think about food and plans and experiments a lot.

(Jane) #26

End of year celebrations can be a challenge since we have Christmas, our wedding anniversary on Dec 30th, New Year’s Eve party with the neighbors and my birthday on Jan 4th.

The first few years on keto I was very strict during this time but over 5 years out I have a bit more flexibility. Don’t go hog wild and don’t eat sugar so that probably helps.

(KCKO, KCFO) #27

A belated Happy Anniversary to you both. And a big belated Happy Birthday to you.

That is what I do in general. My fav treat meal these days is fondue with almond based bread, broccoli, cauliflower, cubed ham steak and some apple slices. Love the stuff.

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

I haven’t posted for a few days, Snow and ice everywhere these days, UGH!!!

I have continued with my timed eating window protocol and my DH has decided to join me as well. He has always been a 3 meals a day guy. This way we do two meals, ending our eating window well before sunset. So far so good.

I am starting to see some numbers on the scale that are below my goal weight again, so I am super happy about that.

Hope everyone else is doing well. And that the year is treating you kindly.


We had some snow too but it melted quickly.

I had super hungry days, I probably did IF on most days but that’s it. I need a way smaller eating window. IDK what was with me… I REALLY lose patience so tomorrow I will be quite serious about waiting as long as I can without much discomfort. Some OMAD days would do me good. I really couldn’t do it better lately, I was so hungry and I had it day after day… I am not used to this while being close to carnivore. But it must stop now. I can be very determined and stubborn when I lose my patience and that helps.

Of course, my pretty significant (but nothing like in my high-carb times :D) and constant overeating did nothing to my weight, I am not that type. At least I always have this.

This place is silent lately and I am sure everyone fasts much better than me. Well, it may be usual business for you, I use this thread to try to change something regarding my rarely good enough trajectory… It helps a little to make plans and try to focus here.
I won’t give up, no matter how pathetic my attempts are, way too often.

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

I’m just doing timed eating window. Not doing any longer fasts.

When I am doing longer fasts I am on the forums almost none stop, along with MFP groups for women doing low carb eating.

I am seeing numbers that are preCovid era doing the TEW protocol, so I am sticking with that for a while. I do try to mix it up, some times it is 5, others 6, and some 8 hrs. it seems to be something my body likes.

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Hey guys… someone needs to start a new February thread. Closing this one.

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