It’s Keto 80% fat? What fat choices do you enjoy?

(Sexy) #1

Organic Heavy whipping cream is the easiest for me. I added to tea and coffee everyday. I measure about 3 tablespoons.

(Alec) #2

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@Alecmcq :crazy_face:

(Monique) #4

@Sexy it’s great you’re getting involved in the forum. The search tool is your friend, you’ll find a lot of great information there (and you’ll avoid duplicating topics that have been covered).

Here’s a great place to start: Keto Is This Easy

(Monique) #5

all time fave @Alecmcq pic :joy:

(Karim Wassef) #6

It depends … my current favorite is clotted cream

Clotted cream
Heavy cream
Cream cheese
Egg yolk
Goose liver pate
Duck (with seared skin)
Pork belly
Pork rinds
Lamb chops
Fatty sausages
Cured Ham
Ghee & butter
Fatty tuna
Fish roe
Cod liver
Pumpkin seeds
Macadamia nuts
Blue cheese dressing
Blue cheese
Parmesan cheese
Goat cheese
Triple fat Brie cheese
Most creamy cheeses
Most seeds and nuts

If you want vegan specific… I made a thread for that:

And here’s the more complete list ranked by highest fat content

I love my fats…

(Paul H) #7

Butter and just started some coconut oil that is easy to carry.

(Fast Freddy) #8

My fav to break my 20 hour fast is raw coconut butter.

Also - pork rinds, avocado, bacon, olive oil, feta cheese, macadamia nuts

(Ethan) #9

I only eat meat, fish, eggs, butter/ghee, and some MCT oil. Simplest recipes.

(George) #10

I keep it simple and repetitive with my meal prepping, so evoo, avocados, butter, pork rinds, heavy cream, cheese, fats in my steak and/or bacon, and salad dressing (usually home made)

(Bacon is the new bacon) #11

If you keep your protein and fat equal by weight, you will be getting 31% protein and 69% fat.

But eat to satiety, not to macros. Much more manageable that way.

(Diane) #12

In no particular order:

Egg yolks
Heavy cream
Bacon fat
Browned butter

Edit: butter slathered on a slice of sharp cheddar

(Marianne) #13

No… you don’t really eat plain butter, do you, or was this a funny? I have to have something to slather it on, like bacon. :laughing:

(Alec) #14

Certainly do. Creamy confection. I ate half that pack for lunch.


Heavy cream is an easy way to get lots of fat. In hospitals that do a therapeutic ketogenic diet for patients, they give patients heavy cream for fat. It’s super easy to get fat with cream.

I personally prefer rendered animal fat. I’m experimenting with limiting dairy.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #16

Drink your bacon juice—there are children getting fat in India! :grinning:

(Alec) #17

When I first started, I used to save ALL my bacon juice, and I collected so much, I couldn’t cope with it all. Ended up throwing it all away :scream:. I was obsessed. Now, not so much! :joy:

(Marianne) #18

Really!? Ha, ha! (please don’t think that’s a judgement - but dude!) It needs a conduit. :laughing: Don’t you find it really greasy?

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(John) #20

I don’t go out of my way to add extra fat, I just don’t avoid the fats that come with protein-laden foods. I have always preferred dark meat chicken, and skin-on chicken, so that was a no-change for me. I don’t buy the “extra lean” hamburger and tend to go with anything from 85-15 to 70-30, whatever’s on sale that week.

I also use fats in cooking and food preparation for flavoring. For added fats, butter, olive oil, and avocado oil mostly. I saute most everything in olive oil and butter, unless it will be seared at a higher heat, in which case, avocado oil. I don’t use more than needed, just enough for the cooking.

I do use melted butter as a flavoring for steamed vegetables, like broccoli or asparagus. I wish I were a bit more skilled at sauces, or I’d do Hollandaise or other creamy or cheesy sauces. A steak with a really well made Bearnaise sauce is awesome, too. Give it a try at a restaurant if it is offered.

I use full-fat blue cheese dressing and other salad dressings on my salads. They are commercially produced dressings, so may be made from seed oils. Also, I prefer regular mayo over avocado mayo. I just get Duke’s. Sugar free. I don’t use it often enough to where the fact that it is made from soybean oil is a big concern for me. Other ingredients are good, 0 grams of carbs.