Instant pot butter chicken

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Made this last night. Served it on a bed of miracle rice. Absolutely spectacular meal; given the fattiness of the sauce and the fact I’d eaten some cauliflower beforehand, I only needed 1 chicken thigh and I was stuffed.

Help with my breasts

That looks amazing, must try!

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Seriously delicious and super easy to make. The flavour is all in the spices. Post pics when you do!


Will do! It’ll be a few days, because I’m fasting. When I start commenting on food threads, you can tell I’m fasting. LOL

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She’s wonderful.


I have made many of her recipes…she is fantastic!

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Have both her cook books, she has an Indian and a straight up instant pot keto cookbook! Both are terrific!

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I had no idea she was so well-known!


Hey Gabe! Look what I made! Thanks for the recipe again.

I looked for Miracle Rice but was unable to find it. I do have cauliflower rice but I decide to just eat the dish straight.

The changes I made:

  • I used skin-on bone-in chicken thighs, and increased the pressured cook time to 12 minutes just in case it made a difference due the bones being in.
  • Also used more chicken. 1 lb was only three thighs, so I added a fourth. Given that I’m not using rice or naan, I still have a lot of extra sauce. I think next time I’ll toss in a full 2 lbs of chicken thigh.
  • Used ghee instead of straight butter.
  • After tasting it, I ended up nearly doubling the salt. I think keto has just made my taste buds need more salt than before, I find myself doing this a lot.

I can’t figure out why the second teaspoon of garam masala is reserved for after the cooking time. I’m Indian, and adding a ground spice like this at the end feels weird. But I followed that instruction anyway it tastes great.

My condo smells like an Indian restaurant now. Payback to the neighbors for all the times I’ve smelled pizza walking down the hall. :grin:

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #10

My pleasure! Isn’t it delicious? I think it’s remarkable how it’s legitimately authentic butter chicken, like at a restaurant.

I also used skin-on bone-in thighs, and didn’t need to change the settings. Also, I had loads of sauce… but ended up eating it. And feeling stuffed. Surprised you needed to salt it though – tasted perfect to me!

I’m going to make cauliflower rice one day soon. FYI, here’s your miracle rice for next time:

Hope other people get to try this recipe – it’s super quick and easy and it’s my favourite Indian dish, right in my own apartment! Yet another reason gone for eating out – and I live in Greenwich Village in Manhattan!!!


Thanks for the Miracle Rice link! You know, I used to make my own cauliflower rice, but for all the mess and labor and having to wash the food processor, I figured out it was just easier to buy it. Seems like every store carries some brand of it or other.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #12

Yeah, I mean I live in NYC so there’s plenty of Trader Joe’s and other supermarkets with pre-packaged cauliflower rice, so that’s what I figured I’d do. Though the amount of plastic being used to package fresh fruit and veg is maddening; I can’t even get a whole cauliflower without it being wrapped in a plastic package.

By the way, I made this recipe again last night and it turned out exactly the same. It’s honestly one of the best recipes I’ve ever made; it’s so simple and you end up with complex, authentic flavours.

(Willie) #13

That rice DOES look perfect. Nice work.

(mags) #14

I made this last night. It was wonderful thank you. Changes I made
I don’t have an instapot so used a slow cooker
Thighs were bone in
I took the skin off the thighs and fried them so they were nice n crispy
Forgot the garam masala at the end
Used shirataki rice for the first time… fried them up with some spring onions and an egg.
Going to have it again tonight… This is going to be a regular dish :grinning:

(Sybella) #15

good to know that it worked in the slow cooker…Im going to give it ago.

(mags) #16

Just had it warmed up and I forgot to add the garam masala at the end again! Thought keto was supposed to improve brain power. This time I did a cauliflower bhaji with it and loads of fried radishes. I’m in love with cooked radishes.

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Good to hear the Dudes using this recipe on the podcast because we’ve been discussing it here!

(carl) #18

Yes indeed. This was a good one! Thanks

(Sybella) #19

I tried it in the slow cooker and its great, just added the butter and cream at the end… an easy one to do again.

(Joyce ) #20

I’ve made this a couple of times. Love her cookbooks, have both of them. Another of her recipes that is really tasty is her Ground Beef Shwarma. Very quick and easy one pot meal!!