Hello and Why in the world did I talk to a dietician?


oh man I did that…‘weight loss paid program’ and to me, just like you wrote, I did fantastic

lost my 70lbs fast…they ‘coached’ me thru tiers…(it was called LA Weight Loss’ and sold the products too like your place) but in the end the money part got rough…when I hit ‘maintenance’ the cost did not go down alot and I said to myself—I can do this? NOPE I COULD NOT cause it was that weekly weigh in, that weekly chat with nice people to help you ‘see the light’ or whatever----and to ‘just be active and supported’ to hold plan that I lost. Maintenance and reasons why I never learned real nutrition or ‘about food’ cause I was just on a ‘controlled menu’ and in the end that wasn’t gonna work long term LOL and got cocky and gained back 60 of that 70 pretty darn fast and I said to me…do it again? Nope cause when I looked back I was friggin’ starving thru the whole darn program literally…only thing that made it sustainable was ‘weighing in’ at the office and ‘wanting to hit that goal and hold’ cause ‘WOW I did it and could tell someone I did it’ but in the end…that part of the program was my downfall cause once you walk away…you haven’t learned ‘real squat’ about real nutrition and being ‘so hungry’ will never ever be a sustainable maintenance plan.

but I SO enjoyed reading your path thru that cause darn I did it too with success til the darn failure hit UGH



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Dietitians Lack Knowledge

The majority of Dietitian lack knowledge about the Ketogenic Diet for two main reasons…

  1. The majority of there education focus is on the Standard American Diet. Very little time in their schooling covers, if any, cover low carbohydrate diets.

  2. The majority of Dietitian who graduate don’t continue to educate themselves.

Pissssed Off

Good for you. You should be.

Her ignorance stems form obtaining her degree and believing that learning stops at that point.

Obtaining a degree in the field should be considered your entry ticket into the game; where learning is ramped up.

Learning, as you know, is an endless.

Part of the is due to the fact that research is a very fluid state; it keep changing direction with new data.

Keto Guru

Actually, you are a Keto Guru compared to her. :smile:

My Nephew

He has a degree in Food Sciences, just completed the Registered Dietitian course and it about to take the test and obtain his certification. It

Due to a metabolic condition, I have been on the Ketogenic Diet for about 6 years.

Like the Dietitian your saw, he had the same perspective in Keto. It what they learn; are brainwashed into believing.

With that said, initially I was brainwashed into believing that, as well.

It took me two years of emailing my nephew information on the Ketogenic Diet to understand the benefits.

Ironically, when he has question on the Ketogenic Diet, he now contacts me.


To reiterate, I believed that low carbohydrate diets, like Keto, were a good choice. It took me a couple of years of self learning to see the value and understand.

With that said, your Dietitian and the majority of individual have been Brainwashed on this issue.

Kenny Croxdale


I don’t see it as brainwashing cause that is an active will to change what another thinks. think sinister, willful change to something worse than what truths are…hmmm, could that be going down? hmm…maybe it is brainwashing??

I truly put it to worse info on nutrition known to mankind thru the eons of what it is ‘for health’ but key being…it ain’t gonna change in what is being ‘taught’ out there…super sad truly.

What we are taught as facts become a core of what life is to be and act on so IF THE info can’t change and won’t, we don’t ever have a ‘real prayer of real change in nutrition’ with ‘the experts’ to be that are produced thru this learning and certification and career.

Most of life is controlled NOW and has been by big corp who produce the food you eat. The real basis of eat this and not that, how bad is this and not that and so on and so on…total control thru profit truly…big pictures really don’t lie and to keep the population dumbed down thru health issues to keep them sedate and not intrusive in ‘that bigger plan’ is another key.

but in the end…a hell of alot of us get it :slight_smile: WE SEE and find ourselves past the old mentality and control…and bad learning to profit for others and what ‘food nutrition’ is really about…so there is HOPE!!!

I see more of us saying NO then those who comply and it ain’t a huge shift, but darn it IS shifting!!!

(Jane) #47

Don’t forget all the food lab research they do to find the “bliss point” to make their foods light up all the pleasure centers of the brain so you keep craving them.

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That’s good. I’m sure a lot of dieticians have no way to get info from real people about keto.

I follow Dr. Unwin on Twitter. He’s from the UK and spent years, decades probably, telling people to follow high carb. Then he had a patient come in who lost a lot of weight and reversed a lot of his ills. Dr. Unwin asked him how he did it, and he told him low carb.

So, after a time, Dr. Unwin converted his practice to low carb and has now taken many T2 diabetics off their drugs.

But if you don’t have someone in front of you as an example, there might not be a way to learn.

(Alec) #49

This makes me soooooooo angry. It is this wilful silencing of contradicting evidence by the official medical authorities that makes real change so difficult. I bet the medical authorities who did this are still there running the show despite them being shown to be unscientific and immoral.

This whole thread has made me angry and depressed. I am struggling to see how the necessary changes are going to be made when the authorities are this wrong, immoral, pig-headed and conflicted by monetary reward.

Current trust level in medical authorities = subterranean.

(Doug) #50

Gah! I agree, it’s one of those laugh/cry times…

(Old Baconian) #51

The Noakes defence team was able to show that Dr. Noakes had deliberately been targeted by the South African officials involved bringing the complaint against him. It would not be beyond belief to think that Dr. Fettke had been similarly targeted. If I recall correctly, the government’s intervention in Dr. Fettke’s case was the result of an investigation in the Australian Senate that turned up evidence of how unfairly he had been treated. I believe Belinda Fettke published the details on isupportgary.com.

(Kenny Croxdale) #52


This occurs with the repetition of information, be it right or wrong, until it is learned and accepted.

“If you scream something loud enough and long enough”, people will accept it an believe it.

As, Joseph Goebbels’ stated, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Goebbels was the Nazi Propadanda Manager, the master of brainwashing.

Propaganda, Advertising, and Learning


The Brainwashing method part of a good propaganda and advertising.

As someone who worked in advertising for years, Goebbels method is the fundamental key to…

"Top of Mind Awareness"

The repetitive nature of advertising the key to ensure when someone need something in a certain category, their product is the first that come to your mind.

Another factors it to ingrain in your brain, that their product is the “Best”.

I spent 15 years in advertising. Part of my job was working with clients with methods that Brainwashed their company into the minds of the mindless public.

Learning Is Brainwashing

Learning your ABC’s and Multiplication Tablets is Brainwashing.

Thus, as with everything, Brainwashing is good or bad dependent on it is used.


This is what “The Other Guys” do; spread lies.

Thus, China says we are spreading propaganda and we are saying they are.

The Diet and Nutrition Misinformation Conundrum

The problem is Ancel Key’s lied and misled people. This information is still being touted from another century by Dietitians and Physicians, who are uneducated.

It takes time and it’s hard to deprogram individual like this who have been Brainwashed for so long.

Kenny Croxdale


I get ya but to me brainwashing it actively taking people out of their lives and changing them…an active pursuit

this is just overloaded, control the sheeple thru nutrition and their wallet and continuing on with pressure from big corps who control changes to the food supply and WE people are herded this way so I find it all ‘more sinister’ in full truth vs. an active brainwashing activity that is handled directly…so yea I guess thru your words and mine we see alot of truths I guess :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

brainwashing is sinister and so is what I am saying so…yea I think we do agree on it all LOL

(Mark Allen) #54

That’s the problem. apparently there is no such thing as a dietician or doctor that knows anything about nutrition. RDA, RDI is fraud. An even scarier fact is that there is no evidence of any of the recommended daily requirements for human consumption of foods vitamins minerals!!!
the only medication i know of that “some” doctors dose depending on weight is Synthroid,
all other meds are given in same dosage for a 96 Lb woman as for a 350 Lb man! iinsanity pain killers, antibiotics…everything… same dosage any weight, any height, any sex, any age over 12yo gets the ““standard dosage””. Think about it a 7 foot tall 350lb man has double the blood, triple the size of livere as a tiny 96lb woman. makes 0% sense, but i cannot find a dietician anywhere to adjust rdi based on body size, they simply are in the DARK AGES!

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More rubbish here

(Old Baconian) #56

Yeah, it’s unsustainable and will kill us. But for some reason, they never say whether it will kill us before or after we stop eating this way. Myself, I plan for keto to kill me while I’m sky-diving on my 95th birthday.


(UsedToBeT2D) #57

You must believe a nurse with all of those credentials. Not.

(Butter Withaspoon) #58

That’s 2 years old. Maybe that group has updated their understanding by now… you never know. Just this week, a very popular Australian dieticians podcast with “lots of sensible advice” had a segment on insulin resistance. I fell over with surprise! I was able to pick myself up off the floor when the dietician went on to say that people should NOT be trying to fix insulin resistance with diet, and that there are medications to treat the condition so please see your doctor. It’s progress though, and I’m happy to see a highly visible dietician reading recent research and at least beginning to tackle it.
Small steps…

(Old Baconian) #59

Oh, come on! You know that taking a pill is a lot sexier than eating right! “Let food be thy medicine” is so old-school; this is the twenty-first century!

< sarcasm mode off >

(Doug) #60



I’m taking a pharmacology class and to get an A on a test I had to fight my own brain and regurgitate fake science. The misinformation is insidious.

(Bob M) #62

I tell my kids to do the same for the “health” classes they have to take in school.