Hello and Why in the world did I talk to a dietician?


Love this. Preach it.

going into 5 yrs carnivore. #NOTDEADYET and darn, health gains are so thru the roof great, hmmm, must be the euphoria of some sort before I am due to croak from my lifestyle? sounds good to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

must be hard to hold your tongue but sometimes you have to LOL

yea my kid came home telling me all why whole grains are so fab for us, and eat them up :slight_smile: and I have been schooling her in low carb since birth and she is mostly that and thing is, real fast she ‘wanted to believe’ school crap over how darn good she feels eating the way she does…young minds, so impressible for being part of the majority…ugh.

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Ah, yes. The clients almost always fail on the standard advice, but it’s keto that’s “unsustainable.”

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Good for you!