Hello and Why in the world did I talk to a dietician?

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Hello all! I have done keto before many years ago and am back to try again. I am having a lot of digestive issues, was diagnosed with a leaky gut and Candida overgrowth. Just to make things interesting - some food sensitivities as well. So basically I am eating whole foods only right now and trying to make sure they are somewhat low carb. I found out that my insurance - Kaiser - has a (some?) dietician available to chat with so I made an appointment. Man. What a joke that was. Right off the bat this lady was asking why I wanted to be low carb? That wasn’t good for me. I needed to eat low fat/ Calories in and calories out. How I wouldn’t have any energy. How I was going to kill my metabolism. That the food sensitivity thing - that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat those foods. Literally everything that I mentioned I wanted to do or was doing was not correct. When I said I didn’t exercise and I needed to work on that - she even said - well with low carb you won’t have any energy to exercise anyway. Honestly - she p*ssed me off. How are people this ignorant about keto/low-carb? She even used the word ‘guru’ when talking about people that support keto. Ugh. Just crazy.

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Yeah, crazy indeed.

Last September 2 I sea-kayaked 62 miles in one day. I’m clever enough to paddle with the current most of the time, so that’s actually like stroking about 50 miles, but still, it’s a lot. Started at 8 AM, finished at 1 AM, about 11 hours of Zone 2 effort. Ate only pork (homemade chile verde), eggs, cheese, walnuts, coconut oil and cream (in decreasing order of calories). No energy???


I feel ya…you just HAD to see, I get that and now you know…the basis of real health and real life nutrition is NOT out there for the mass and what is scary is this is what the ‘masses can rely’ on as their info package and their way forward and all you want to do is SCREAM bloody murder it is so wrong! I feel ya!!

Let it go OR DO another, be the voice out there to say oh so wrong and jump on the ketogenic/more lc bandwagon and reinforce thru your words and more how you want to show a better nutritional approach for others.

I know tho…I feel your pain on it truly!~ it shows us such control and manipulation of such wrong science yet it is held firmly in institutions cranking out this crap for our ‘dieticians and recommendations’ that one must change that at the source…but again, keep people addicted and dumbed down and unhealthy on grains, GMOs, pesticides in our foods, and high sugar junky food content with chemical fake whatever in it and the populations are more ‘controlled’ then being healthy and active in their lives…so? I get ya on it all and I give it a monster SIGH and a big DAMN over it all!




Well yeah I heard about bad dietetitians before… :frowning: This is that kind of word.

Why people THAT closed-minded? I don’t know. They are in denial if they ever looked at various experiences. It’s very known that low-cat works wonderfully for many people. I know how I feel on and off low-carb (not like I can do higher-carb anymore, I am a hedonist, I want good for myself and I like my low-carb food well enough) and my body immediately burned the main bridges back to high-carb when I showed it low-carb. Never went back again except very short visits but those weren’t nowadays either (I went low-carb about a decade ago, best decision ever. keto came years later). I am not even the type who can’t eat a bunch of sugar without feeling bad! But low-carb is better. Extreme low-carb is the best :smiley:
Low-fat is my room 101, by the way, I can’t even do that, never did. I would have laughed if I was with the dietitian so hard :smiley: Low-fat, very funny, fat chance! Or rather, no chance for much fat so no thanks.

If the dietitian thrives on high-carb low-fat only, she should do that, fine but she shouldn’t tell you how YOU feel. If you say low-carb feels way better, I wonder what she says… That you lie? Or you are in denial? :smiley: Oh my. Well you did keto before so you have your own body’s feedback, that’s way better even than a good dietitian as it’s your unique situation, not some theory… It’s fine to know things and facts but we are so unique, it’s very very useful to have a communicative body that knows what is good for it and tells the host that :slight_smile:

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I was thrown out of a company sponsored OMADA Health program blog for advocating a low carb diet…against the moderator’s advice of SAD, CICO, and exercise. Yes the moderator is a dietician. I’ll bet most of the participants are still struggling. Geez!!

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I guess if they really cured us that they would be out of a job, and all the subscription revenue.

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I’ve been listening to some regular dietician podcasts to try and understand the diet culture. It’s a very strange world they inhabit, going around in circles with the advice that they then undermine saying that if you diet too much it works against you, and that being healthy is more important than weight loss. Pretty sure the message is- it won’t work, but just eat “healthy” anyway. There is an undercurrent of observing that most clients FAIL to do what they are instructed to do. Fail fail fail. It’s cruel

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One would think that dieticians observe so many failures, that they would question their advice. But no.

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In medieval times, they thought cut and bleed bad humour was the solution. That’s where we are.


more power to ya! :100:

you can’t even imagine the crap chats I had cause I am carnivore and when I bring up plant toxins and more…holy cow I freak people out to where they wanna murder me in the end…HAHA…I say bring it on!

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Thank you all for the support. I was so mad yesterday and it helped to hear that other folks had similar experiences. Sad but true. I thought about complaining about that nutritionist lady but now I wonder if that would even make a difference. I am so glad to have found this forum and the 2 keto dudes (and Carrie!) so I can figure it out on my own.

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Pretty sure it won’t make a difference. They are doing “standard” advice and nothing that disputes that will get traction.

If it wasn’t for the money/politics behind high-carb and insulin injections, I’d imagine that the MDs would come around first (the mediocre ones led by the good ones who actually believed what they saw in the real world, like Eric Westmann, Andreas Eenfeldt, Steve Phinney, etc), then would gradually drag the nurses and dieticians along after them. But since ADM, Cargill, Nestle, et al make SO much money on this crap, they’ll pervert any attempts to reform the standard of care. I’m not optimistic.

Even when the money is less of an issue, it’s hard to get institutions to change. Look at education schools. I have a friend who’s a math teacher (up to algebra) and actually was a math major in college. She’s an exception, since most people in primary education (at least in the US) are almost completely math-deficient in their own educations. Since THEY hate math, they say students hate math and “drill-and-kill” is the worst way to teach, so they’ve turned math into an art and social studies class. Working in groups to “discover” math. Uhhhhhhg.

The results are a predictable disaster: One of the Atmospheric Sciences profs at U. of Washington got into a big, public fight with the radio station he appeared on regularly for saying that the incoming UW students’ math skills had been in a death spiral for a decade. The radio station cancelled his segment.

About 15 years ago, in response to this argument over math teaching methods, Seattle public schools bought some Singapore Math books for supplemental use. Singapore Math is the program my friend likes best. The books were NEVER put in the classrooms. The English-majors-masquerading-as-math-teachers weren’t even told they existed. They were just stacked in a storeroom somewhere and presumably thrown away after a few years, because the administrators and “math coaches” (a useless position in the central admin system) weren’t into it.

We bought a couple of Singapore books for home use and they were great. At the early level, they use clever layout methods to try to deepen understanding of equivalence and what an equation really “means.” Late elementary level has a “bar modeling” method that is basically a visual method of doing simple algebra without doing algebra. It’s brilliant, and I’m sure a competent teacher could train any average group of students to employ it. But the education departments in universities hate this.

OK, off-topic rant over! Sorry!!!


key is you can’t complain.

you go armed in with printed research and science papers for that nutritionist to read. NOT too much, just enough to truly peak a true smart person’s inkling to learn more ya know thru ‘real science’ and give it that punch to take those who question life and want to learn more that little nudge to ‘just check it out’ :100:

you go in with documented real studies for this person to learn more about it on their dime and time IF THEY wanna go there. Then you walk away and said quite confidently ‘I did my part!!’

complain and fighting is useless…hand them a few big pages of BIG zinger true facts and science and then the only, and I mean only thing you can do is let them move forward or stagnate. It isn’t up to you to change a person, but just to ‘show them a door’ and see if they wanna walk into that path or not ya know.

You kinda have to think who will be receptive to good chat and who might throw that info back at ya and say no way I am reading that crap…but for all those that won’t read some truths and find new ways thru real science? there are some that might just jump on board and learn more…so it is that kinda darned if ya do and darned if ya don’t but if only 1 goes forward, they spread the word so… :slight_smile:

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I avoid any diet advice from any insurance company and laugh at the people in perpetual diet hell at work. I just stopped talking about it at work and do my own thing.


It’s stories like this that makes me appreciate my Dr. even more.

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Amen! Unfortunately, I am not surprised.

I went to one at the suggestion of my doctor. This was pre-keto. I was a mess - obese and suffering from high blood pressure and a ton of other debilitating physical maladies. I went to the appointment, and she was borderline anorexic. I remember sitting there trying to convey my absolute desperation about how powerless I felt over food and the extremes of my bingeing. I remember her assuring me many times that she knew exactly what that was - she had a bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard and it was hard not to overindulge in them. She’d eat a handful now and then, but it was hard not wanting more. After about fifteen minutes of this crap, I finally gave up and just sat there with my eyes glazed over, letting her talk and waiting to get out of there.

I’ve learned that whenever I have any question about my health or what I am doing, I come to this forum from the get-go. Period. I don’t discuss anything about my cholesterol or diet with my doctors. They give me the same rash of ■■■■ every time, and tell me that what I am doing is wrong and harmful to my health and body.

Good for you that you discounted this “professional.” There are tons of expert nutritionists on this forum who are more than happy to help and share what they know.

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My props!!!

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They just dismiss it as junk science.

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None of this is a surprise unfortunately. Hard to expect someone educated in the BS food pyramid and SAD to understand different ways of thinking or how bad carbs are for you. It’s even worse when it comes to most Doctors. I read once, that most medical schools give 8 hours of classes on diet and nutrition. Hardly enough to classify them as anything close to expert on diet or nutrition unless they spent additional time educating themselves. I know I have spent more than 8 hours educating myself so not likely to take their advice. All I usually got when going to the doctor was, “hey you need to lose weight”. My thoughts have usually been “gee thanks, didn’t realize I was overweight, guess I’ll solve that problem now” Not a bit of meaningful advice on how to make that happen. Thankfully I found Keto and just finished week 11 and lost 55lbs so far. Far better info on these forums than a dietitian could provide. At least that’s my 2 cents

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Wow, 55 lbs in 11 weeks. Amazing once you feed your body right. KCKO.